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I have a MacBook Pro (15 in, late 2008) that has been filled to its limit, mostly with photos. I have been trying to move a bunch of our photo and music library to our WD 1TB My Passport Essential SE hard drive, but it always freezes up before it finishes (We've tried multiple times). It also freezes while opening almost any application, like Safari. I have taken it to the Genius bar, but they were unable to help. Is there anything else to try? This is our main computer and we really can't lose all that stuff. Thanks for help.

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2 GHz)
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    If your startup disk is truly full "to its limit," you may have to start small. Find some small file you can do without, delete it (command-delete, File > Move to Trash, or drag to trash icon), and try to empty the trash. If that works, try somethng a little larger and work your way up.


    If even that first attempt fails, let us know at what point the failure occurs.

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    Opening finder either causes the spinning beachball of death until it crashes or doesn't show anything. I tried opening iPhoto to delete pictures, but that crashed too. Also, the menu bar at the top will sometimes black out so you can't see it.

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    First thing to do is shut the Computer down, IE power it off. Then restart it. Connect your WD Passport drive and copy a few photo files to it, say 10-15 at a time. Let that Copy completely finish then Move to Tash thos files you just copied to the WD drive. Continue to do that until you see any type of Slow down of the system. Once that happens Reboot/Restart the system to get back to a fresh start.


    If you do not have the WD Passport drive conneced to the computer with a Y USB cable, that is a cable that connects to Both USB ports at the same time to supply extra power to the drive, then the drive might be freezing because it is drawing to much power from having it connect to only one USB port. So you have to go slow so the drive doesn't draw a lot of power from the USB port.

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    Thanks, but I can't even open a finder window without it freezing up on me. I have restarted many times now with no luck. Don't know what you mean about drawing power from the USB port, but it is plugged in to the charger and I'm going as slow as I can (without getting an overwhelming urge to smack the thing).