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GirlCan'tHelpIt Level 1 (0 points)

How much does it cost to replace the MacBook Air screen?  Computer works fine, just need a new screen.  Do you have to send it in or can they do it at a local Apple store?

MacBook Air
  • shldr2thewheel Level 7 (25,865 points)

    They can do it at the local Apple store.  Make a Genius Appointment and have them give you an in person estimate.

  • GirlCan'tHelpIt Level 1 (0 points)

    I could do that - but wonder why I "have" to do that - shouldn't the price be standard and available somewhere.  How do I know that my apple "genius" isn't price gouging me?  Isn't there a way to keep them "honest"?

  • shldr2thewheel Level 7 (25,865 points)

    prices aren't published for repairs by Apple.  It's on a case by case basis.  If you are worried about price gouging order a screen online and do it yourself.  Apple generally isn't in the business of screwing their customers, thats not how a successful business is run.

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    Look, I loved my MacBook Air, and my iPod, and my iTouch and my iPad....   but here is the deal:  I have the answer, it will cost $800 to for a new computer screen.  That is just for the "top deck", there is nothing wrong with the computer.  $800?  Seriously, the computer was only $1200.  Come on people - how much can that part cost?  The screen is only 13 inches--there is nothing about that part worth $800.    The "Genius" apparently can't be trusted to do the repair, heck they can't even open the back of the case.  They aren't allowed.  The only thing a "Genius" is allowed to do is work on something with respect to the software.  Here is the odd thing, before they can tell you anything, they need the serial number off of your computer so that they can put it into their system.  The only thing they should need to give me a price is my Model #.  That is just weird. 

    Did you know that Apple has a special screw for their computers that you need a special tool to open? I could go on - but what is the point?  They may not be "screwing their customers" as you say, but they are indeed like a crack dealer.  They supply you enough to get "hooked" on their product and things get a little more expensive when you come back for something a little different. 


    To those of you who want to partake in the crack, may I suggest what I will be doing from here on out...   carry a personal articles rider on your homeowners or renters insurance.  Apparently it is only about $40 and will cover the cost of repairs for accidental damage on listed belongings.  Yes, I just learned a painful lesson!


    Now that I think of it, they are screwing their customers.  $800 for that part is price gouging.  Ugh?  Ticked that I like their product.  

  • Air Attack Level 1 (75 points)

    You should just buy a new Mac and learn the lesson well of being more careful.  Consciously careful.  This is not sarcasm.  It doesn't matter if you buy a cheap Samsung operating Windows.  If you don't know how to properly take care of things you will run into the same problem.

  • captfred Level 7 (26,290 points)

    You could fix it yourself buying the part and looking over the instructions at this site.

    I don't know what year or 11" or 13" your's is but here's a sample of the 13".


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    This may be a late post. But $800 sounds like a fictional amount. I just had my MacBook monitor replaced and I paid around $300. And I had the operation done through the Apple store.

  • jenny.skaife Level 1 (0 points)

    I've just had my macbook air screen quoted to be fixed in the UK by both apple and various other outside people. They have both agreed on a similar figure around the £500 to £550 mark at least not including the labour to fix it. So $800 to me doesnt really sound like a fictional amount, i was going to have to pay this extortionate price if it wasn't for the home insurance that has literally saved my bacon and the figure has dramatically dropped to a small excess fee. I hope this helps to show that you definitely do have to pay this so called "fictional amount" in a lot of cases.

  • AnotherDavid Level 1 (0 points)



    It just sounds implausible that it would cost you $800.00 plus the minimum $150.00 to have your MacBook Air monitor replaced. I strongly advise you to buy another one. I'm deeply feel the burn of your loss. Apple's repair depot is the worst in all of computing history. You're better off going to a third party.


    Good Luck.

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    To be exact, here is the cost with part number for Canada.


    661-6056Display Module$ 413.00
    661-6059Housing, Top Case with Keyboard$ 160.00
    S1490LL/AHardware Repair Labor$ 39.00
    Total$ 612.00
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    I am in Sydney, Australia and found these guys: and they were quite quick as well.

  • AppleClubSupport Level 4 (1,060 points)

    And they want just as much money as Apple does, so why take it to a third party and void your warranty.

  • frumiousdan Level 1 (0 points)

    Not helpful. Patronizing, in fact.

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    Its not FICTIONAL i went there yesterday for my appoitment to fix my macbook AIR 2012 11inch it has lines on the screen ( like rainbow colors ) and they told me  it was going to be 700$ to fix it! 100$ off of 800 sounds pretty NON- FICTIONAL to me. ijs but they did refer me to a place that will fix it for 300$ and they work with apple aswell.

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