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How do I transfer my music from my old I iPod to my new one?

iPad, iOS 5.1.1
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    You'll need to copy everything from the old iPod to an iTunes library first before you can sync it to the iPod unless the music on the older iPod already stored in an iTunes library.  In that case, just connect the new iPod and let it sync whatever content you desire.


    See this older post from another forum member Zevoneer covering the different methods and software available to assist you with the task of copying content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.




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    There is an iOS app that lets you bluetooth transfer files between iOS devices without Wifi.

    It's called File Manager (Tap Media, LTD)

    I was looking for an iOS app to bluetooth transfer Pages files and PDFs from a non-cellular iPad 3 to an iPhone 5. Basically, I want to write a document on my iPad, transfer it via bluetooth to my

    iPhone, and email it to my editor--all without using Wifi.

    Seems simple, but it's actually hard to find an iOS app that does it

    -Bump is cool, but it wouldn't work because it requires a Wifi or cellular connection for both devices.

    -File Manager (from TapMedia, Ltd.) will do the trick. You need to download File Manager on both devices, and the transfer isn't as simple as Bump, but it did work for me.

    Here's the File Manager transfer process

    On your iPad

    -Open document in Pages

    -Share document to File Manager

    -Share document via Bluetooth

    On your iPhone

    -Open File Manager

    -Go to Transfers screen, press "Receive" to download file

    -Open file in File Manager

    -Share file to Pages

    -Share file in Pages via email, convert to Word

    -Email file to recipient

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    You can use iCloud Backup to back up your previous device and then restore the backup to a new device. Your saved messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings will be transferred to your new device.

    1. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.

    2. Turn on iCloud Backup.

    3. Tap Back Up Now.

    4. Wait until the backup finishes. How long it will take depends on how big the backup is and how fast your Internet connection is.

    5. Choose Restore from iCloud Backup from the new one.

    6. Enter your Apple ID and password.

    7. Choose the backup of your old device and tap Restore. Wait until the device finishes restoring from the backup.

    On you can do it in one click with this guide: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Computer

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    Not relevant to older ipads in this forum which can only connect to itunes, not iCloud. Did you test this on your old ipod (prior to the Classic)?

  • peter_watt Level 3 (910 points)

    Not relevant to older ipods in this forum which can only connect to itunes, not iCloud. Did you test this on your old ipod (prior to the Classic)?

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    What HAVE they done to this forum?  Apologies for double posts.

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    To transfer songs from iPod Nano to iPod Touch

    1 Attach an iPod USB computer cable to the iPod Nano. Connect that iPod Nano to the computer.

    2 Open iTunes if it doesn't automatically open. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it for free on the Apple website. The iPod Nano should be listed under "Devices" on the left panel of the iTunes screen.

    3 Connect the iPod Touch to the computer using the iPod Touch USB computer cable. It will also appear under "Devices" in iTunes.

    4 Select everything except music files on the iPod Nano to copy and paste to the iPod Touch. Once everything has been completely transferred, there will be a pop-up message to let you know it is complete.

    5 Open "My Computer" on a PC or "Finder" on a Mac and select the iPod Nano. Copy the iTunes Music folder. Then select the iPod Touch and paste the copied folder in its iTunes music folder. Wait for the completion message before disconnecting.