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So I came home last night to a Screen with just the turing sundial.  When I restarted the computer, it pulled up the screen asking me to restore my computer, re-install Lion, etc etc.  I tried to do a restore from Time Machine on my back up drive, but when I pick a date, it just goes to a screen saying it is looking for a drive to restore to, and never finds anything...like the Hard Drive on the computer is gone.


Went to Re-install Lion, but need an internet connection, so I suppose I will need to plug into the internet through the cable itself and not wireless?


AM I destined for a trip to the Genius Bar here?  Has my world been shattered by an APple product that actually just went dead?  Sheesh...feel like I have a PC!  =-)


Any help prior to the hassle of the Genius Bar would be great.  iMAC G5 is the computer.....

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.10), iPod 60GB, iPhone 8GB
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    G5 machines are Power PC  (PPC) based machines. This means that first we need to clear up some confusion as Lion does not run on PPC based machines. Please click the Apple symbol in the upper left of your screen and tell us what comes up when you click "About this Mac." If you are still confused then click Support in the upper right of this page, click Tech Specs and input the serial number of your machine to look up it's specifications.

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    AM I destined for a trip to the Genius Bar here?



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    Sheesh...at least the other response gave me a little hope still! 

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    Version 10.7.4

    2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo

    Maz OS X Lion


    Here is what is strange now......it turned on this morning!  Here is what I think needs to happen though, and i am not sure how to do this.  Seems as though the problem is comin from Mail.  It hangs up, never starts, asks me to ReFile my Data, which never works and then I am unable to do anything.  If I just try to go into Mail and Accounts from preferences, it hangs up, and everything stops working.  So the grand question, is how do I uninstall just Mail and Re-Install it?  I am hopeful that this will solvemy issues....adn then of course, anything that is causing issues to the computer that seems to be coming from Mail just simply scares the crap out of me!

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    Now I get all sorts of wierd things when I try to restart.  I sometimes get a flashing folder with a quesiton mark in the middle of it.  Sometimes I get an apple logo with nothining.  Sometimes I get an Apple Logo with the spinning wheel that never stops.  Sometimes I get the 0 with a line through it.


    Very frustrated..and when I plug my back up into my lap top, it seems ot not have any of the iPhoto Pictures in it for some reason.....my wife is going to KILL me if I lost all our photo's.


    Any ideas would be great. I have an appointment at the Apple Store tomorrow, but if anyone can come up with a way to just get it running so I can go get my pictures before it dies, you would be saving my marriage!

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    my wife is going to KILL me if I lost all our photo's.


    Why are you worried about that? Don't you have backups?

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    Time Machine...but when I plugged my back up disk in to my MacBook I can't find iPhoto ANYWHERE on the back up disk, nor am I able to import any photo's from it onto my MacBook

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    Before doing anything with Time Machine, make sure you understand how it works:


    Mac 101: Time Machine

    Apple - Find Out How - Mac Basics

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    Okay...so I think I found them, but I don'tknow how to get them onto my MacBook.  When I try to import, I never can get to them...always is grayed out.  When I try to open it by starting iPhoto with the option key, it says I can't because it isa Time Machine Backup.  Obviously I am doing something wrong here....

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    It's not clear what you're doing. You need to restore the iPhoto library in the time-travel interface, as described in the articles I linked to above. If you're trying to do it any other way, you'll get nowhere.