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Is there a way to use Short cut keys to change desktop picture Without going into settings.  It seems that this would be something simple but I can not locate any information on how.  Thanks!

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1.1
  • Austin Kinsella1 Level 6 (11,510 points)

    Right-click a picture, then Services/Set desktop picture from the pop-up

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    I should have said is there a way to cycle through the picture library without having to go and select picture when you have hundreds of pictures.  Many wallpaper programs have that ability, do Mac have it also?

  • Austin Kinsella1 Level 6 (11,510 points)
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    I'm not sure about OS X 10.6, but in case someone googles and finds this, here's a solution for OS X 10.9


    1. Open "System Preferences"

    2. Choose "Keyboards"

    3. Click the "Shortcuts" tab

    4. Go to "Services" on the left sidebar

    5. You should find "Set Desktop Pictures" there, click and assign shortcut key you want for it, but beware many shortcuts wouldn't work as they're already assigned by default. You can try Control key iconOption or Alt key iconCommand key iconT (control+option+command+T) as it should work, for instance.


    Now you can just select a picture (while browsing using Finder) then use the shortcut you assigned!

    Hope this helps.