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I cannot get my AppleTV to see my photos in iPhoto (using iTunes photo sharing capabilities) running on Lion Server.  Called Apple - no solution.  tried various reinstalls, configs, permission and access changes - no go. 

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    Yes to Apple TV 2 with iTunes home sharing from Lion Server on iMac. I had no change when converted the iMac to Lion Server 10.7.4


    Does your music or movies show up on the Apple TV ?


    Also in 10.7.4 or other very recent Aperture or other Apple software update I recall that my iPhoto & Aperture photo libraries were combined into one library so there were changes to the Applications as well as generally in the OS updates.

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    Music works just fine..  I know about the Aperture/iPhoto library change.  Though I have Aperture installed, it's really a single user app moreso than iPhoto.


    No luck with AppleTV 2 and iPhoto still.

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    Yes confirmed AppleTV2 displays photos from Aperture/iPhoto library on iMac.


    Could use slideshow thereof, & it is also uploading recent photos from iPhone and displaying on AppleTV2 with Photostream via Homesharing & iCloud.


    As you can view your music from iTunes on your AppleTV -


    = Homesharing is enabled and working (for music)

    = It is not a network problem


    (Assume you know most/some of this already therefore ignore parts obvious only included for completeness)


    On the AppleTV when you click "Computer" does it show Photos listed (as well as music movies tv shows podcasts iTunes u) when i click this it displays my photos as above.


    There are very few settings :-


    Open Aperture  (on menu bar) Aperture / Prerferences / Photostream = check all 3 boxes (enable, auto import, auto upload)


    On AppleTV2 - Settings / Computers = Homesharing enabled (shows Turn off Homesharing button & dialogue confirming same)


    Open System Preferences (under Applelogo menu bar) :


    Check iCloud button / settings enabled for Photostream with tick in checkbox and shows available storage


    Check the adaptive firewall - is it on ->


    Sytem Preferences / Security & Privacy button /  Firewall


    If so check advanced settings Add (+ button) -> iPhoto and make sure you change setting to "Allow incoming connections".


    Check other port firewall in Server Admin is not blocking also if enabled try turning off & retest AppleTV2.


    Perhaps list what you see on Apple TV if still not working when go to photos section and confirm above.

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    Some further info -


    You must have your Home Sharing account is enabled with the same Apple ID on both     your Apple TV and your computer


    Also an extra setting for photos as well as the one for music :


    2. In iTunes, from the Advanced menu choose Choose Photos to Share....


    3. Enable the option to Share Photos, and then select Aperture. ,


    Also there have been Apple software updates for all including Apple Tv & Aperture


    If still not fixed you has better set out some details of your computer & apple tv set up, as well as the model type & their current software version as well as the Lion Server network context (including LS version) you are using

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    Also if no luck detail the sequence of how this happened if you had it set up before or are you trying to set it up for the first time.

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    Note if you do test without your firewall make sure it's only off briefly to check and then turn it back on

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    Further info:


    There is a Reset for Photo Stream


    login to iCloud

    on the entrance page (showing the icons for the 5 services)

    click your user name (top right corner)

    click advanced = Reset Photo Stream Button


    although your issue seems to relate to Homesharing not being enabled for photos OR being blocked somehow


    Setting up Home Sharing on Apple TV

    1. On Apple TV, choose Computers > Turn On Home Sharing.
    2. Enter the same Apple ID and password you entered on your computer(s) and choose Done.

    Once Home Sharing has been turned on, Apple TV will automatically find iTunes libraries on your home network that have Home Sharing turned on using the account name you entered. The shared libraries will appear in Computers on the main menu of Apple TV. 


    Computers menu


    Setting up Home Sharing in iTunes on your computer

    1. Open iTunes on your computer.
    2. Choose Advanced > Turn On Home Sharing.
    3. Turn on Home Sharing

    Enter your Apple ID and password that you use for the iTunes Store, then click Create Home Share.

    1. Enter Apple ID

    4.       To share personal photos with Apple TV, choose Advanced > Choose Photos to Share.... and enable the           option to share photos. For more information, read this article.

    5.       Repeat steps 1 through 4 on each computer you want to use for Home Sharing.