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My computer is recognizing my Ipod but Itunes is not. I tried the Apple FAQ. Any help would be appreciated!

amd, Windows XP Pro
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    First of all is the iPod up-to-date with the newest firmware? i beleive it is 1-10-06.

    Just to get this right, you can see you iPod in windows explorer but iTunes doesn't recognize it?
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    i am having the exact same problem. my toolbar recongizes that there is hardware attached to the computer. i have done ALL of the processes that apple support has given. PLUS my ipod is brand spanking new. got a trade in today. got one yesterday too, but it froze up for eight hours. my new trade won't show up in iTunes. also i am mad because apple has NO customer service number to call.
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    correct, I see it in my computer but the itunes will not recognize it.
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    the person is saying that windows DOES recongize their ipod, iTunes isn't. well mine worked now. i didn't do much. i think i unhooked my ipod and hooked it back up and all of a sudden it finally came up for me to name my ipod and update/load all my music onto it. sorry i wish i could help. and i hope that maybe what i did will work for you too.
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    Usually, if your Computer 'sees' the iPod, but iTunes doesn't, a simple reset will help. Have you tried that?
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    this is the tutorial that i used to get my iPod to be recognized by iTunes again. although it didn't work for me and i had to do a lot of other stuff it is worth trying first just to see. i think my situation was a fluke but maybe this will help you. give it a try and let me know.
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    Please see this link:

    Your Windows PC doesn't recognize iPod

    I have tried that. It will not let me delete Itunes Helper. It says ituneshelperlocalized.dll can not delete
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    well i think you should do what i said: go to the nearest apple store and get a new ipod. my warranty was up + it was my fault my ipod died. it fell out of my hands and landed on cement.
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    Unfortunately, there is no one ‘Silver Bullet’ answer for this issue. Many things can contribute to the problem. Here are various ‘generic’ solutions that you can try in an effort to correct your problem. One should work. These are listed in simplest to more involved order (usually). Buegie

    First, make sure that the iPod is fully charged.

    Try Resetting Your iPod while it's connected to the computer.
    Hold down the Menu and Select buttons until you see the Apple logo (or Menu & Play/Pause in older models).
    This will often get it recognized. It may take several attempts.

    Try closing and re-starting iTunes. There have been cases where iTunes refuses to see an iPod, but after re-starting, it works again.

    Also try re-booting the entire computer. Especially if the PC has been operating for a long time &/or many programs have been opened and closed, repeatedly.

    Other USB connected peripherals may be the cause as well. Try removing all connected USB items and attaching the iPod. If you have a USB keyboard, it may be worth a try using the adapter to convert it to non-USB. If the iPod connects, continue plugging things back in until you have the problem return. You may have then isolated the issue. Sometimes it could be a printer, camera, Flash Card reader, or other attached device causing a conflict.

    If your iPod shows up in Explorer under 'my computer' try changing the drive letter:
    -- Click on Start=>Control Panel=>Admin Tools=>Computer Management=>Disk Management
    -- Right-Click on the iPod and select “change drive letter”
    -- Choose something further along in the alphabet that is unused (Usually, “M”, “N”, “O” or something similar)
    -- Safely eject the iPod
    -- Reboot the PC

    If that doesn't work, Put Your iPod into Disk Mode then plug it in and you should be able to Restore the iPod

    Your PC may have difficulty with the USB2 protocol and the iPod. See this Article for a possible solution: iPod not Recognized Correctly

    Also try these hints (and the other suggestions above) from any other USB port you may have on the PC. Sometimes switching USB ports can make all the difference.

    Try using another PC if you have access to one. Even a Mac may help. Try Restoring it on the other computer and moving it back to yours.

    Also See:
    Your Windows PC doesn't recognize iPod
    iPod does not appear in iTunes or on the desktop
    iPod appears in Windows Explorer but does not appear in iTunes“Strange iPod Behavior within Windows”

    If you are getting a ‘Missing Drivers’ message, try this:
    1. Go to http://www.driverguide.com and register (free)
    2. Download ‘usbstor.sys’ & ‘usbstor.inf’ to your PC and place them in your i386 Folder
    3. Update both drivers by selecting the two files you just downloaded
    4. Reboot computer
    5. Open iTunes and then connect you iPod

    If all the above fails, you may have a Virus, Malware or SpyWare problem.
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    Changing the drive designation worked but I can not put my purchased songs on the ipod now.
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    It may be an authorization issue. Both iTunes and the iPod need to be up-to-date.

    Usually, you need to play at least a part of songs purchased from the iTMS within iTunes to authorize them. They won't copy to your iPod until you do this. Buegie
    How to transfer Purchased Music from iTunes to your iPod
    iTMS Song and Computer Authorization

    If you've played & authorized them in iTunes and they still skip, try this. De-authorize the computer in iTunes/Advanced menu, then re-authorize it. You re-authorize it by playing one of the songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store within iTunes. It should ask you for your Apple ID and password, and then the computer will be authorized again. Sync your iPod with iTunes, and those songs should play on the iPod once again.

    Another common cause of this is not having the latest version of iTunes.

    If you are using the latest version of iTunes (6.0.4), then you need to make sure your iPod software is up to date also. Get the iPod Updater software, install it, run it and update your iPod.

    When you have done this, authorize your music in iTunes by playing a few seconds of it within iTunes, re-sync your iPod, and it should transfer by whatever synching method you choose.