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I am running the current version of Lion Server on a Mac Mini Server. The problem I am having is that I have two Windows users that share files and every file they create is read only to the other user. Both users are in the same groups. I have to apply permissions to enclosed folders every day (sometimes multiple times a day) when they need to get access to the other file. I am pulling my hair out and about to switch to a Linux server but know the Macs rule....





Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Server
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    Try enabling ACLs for SMB.  This article tells how:





    I don't know why ACLs are not already on by default.

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    Well I enabled it. The Windows user created a folder. Its permissions are his username read/write, _spotlight custom, everyone no access.


    If I go into the Server Application and view the Share it has the below settings

    The two Windows users as Read/Write

    The group they are in as Read/Write

    Everyone is even set to Read/Write (would like to turn that off but testing still)

    Share with Mac clients and Share with Windows clients both checked



    Any thoughts?


    Thanks again


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    According to the Apple article you need to set the ACLs *after* enabling them.

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    If I go to Server -> File Sharing -> Click on the Share and choose "Edit Share Point" -> The "Share with Windows clients (SMB) is checked.


    Then run the command

    sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.smb.server AclsEnabled -bool YES


    When the user creates a folder from Windows in the shared folder it always gives user full privileges and no one else. Also puts the folder group as "wheel" which looks odd.



    Thoughts now???? This simple task sure is frustrating.

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    no1tmorrow have you solved this yet?


    I've been having the issue at 2 clients since day one of the install.

    Client 1 - running Lion Server with mix of Lion clients and Windows 7 Home Edition.  On Windows if I create a file in Word, save it to the share, it shows as rw for owner.  No one else has any access.  The share is set to rw for everyone.  Makes absolutley no sense!


    Client 2 - running Mountain Lion Server mix of 10.5 - 10.8 clients.  No Windows.  Group is set to rw on the share.  All users are in that group.  User A copies a file to the share.  User B, C and D can only read it.  Again.  Makes no sense.  I had the same permissions setup on the G5 Xserve for SEVEN YEARS without issues on 10.4 Server.