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Earlier I asked how to upload pictures from a disc . I was told that if I put them on a flash drive I can upload them with my camera connection kit. I attempted to do that and when I installed it it the iPad a message came up that my USB device can't work because it has too much power . What does that mean ?

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    A lot of flash drives require more power to operate than the iPad supplies to the kit. If you have a different flash drive then you could try that in case it's less power hungry, or if you have an SD card then you could use that with the SD reader that is supplied with the kit - in either case you will need to follow the DCIM naming as I mentioned in your earlier thread here.

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    this has been an old question.  Seems that some flash drives use up too much power and can't get it from the iPad's connection.  At least that's what I recall - the posts I'm refering to are several years old.  You might try doing a search in this forum - see upper right of this page.  I'm not sure what the search criteria would be, you'd have to experiment.