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  • Ang16 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I got my code today, bought my Mac Book Pro & an iMac at begining of July and 2 days ago I registered my macs for the free upgrade and got the codes today and installed, only problem I now have is that my mail accounts dont work, they show offline and I clearly have interenet access and all my passwords etc are right, is anyone else having this problem? if I'd known this I wouldnt have upgraded to be honest

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    Did you get the below message when you clicked on the Mail App for the first time?


  • Ang16 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I got this and would you believe I have just simply shut down my mac and restarted and surprise all my mail appears to be up and running!

  • UpEarly Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Great, glad you got it going. I use Thunderbird Mail, since back on Windows, so that's why I was able to get that popup when I clicked on Mail. LOL

  • El Chemo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Send one to me! -LOL-... i still don't get mine....!

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    Don't forget to look in your junk mail - I was about to call Apple this morning (72 hours), but then thought to look in my junk mail, and presto! There was my code! I'm now happily downloading a 4.34 GB app.

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    I was checking my junk mail. I got excited every time I saw Spam (1) appear, lol.

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    I purchased two new computers, A Macbook Pro and iMac 21. I was told that when I purchased these since it was after June 12, 2012 I would be given the Mountain Lion for FREE from the App Store. I submitted the information to Apple on the day of the release at it took 3 days to even get a response. By this time I already spent the $19.99 and just purchased it to avoid waiting on something that I did not know would even come anyway. After all, I feel they needed my extra $19.99 being such a poverty stricken compnay :-))


    I finally got the e-mail from Apple regarding my FREE upgrade and although I had already scanned and sent a copy of my receipts in to them, they wanted me to show proof these computers were delivered to me as well as proof that I paid for them. UNREAL.....


    Truly is a serious problem with their FREE upgrade program for new purchases. I will never purchase a new computer this close to an OS change again. Will just wait the next time...



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    I didn't get where I am today by paying $20 for things I am entitled to for free...

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    I refuse to pay for it, as I'm entitled to the software for free. Although right now, I fear I might end up paying for it anyway. This process will take as long as the offer stands. It will probably expire before they answer. I've been waiting for 4 days. This is insane - this can't possibly take that long to process. Bureaucrats. Phff...

  • yackem Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm having the same problem. Finally paid and downloaded. Code invalid every time I tried

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    Ordered it last Wednesday - so I'm into day 5 of waiting.  It's odd how long it is taking, I not only bought it online, I submitted a copy of my receipt.  So far, it looks like my wait has been the longest - anybody else in my boat?

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    Sadly, i'm in your boat too....


    Waiting since wednesday at 9 pm.... And I don't have any mail or code (invalid or valid)....


    Another 72 hrs perhaps?

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    You may have a while to wait. I have a friend who requested his copy right away in the morning, and he got his right away. I didn't request mine 'til about 9:30 AM, and I had to wait until Saturday morning to get my copy. I don't want to be discouraging, but if there was that much of a difference between two requests made a couple of hours apart, it may be quite a while until a 9:00 pm request will be fulfilled. Just speculation, but I heard they are going through these requests manually...


    I would definitely wait, though. In my opinion, there's not enough differences to make it worth freaking out about. The Facebook and Twitter integration aren't even part of it yet, and I think that's one of the major points of interest for most people.


    Hope you get it soon, though!

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    Finally, I got a mail! just to say that the proof of purchase did't mention the model of my mac!!! So what? it does says  "Apple Computer" and the amount of money (many money) that I pay!



    Soooo, I'm give up and will pay for the freaking update .... must be cheapper than my liver surgery....