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    Since when is responding to a person's question considered whining? You may stand by your assessment, but there are MANY others who would question your assessment. I am talking about the cord for the Ipad 4, not the older models. I also stand by my assessment that you are a pretentious arse who believes he is above everyone else, a legend in your own mind. If it makes you feel better to be rude to people in forums then go for it, but I am done listening to your pretentious drivel. It might do you some good to stop listening to yourself and start reading what others have to say on the subject, as you would discover that this IS a common problem with the smaller lightening cables. Many people believe it has to do with manufacturing problems, and are hopeful that it will be resolved once they change manufacturers. I bought an after market cable today, and I am hoping it will last longer than the Apple cords.

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    KalanC wrote:


    I am talking about the cord for the Ipad 4, not the older models.

    Ouch! Bad news! Apple, after all these years, still has not fixed the, at least in my opinion, sub-par quality of their cables? They have known this problem for ages - it has been plaguing all the generations of their cables, ever since at least 2007. (I know because I've owned - and still own - almost all iDevice models ever released and have had a lot of problems with their cables. Again, I'm not a dumb user not knowing how those cables should be handled. Exactly the opposite.)


    At least their Apple Store folks - silently - admit their cables are faulty and they exchange it for free. They should still fix the quality of their cables.


    (BTW, WRT your previous question ("Does Apple make an adaptor that would allow me to use the larger IPhone connector in my smaller IPad 4 connector?"), to which I responeded with "Nope - only the other way round.", if you meant recharging your iPad 4 with older, 30-pin cables, there certainly are adapters - two of them. Note that I don't know whether they support passing the maximal 2.2 Amperes to the iPad 4. I haven't had problems with the cabled one at with my iPhone 5.

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    I've never had any problems with the new lightning or the older 30 pin cables on Ipod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.

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    KalanC wrote:


    that this IS a common problem with the smaller lightening cables.


    BTW, not only with the Lightning cables, but also with the older 30-pin ones.

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    mrtn242 wrote:


    I do have this problem, and I'm in the U.S.

    Thanks - that is, this problem isn't at all region-specific.

    mrtn242 wrote:


    I do have this problem, and I'm in the U.S.

    What I'd like to find, is a sturdier cord to buy that is more durable. If anyone knows of a brand or model, please post it!

    See for example the above-linked ( -some-good-cables ) one.

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    KaylanC I've also had this same issue. Never had a similar issue with the many cords I've used in the past. Sounds like the pretentious little man responding to you hasn't learned what being a gentleman is.  Consider that some poor person is his significant other.  That would be ****.

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    If you have a spare cable, a friend of mine recently fixed a game controller with the same kind of damage.

         What he did, was exposé the area that was coming undone, then applied some super glue and pushed it back in as straight as possible. He is currently using the controller as I am posting. I will give this a try as well to see the result.

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    Accelerated by the release of iOS7 my iph5 cord broke, given the increased number of times it had to be used.


    If Apple intends (I assume they do) their products to have an image of quality then why are these powercords not reinforced at the joints, or, why not offer new phone/pad buyers a coupon to buy one extra cord at half price for those on the go as well. It just seems very nickel/dime/$20! ... to knowingly have a cord that is just plain flimsy. It's such an easy way to garner praise from you user base.

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    This happens if you use your iPhone or iPad while charging. Because your device and cable gets heated and expands. Outer covering is rubber it gets weaker and weaker when it expands and shrinks again and again and then breaks.

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