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Using my Apple ID that worked, I recently reformatted and reinstalled Lion to clean up everything. My Retina MacBook shipped with Lion and it was working fine before (it still works on my iPhone), but after the reinstall when I attempt to sign in using my validated Apple ID to iMessage I get the following message:


"The server encountered an error processing registration - Please try again later."



I have followed all the reccommended troubleshooting guidelines that the commmunity has suggested, including:



- Deleting all .plist files related to IMAgent and iMessage, iChat, and FaceTime from the /Library/Preferences

- Flushing DNS and clearing host file to default

- Verifying that Wi-Fi is connected, time automatically is set

- DNS servers are set to Google DNS ( and

- Restarting after applying all settings (and I even reinstalled again)

- Verified that there are no "unknown" or iPhone issued certificates in the Keychain



I have even put in a fake ID and password and get the same message, meaning there seems to be a connection problem where it isn't even reaching the validation servers.


Any input would be appreciated.