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Sorry for my bad English. iPod shuffle (4th generation) is identified as a "USB DFU device" in Windows 7, iTunes says it need to be restored and start the process but ends with an error: "It has detected an iPod, but has not been correctly identified. Disconnect and reconnect the iPod and try again. There was an unknown error (2005)". This happens after I try to do restore and it stops with other error (i didn't take note).

Windows 7
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    Bad English?  Seems quite understandable to me...


    Did it work before on that computer, and does not now for some reason?  Or is this the first time you are connecting this shuffle to that computer?


    As a test, shut down (power off) your computer.  Disconnect all USB devices, including any USB hub.  Do this to Reset your shuffle




    Start up computer, with only standard USB keyboard and mouse (if used normally).  Run iTunes and connect the shuffle to a direct USB port on computer.  Try doing a Restore again to see if the problem recurs.  If the problem recurs, please post back.

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    This sorted my problem with my 4th gen ipod.  I disconnected all USB devices and connected my ipod directly to my imac.


    Thank You KW.

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    This worked perfectly ...thanks

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    You are a God!

    Hours of messing about with all sorts of websites and it worked perfectly!

    If I wasn't a bloke I'd marry you and have your babies!


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    Hi Kenichi,


    I tried exactly what you said, but no luck.


    About a week ago, my IPOD Shuffle (4th generation) was plugged into my computer and charging, when all of a sudden I heard the sound when you plug something into a USB port, but it made the noise twice in a row and ITunes popped up. I didn't think anything of it, but the next day I noticed that the power wouldn't go on for my Shuffle and it wasn't recognized on Windows Explorer. When I started ITunes, it would just say "preparing for recovery mode."


    When I look at "My Computer" it lists my C: drive and three DVD drives (D:,E:, and F:) when I only have two. I tried looking for the IPOD in disk management, but can't find anything. It lists a FAT32 partition with 3.14GB of space, which I think is the IPOD, but I'm not sure.


    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    An iPod shuffle would be formatted using FAT32, but the 3.14GB is high, since the 4th gen shuffle is only 2GB.


    If you use a Windows PC and its Windows XP, you can look at this article about the iPod's assigned drive letter




    What you describe sort of sounds like some of the problem symptoms in the article...

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    I tried this and couldn't locate the IPOD. When I clicked on the 3.14GB FAT 32 drive, it wouldn't let me select or change the drive letter as none was listed. This is what I see:


    Disk Management Screen.jpg

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    I'm not a Windows user day-to-day, so I'm not an expert on this, but that screenshot seems to show that the 3.14GB disk is actually a partition of your primary hard drive (in the "row" for Disk 0).  So, your shuffle is not seen by the system, at least not as a "disk."


    You already did what I suggested earlier in this topic for the original poster.  Your shuffle may be broken in a way that is not recoverable.  If it's less than one year old, it is under warranty.