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Hi all,


I have tried for two days to search solution for my problem. I hope that I can get some help here!

I bought recently an AirPrint supported printer Canon Pixma MG5320. The AirPrint function worked perfectly using iPhone 4S with IOS 5.1.1. Yesterday I bought a Time Capsule and I created a new wireless network with that. I have a Thomson TG789vn router connected with an ethernet cable to the Time Capsule. The internet is working fine. I changed the network in all devices (printer, iPad 2, iPhone 4S) to use the new Time Capsule network. For some reason the AirPrint didn't work anymore using iPad or iPhone. I am able to print with my MacBook Pro using wireless connection to the Canon printer. When I try to print with iPad or iPhone the printer can be found on the printer list. After a while there is an error message on IOS device which says that the printer is offline after hitting the print button.

After searching the internet this is what I have done already for troubleshooting:


- Deleted all the printer software and did every installation steps again

- Booted the printer many times aswell the iPhone/iPad and Time Capsule + router

- I checked that the print queues are empty in iPhone/iPad

- Checked that the printer driver is ver 2.000 needed to enable AirPrint


Can someone please help me? I am getting desperate...




iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    A program called printopia will work with your issuse it makes the printer airprint through the time capsule. It is free and very easy to use. All the instructions are on the website http://www.ecamm.com/mac/printopia/

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    Only six minutes and I got the solution! Thank you Tedfixit this solved my problem!!

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    No problem !

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    A printer that supports Apple's AirPrint should work with Apple's Time Capsule without me having to purchase a third party product.  Thanks for the work-around but hopefully Apple will fix this problem.

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    Quite a number of "AirPrint" compatible printers need a software update from the manufacturer to work correctly.


    Have you downloaded the latest software updates from your printer manufacturer?


    Have you verified that your printer is actually "AirPrint" compatible?  Use the support document below to check your model:




    If your printer is not on the list of compatible models, the only way that you will be able to print from an iOS device is install an App like Printopia or Print Central. 


    In other words, it is not up to Apple to make your printer AirPrint compatible.  That has to come from the printer manufacturer.

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    My printer worked fine via AirPrint while using the Airport Extreme, before I upgraded to the Time Capsule.  I've since determined that the problem only occurs when I put the printer on the Time Capsule's Guest Network.  If I put it on the main wireless network (whether hidden or not) it functions properly.


    So if I want guests to be able to print to my printer, I either have to give them access to my private (and hidden) network, or I get rid of the private/guest networks altogether and set up a basic network with password.


    Apple technology is great and one has lots of choices, the problem is they never quite work in conjunction with each other in exactly the way I need them to.  This reminds me of a time when I wanted to use Time Machine but couldn't because it was incompatible with FileVault.  At least now that mostly works.

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    I've since determined that the problem only occurs when I put the printer on the Time Capsule's Guest Network.


    Did you enable the option to allow guest network clients to communicate with each other?  This would allow anyone on an iPhone, iPad, etc to print to an AirPrint compatible printer that is also a client on the Guest Network.


    I have no problem at all with "guests" who want to print to the AirPrint printer that is used only on the Guest Network.


    If you have already set things up this way, and it does not work, then I am out of ideas




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