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Ok so I recently just compressed my project and burned it to DvD and some titles are just not as crisp as they should be. Here's the rub, In the beggining of this edit I designed ONE title and since then just duplicated it, gone into text controls, and changed the name's and positions.



It's simple Text over two semi-transparent colors with a small icon upper left.



My FCP settings are for DV-NTSC (found under easy set up, because were not shooting in HD yet)



I've tried bringing them all into motion, re-creating them there and saving but it doesn't seem to help.



Whats really throwing me is that some of the tittles are fine while others are not and there really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why.



Any help would be greatly apreciated.



Thank You.


P.s. I DID try to find the solution here but didnt see a match to my exact problem

Final Cut Pro 7