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What do I need to do?

AppleTV 2, Windows 7
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    Preliminary conditions:

    1. Through settings, you must log the Apple TV in with your iCloud account.
    2. In iTunes, choose Advanced > Turn on Home Sharing from the menu bar.
    3. The Apple TV and your computer must be connect to the same network.


    The Apple TV is sold in many different countries. However, iTunes is discriminately serviced. Whereas in the United States, movies and musics are sold in their entirety, there is no such services in Korea ― only app purchases. If your iCloud (or Apple) acount falls into the latter category, and you login to the Apple TV with that account, Apple TV will automatically convert its systems to the similar limitations.


    Here's what happens when I login with my U.S. account to the Apple TV.


    But when I login with my Korean account, theres only the 'Computers' and 'Settings' menu.