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Wasn't sure where to post this...


every time I save a file in excel it automatically makes it read only.  I never once select it to be read only, I simply save the file to where I want it saved and when I try to access it later, it makes me resave it again because it says it's read only.  I've clicked on get info, and the Locked option is NOT checked...and the permissions at the bottom all say read and write.


any suggestions?


when I click save on a new file however it does ask me the format I want to save it in, and the default is excel workbook xlsx.  I could choose .xls but that says excel 97-2004.  That allows me to change it and not be read only, but I'm curious as to why I'm required to do it this way?

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 Level 9

    Seeing as how Excel is not an Apple product but a Microsoft product, you would probably have better luck getting an answer over on the Microsoft forum and certainly not on the Appleworks forum.



  • Peggy Level 8 Level 8

    This forum is dedicated to Apple’s now-abandoned productivity application, AppleWorks. It is not a "catch-all" for how Apple computers work. Your question is best asked in Microsoft's forumns.



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    I'll join the chorus, after a note on this comment,  which caught my eye:


    "when I try to access it later, it makes me resave it again because it says it's read only."


    Are you, perchance, using OS X v10.7.x (Lion)? If so, finding a file locked when you try to access it later could be due to a new feature in Lion, which locks files that have not been used for a while. You can set the length of "a while" in System Preferences.


    If that's not the cause, click the link in Peggy's message. It'll take you to Msoft's Mac forums, where you'll find users more familiar with the vagaries of Excel.