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...post photos on a message board?
I am a new Mac user, and with a pc, I used to just go to where my photos are stored, right click on the image, and it would list the URL so i could insert it in here :

Where do i find this? How do I do this now?
I use iPhoto, and I also have a .Mac account, which I really have no idea what to use this for. I know that it stores my photos somewhere so that when i sell stuff on eBay via iSale, it makes them "magically appear" on my auctions.
I'm a Mac dummy.

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.2)
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. You can't post photos from your mac unless you have it online all the time so other users can access it when they click on the link you've provided. That's where the .Mac account can come in.

    Mount your iDisk and inside your Pictures folder create a new folder titled "Forum". Now upload a reduced size of your photo (I use 640 x 480) to the Forum folder. Now when you want to include a link to that file in a post just use the following HTML code:


    (Remove the space after each "<"left">