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I am fairly new at making a DVD. I have iMovie 9.0.4 and am on a Mac OS X version 10.6.8.


My question is: I would like to make a DVD with 3 chapters.

     Chapter #1 would be an iMovie project (13 minutes)

     Chapter #2 would be an iMovie project ( 8 minutes)

     Chapter #3 would be an iMovie project (14 minutes)


I have all three of the movie projects completed.

At this time they are all seperate projects in iMovie.

They are the only projects that I have in imovie.


I hope to combine all three projects on one DVD and provide the DVD to classmates for a 50 year reunion.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

iDVD '08, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iMovie 9.0.4
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    A. Do not use "Share to iDVD" at all - usually give a bad result but


    • Share to Media Browser and as Large (not HD or other res - as this too degrades the final result


    B. in iDVD Import movies from Media button (down to the right) / Movies


    C. drop them into a SlideShow - and they will play one after the other - set it to not adjust size as You other vice get a black frame.


    D. and then drop them again into the Menu window (not into drop zones) and they will play one Chapter at a time.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Thanks for the quick response to my question. You gave me very good advice and I am looking forward to using your information to complete my project.

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    Good or bad info. To be honest - I never use the SlideShow way - but it's well described in this forum and I tested it to be sure that it works. Problem I came up on was

    • Black framing - One must select to not scale photos in SlideShow

    • Bad sound - as I had to high level it resulted in severe distortion - Lowering it helped


    So the problems can be handled - but in reality I rather do

    • One movie containing all parts and Chapter Marks set to match. This too has a built in problem as one can not set Chapter Marks in transitions or within 2 sec from them (OR IN VERY BEGINNING OF MOVIE). But there is a way around this too.

    • Export the combined movie as Full Quality QuickTime .mov

    • Import this QT.mov and now You can set the Chapter Marks (except at very beginning = no need to do this - iDVD does this by it self)


    And then I add each Chapter as a free movie too


    This works greatly - BUT the Con in this case is that it takes x2 space on DVD. For material less than 60 min this is no problem - but for longer movies one has to be even more elaborate to fix it.


    Good Luck !


    Yours Bengt W