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I am about to deploy 47 Ipads across my school district to teachers. I am wondering a couple of things.  1)  Does each device HAVE to have it's own email account, or can I have one department share 10-15 devices with using only one email address? Ex:  Science@schooldistrict.org and have 10-15 devices connected to it. 2) Can i set up to have my 47 devices sync through wireless? I have read the deployment guide that apple has but it did not help. Thanks

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    You can only authorize 10 devices to synch wirelessly with an appleid/icloud account.

    You will need a robust wireless network to do this.

    Are you referring to appleids or teacher email accounts?  How are you deploying apps, updates, etc..?  How many teachers are sharing each ipad? Any student use?

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    There will be no students using the ipad it will be teachers only and the teachers will have their own ipad and not be sharing.  I am not sure how we will be deploying apps yet. My intial question is about apple id's.  According to everything I have read each apple id needs it own unique email address.  So we were wondering if we can set up for each deptarment.  Meaning if we have 10 teachers in the Science dept then just use one apple id and one email address for all 10 devices.  This would make deploying apps for each department easier as well.  When we first deploy them they will all have the same configuration, however we will be giving teachers the option of putting whatever apps they want on the ipad.

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    If you have control over your email system you can set up email aliases that go back to a single email address that you can access and use these for the apple ids that can be set up without a credit card. The teachers could use these to install free apps.  If you are allowing teachers to purchase and install their own apps they will have to use an apple id of their own and when the school purchases apps you will have to provide them with a redeem code.  If someone leaves you can kiss the apps goodbye.  Are you going to open an account with the VPP?  What are your iPad plans for down the road?  Do you have any Macs to run Configurator on or Lion server?  

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    Yes I am in the process now of setting up an account with the VPP.  My understanding is you can set up the Ipads for the apps to stay on that specific ipad and if a teacher were to take the ipad home and sync it with their own apple account it would not transfer over, so therefore we would not loose the app and after each school is over we are looking at just wiping the ipad and putting a fresh profile on it.  The main goal for the ipads to start with will be a teaching tool to work in conjuction with Apple TV.  Down the road we would like to have every teacher and student possibly have an ipad.  We do have Macs in the district I am sure we could use, but we are trying to decide if we need to set up a MDM along with a server, we currently have the server space to do this, however we are not sure if 47 warrants that, and we are trying to consider cost as well.