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SO after that restoring i cannot locate it...The quastion is: Can i or apple add this ipad by Imei and SN to my account and locate it by "Find my iphone"?Or this restoing means that someone who has stolen it will just add my ipad to new account by its imei and SN and apple will never cares that he is using stolen ipad.

I live in Moscow, so no hope on police , becouse in Russia they cannot find any cellphone by imei, they just don't care...Is there any sollution of that problem?

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    What is means is: move on with your life.  If you've reported the theft to police, tht's it.  They aren't going to put out an APB.  Buy another iPad, and keep your eye on it.

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    Apple cannot track it by any means. Once the iPad has been restored, tracking it is no longer possible. It's not that Apple doesn't care, there's just nothing they can do.


    As Carl said, if you've reported the theft to the police, all you can do is hope that they get lucky and happen upon the thief. No police department anywhere has the resources in the case of a simple theft to try and obtain the necessary resources, usually a court order, to get the cell company to put tracking on the device. Police departments and courts will do that only in the case of extreme, usually life-threatening emergency (as, for instance, in the case of a reported kidnapping).