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I just downloaded VIBER on my iphone 4S and even though I have enabled all push notifications I still get the following message when trying to start Viber "Notifications are OFF, Enable push notifications". I turned off a few times and powered it back on, but still nothing. I even deleted Viber and downloaded it again.



iPhone 4S
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    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team!


    Please check the following link in order to make sure you have enabled the Push Notification properly:

    http://helpme.viber.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/38/0/push-notifica tions-for-iphone---how-to-enable


    Thanks in advance,


    Viber Team

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    I have been using viber on my Iphone 4 and the version, the problem I am facing is when ever some one sends me a message on viber I do not get any notifcations that i have recived a message, I even checked my notification and everything is on. So i only get messages when i launch the application which is quite annoying and I miss important messages. I even deleted the app and re installed but nothing has helped it. And also can you tell me how to turn the sound off as its so annoying when you put ur headphones and listening to music it lows the volume of the music please fix it as it ruins the music when I am listening too. Awaiting for ur reply. I using IOS 5.1.1


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    Hi @jemmyfrommelbourne -


    We apologize for our late response.


    About the notifications not appearing on your screen: Viber requires all Push Notification settings to be enabled. Otherwise, it will show the error message requesting to do so. In addition, another possible cause for this problem might be the fact that your iPhone is jailbroken/hacktivated, and that interferes with Push Notifications in your iPhone. Our support team might be able to assist you further with this issue - please thoroughly read this page in our official Help Desk: http://bit.ly/uRG1Dw

    (At its bottom you may contact our Support Team if the solutions outlined in it were not sufficient).


    About the sounds - Viber currently uses your phone's main volume settings, so if you want to make Viber's sounds silent, you need to use your iPhone's Silent button. In the future we plan to add volume settings specific for Viber

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    I also had this problem although I had set Badge App Icon, Sounds and View in Lock Screen to ON.

    The thing I had missed was selecting the Alert Style of Banners. Once I did that the app worked just fine.