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I have had my iPod touch 4th Generation for 3 weeks, after having to buy a new one because i was refused by anyone to have my old iPod 4th Generation fixed as its screen wouldn't work

Anyway, last night my iPod was charging fine when i went to sleep, but after i went to sleep it had obviously stopped charging during the night as it had red battery

I have tried charging it in the computer, docking station and a plug in the wall but neither of them work, i have even tried changing the USB cable and nothing will work

Any ideas of how to fix this? I've seen many complaints on here about it but no one knows how its happened to their iPod because it just happens

My iPod is now completely off because it wont charge and the battery is dead so i cant get onto my iPod to do anything

Help please?

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1