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  • Dave Michael Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, simply disabling VB6 and deleting the /var/folders/.../C folder did it for me.

  • How-Buds Level 1 (30 points)

    Bryan Jones,

    Thanks for the information...followed your instructions step-by-step, everything worked great! Been trying to download Mountain Lion since yesterday but keep receiving product distribution file...error.

    Appreciate it!


    PS VB X6 working great.  Performed update after ML install.

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    It seems like everyone has found the solution to the problem, except Apple. Why? Anyway, Apple helped me solved my problem. I tried everything stated here, 1) Deauthorizing VB X6, 2) Uninstall it using the tools from Intego. 3) Open the App Store, try to download the Mtn Lion, as expected, failed. Then 4) Had a hard time finding the at first, but finally was able to find it and successfully remove it. 5) Without restarting my system, tried to download Mtn Lion again, was so excited because I was expecting it to work....


    Like for some of you.........


    BAM! Same error. Terribly disappointed. So, I restarted my system. 6) Again, try locating the folder, found it, removed it. 7) Try downloading Mtn Lion.....FAILED!!!! I gave up at this moment. So I decided to call Apple Support. I was told in the beginning that my warranty is over (I have a mid-2011 iMac) so I have to pay $49 for the service call. I argue with them and explained what I was doing, trying to pay Apple for a software upgrade. If "you" (Apple) don't help me, how am I going to be able to pay for it? (Not that they care about my $19.99).


    So after a while, he told me that I may have a "corrupted" system heirachy (Don't know what that all mean), but he said that I should re-install my copy of Lion. Reluctantly, I followed his instruction. Very patiently, he was on the line with me until I was at the part that it was reinstalling Lion on my system. It took about 2hrs to download the copy of Lion and another 30mins to install. All is cool, BUT, I started Safari, now a new issues popped, Safari was corrupted. So, without Safari, I started App Store, AND try to download Mtn Lion.........SUCCESS!!!!!


    So, now, I am running Mtn Lion, loving it. Everything worked, including Safari 6.0 (love it)!!


    For everyone out there, if after uninstalling VB X6 and removing the does not work, the only solution for you would be 1) Shut off your system. 2) While turning your system back on, press and hold "option" key. This will bring up the Restore Function. 3) Click on "Recover HD"...follow the instruction. Make sure that you have the Recover HD before proceding!! 4) When you come to a window that asked you if you want to Restore from Time Machine or Re-Install OS X Lion, 5) Select Re-Install OS X Lion. This is probably the absolute last resort for anyone. All my original files are safe and nothing was removed. It just reinstall the OS only.


    Hope this works. Good Luck. Thanks Apple.

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    It seems like you really had a bad time. You had it worst then anybody else!

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    Thanks a lot!  This helped resolve the problem.  I'm now able to download Mountain Lion.  I still don't understand why Apple techs keep saying that the "servers are busy and to try again later".

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    Yeah, simply disabling VB6 and deleting the ( in /var/folders/.../C just delete that folder did it for me...I'm downloading Mountain Lion now...!

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    I went into VirusBarrier X6 preferences, disabled the protection, deleted the appstore folder from /var/folders/.../C, and now Mountain Lion is downloading.


    No need to uninstall VB, just disabling did the trick for me.




    Yep, same thing here.  Of course, you need to make the invisible files visible.  I used Cocktail.


    ML is now downloading.

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    Same for me Trickdawg, that was all I had to do.  Now have to see if I can PGP to play with me!

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    Perfect Sothern_Star , You are the Apple Genius !!!.  Thx 

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    De-authorizing VB 6 and deleting /var/folders/.../C folder worked for me. Also, while trying to fix this problem, I noticed that VB 6 has an update for Mountain Lion.

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    I have not uninstalled Virus Barrier X6 and I could download ML without any problem over my WIFI (airport) it worked on my Macbook Pro 17'  bought in 2010



    I have uninstalled Virus Barrier X6 and it doesn't work on my iMac bought in 2011 over my WIFI (airport)



    I have not uninstalled Virus Barrier X6 on my Macbook Pro 15' bought beginning 2011 over WIFI at work (not airport) and it doesn't work


    so what do I do now?



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    Hi guys,


    I got in touch with Apple iTunes Store/App Store support.  This is the advice they gave me:


    1) Make sure that all available software updates are installed from the Apple menu > Software Update

    2) Repair your hard disk's permissions in-case there are errors. To do this, click on the Spotlight search icon (in the upper-right corner of your screen) and type "Disk Utility" (don't include the quotation marks for this or any of the other text that these steps ask you to type), open the Disk Utility application, select your hard disk, and then click "Repair Disk Permissions" and wait for the permissions repair to complete. When the permissions repair is finished if any errors were shown please copy and paste them into your reply.

    3) Temporarily disable any third-party antivirus, firewall, or security software that might be interfering with the connection or with saving files to your computer. Leave it disabled for the remainder of these steps.

    4) Restart your computer. Make sure that any third-party antivirus, firewall, or security software disabled in step 3 remain disabled.

    5) Re-try your purchase of Mountain Lion from the App Store.

    6) If the error persists next try deleting the incomplete app data from your computer. Before you do this you must first totally quit the Mac App Store application (by clicking on the App Store menu > Quit App Store.) Next open the Finder, click on the Go menu > "Go to Folder…",  type "/var/folders" into the "Go to the folder:" field and then click the Go button. When the "folders" folder opens in the Finder you should then paste "preflight.pfpkg" into the spotlight search field of that Finder window to search this folder for it.

    If the "preflight.pfpkg" file is not found make sure that the correct folder is being searched and that system files are being included in the search. To do this:

    - From the Finder window make sure that "folders" (and not "This Mac") is selected next to "Search:".

    - Click the "+" button to the right of "Search:" (next to the Save button)

    - From the "Kind" field (below "Search:") choose "Other…"

    - In the "Select a search attribute" window that opens type "system files" (without the quotes) into the spotlight search field

    - Make sure that the checkbox in the "In Menu" column is checked for "System Files" and then click OK

    - Choose "System Files" (which should now definitely be listed) from the "Kind" field and set it to "are included"

    - Repeat a search for "preflight.pfpkg", this time including System Files

    Once the "preflight.pfpkg" file is found please drag it to the Trash.

    7) Re-open the App Store application on your Mac and re-attempt the purchase Mountain Lion.


    After following all of these steps, I've managed to download Mountain Lion.


    Good luck!

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    The mysterious hidden folder with the app store files that needed to be deleted - first off, thanks to the genius who figured that one out.  I used Cocktail to show invisible files, navigated to the directory and deleted the offending App Store folder.  Who'd thunk to look there??? 


    Another thought to ponder...  How many of you have multiple Apple IDs?  Apple stated years ago they couldn't combine them so I have two (actually three if you count the & as separate-but fortunately Apple doesn't).  Now that the App Store is THE Software Update place, one with multiple IDs must check both when doing a Software Update check.  Oh, and the Preference to only allow recognized developers to install, I was surprised at a developer such as Micromat not being one recognized.  Hence I must, at least for now, have that Preference to allow all.


    My Time Machine issues seem to be ironing themselves out - but that's another thread.



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    I have tryed out everything in this discussion, nothing worked. I contacted MacAppStore support they haven't been able to help so far.


    But Your advise worked and I'm now up and running !



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    Yep....I probably had the worst. But, what matter most is that I am up and running, and along the way, learn so much more about Mac, consider that I was a PC guy before. Loving Mtn Lion.