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i bought quciktime pro because "it said" you can copy dvds to ipods. i am running windows xp, when i try to open the video_ts folder o get the following: error 36: an i/o error occured. any suggestions??? thanks

syntax laptop, Windows XP
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    What said that QT Pro has this capability? Could you post a link to something saying that?

    Put DVDs on iPod

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    I don't know about quicktime pro- Here is my solution. Go to http://www.cucusoft.com/. Buy the conversion suite (or just the DVD converter, but the suite is only a little more and you can convert almost any video - in addition to DVDs - to ipod files). Usually $59 but right now on sale for $39 and well worth twice the price. You can get just the DVD ripper for $29.

    The software is super easy to use. You stick in a DVD, open the software. Open the dvd from inside the software and in the window there are a bunch of files. Many of them will be previews and things.

    Just look for the largest file and convert it. Voila - it dumps an mp4 into the destination folder (it does take about 10 minutes or so to chew on a movie sized file).

    Then you just import it into your library and load into your ipod as a MOVIE. (Don't try to put it in your TV folder, if you have one from buying stuff in the Apple store, even if the DVD you have is TV shows).

    The software is free to try - you get a fully functioning copy to try, but while it is being "tried" it puts a big honking watermark across the movie. But it's still plenty functional enough to see if you like the software. I tried the trial version and was immediately sold on it.

    But take my advice and just buy it and save the time you would waste making a watermarked trial coverted file.

    It is Windows software though, so if you have Mac this won't help you, but I see that your OS is windows pro, same as I am using.

    Best of luck - sorry you already bought Quicktime - guess you'll find other things to do with that, but believe me, the $39 bucks for this software is well worth it (only $29 if you just get the DVD converter, but the full converter suite is well worth the extra 10 bucks. It will let you convert any video you can play in a Windows Media player to ipod, such as .AVI files, etc.

    Best of luck!
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    hey thanks for your help. i swear i read somewhere where it said you could copy DVDs ... i couldn't find the info when i wnet back to the site. looks like i just wasted $29.