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Hello all.


I bought the Apple In-Ear Headphones last October via the US eBay.


I really enjoy to take good care of my Apple products, but last week, the rubber connecting the cable to the speaker housing broke because of normal daily use.

The audio is OK, but I believe that rubber is fundamental and not merely aesthetic.


Went to an Apple Retailer (no Apple Store in my country) to ask for a replacement. They asked for the receipt to check the serial number, so they can see if the warranty is still up. The thing is: I don't have the receipt of the purchase, only the eBay and Paypal ones.

I asked the seller and no luck, he said he didn't have anything.


Is there anything I could do to resolve this case? It would mean the world to me if Apple could help me in some way. I love this headphones, but I simply don't have the money to buy a new pair in my country.They're too expensive and I'm currently in college.


Any help is welcome.




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In-Ear Headphones
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I'm afraid you'll need that receipt to get anywhere.