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I have a lexmark x6570 and I have tried everything on support forums to make it work with my macbook pro running lion 10.7.4, has anyone solved this problem? Please help!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • PAHU Level 6 Level 6 (15,750 points)

    So have you been able to add the printer in Print & Scan but find that you cannot print? Or are you having a problem with adding the Lexmark to the Mac?

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    I can add it, but it says that the software for it is not available, if I then add it and try to print it says that there is trouble communicating with the printer.

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    Assuming that this model uses the Lexmark 6500 series printer driver available from Apple, as shown in this article, then you should not have got the software not available message. So since you did get this and you also get a communication error when you do print, then it could be the connection between the Mac and printer. If you are using a USB cable, then try another cable. And with a USB connection, ensure you are connecting directly from the Mac to the printer and not using a USB hub.

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    Ive done that, thanks. Now when I send it to print it says that the printer is ready and that its sending the information to the printer, but its still not printing..

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    Now this appeard on teh printers window../Library/Printers/Lexmark/filter/CUPSDriver.app/Contents/MacOS/CUPSDriv er failed

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    I am having similar problems on 10.8.5.  It scans fine, it copies fine, it prints a test page fine but when I try to print anything else, it just hangs.  No error messages at all.  It just says printing but does not print.  It will sit like that foer days if I don't cancel the print job.

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    Just so we're all on the same page...you followed the instructions in this article to add your printer?