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    So, could you tell us how you uninstalled 6 and got 5.1.7 back? I already downloaded 5.1.7 from a mirror site, after I realized I couldn't go back with Time Machine (the last full backup was a day before and I would have lost a ton of work here and there..). So, I tried to install it and just I had thought, I couldn't, since a "newer version is already installed". Might be a hack for that?


    Anyways, I'm just fed up already. Links don't work for me either, on most sites after a little browsing. I'll click a link and it holds at maybe 10% of the progress bar, and just sits there. Submit buttons don't work, etc.. Most of all, I hate the new web inspector (I'm a web designer, and use this frequently to check a site's code). It just isn't the same. On top of that, I hate the full-width tabs, and a lot of my extensions aren't working anymore, or properly.


    Please let me know how you managed to install the previous version, and if all your bookmarks, preferences, history etc are still intact.

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    Ok, I found the resolution for me.  I tried to update Java, but didn't have that option.  After reading so many posts, I opened Java and clicked several options.  Finally, uncheck enable applet plug-in and Web Start Applications, then enable it again.  It worked perfectly.




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    Just a heads up Java had been updated yet again.  Make sure you hit the Java website to get the latest version.

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    Thanks.  I have the latest. Does it work for you?  I thought my idea worked.  It worked for a few minutes and then reverted back to the same isue.

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    ok.. now it's working again...i don't know what's going on...

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    ok i give's not working again...

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    I'm having the following problems with Yahoo Classic as of 10/5/12:

    1. Can't do "Select all" on messages

    2. Contacts are not found and pre-filling from Contacts when trying to enter names in "to" field

    3. Can't attach files

    Note: this functionality worked prior to me doing Apple upgrades. I am up-to-date on all my software: OS, Safari, Java. All the functionality mentioned above still works in Firefox. All my settings are correct in Safari.

    An interesting thing happened on one day and one day only... I don't remember the date because I didn't think to write it down. But on that date, the Yahoo Classic actually worked for all the issues I noted above. It stood out right away when I saw the "Select all" option available. I went and tried all the other options which also worked. Then the next day the functionality was gone. This leads me to believe that it's an issue on Yahoos side and either a) they're working on the fix or b) they have the fix but are hoping people are annoyed enough to upgrade to the Premium service which apparently doesn't have these issues. Maybe the fix was turned on by mistake on that date. I'm interested to hear feedback on this.

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    I was also having the same issues described here. There is nothing wrong with Java or Safari. The incompatibility lies with Yahoo Mail Classic.

    The solution was to upgrade to the new Yahoo Mail, wich works flawlessly with Mountain Lion, Safari 6.0.

    To update to the newest version of Yahoo Mail, sign in to your account, in a new window or tab follow this link Click on upgrade, a new page should load, click again on upgrade and that should take care of all the problems. Your address book will autofill and your attachments will be attached and sent without any error.


    Good luck.


    PS The upgrade is free!!!


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    Yes, I thought about the New yahoo, and I can't remember why I didn't want to change. Either I didn't want to pay for service or the POP account didn't work... can't remember now. But interesting this just happened as of 5:15 pm est on 10/12/12... Yahoo classic is working fine. Can access contacts and prefill right in email, I have a check box to check all messages and I can attach a file. So I need an explanation as to why it some times works!

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    Basically it seems this is way to force the new Yahoo mail onto people. I just upgraded to the new Yahoo Mail for free and everything works fine now.

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    I dont get it.

    So, if I understand you corectly,  Yahoo is targeting only safari useres to force them to upgrade to the new Yahoo? All while no other browser has a problem???


    If this was true, wouldnt every other browser have the same problems? atlest then you could say it was evel Yahoo forceing users to upgrade to somthing thay dont want.


    But the problem ONLY exists when using Safari.

    yeah,  d a m n  that Yahoo for doing this.


    1) google chrome + yahoo clasic = no problems


    2) firefox + yahoo clasic = no problems


    3) even IE + yahoo clasic = no problems


    4) Safari + yahoo clasic =  problems, than goto line one


    Yup,  d a m n  that yahoo.

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    I really don't know if Yahoo is targeting Safari users, it could be a Safari issue as well. I do not use any other browser but Safari so I can not tell you what is going on with other browsers. If you have tested other browsers and did not encounter the problems mentioned in the thread, then you could say that Yahoo Classic is not compatible with Safari 6.0.

    Did you resolve the problems by updating the Yahoo mail?



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    you must have noteced the sarcasim.


    yes, i have tried all other browsers and all work perfect with Yahoo clasic.

    it is ONLY Safair that dose not work.

    and if i liked the new yahoo i would use it, but i hate, it so i wount.

    and the same goes for Safari.

    i used to LOVE Safari. but now i would never use it again in my life.

    I have defalted everything to Chrome and i am now a happy camper.


    to say yahoo is incompatable with safari would be like saying your dishwasher is not compatible with your computer.


    so you would not ask the dishwasher manufacturer why the computer dont work in the dishwasher, would you?

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    The problem ONLY exists with Yahoo Classic and Safari 6.  Yahoo blames Apple.  Apple blames Yahoo.  And neither will budge.  As some  of you have observed, the problem does not exist with the Yahoo Upgrades. But there is a solution...takes a few strps, however.



    1. Go to Safari Preferences


    2. Click  "Advanced"


    3. At the bottom, check "Show Develop in Menu Bar."


    4. Develop will now be permanently in your Menu Bar.


    5. Click to Open "Develop"


    6. Click "User Agent"


    7.Click Safari 5.1.7


    8. Your Yahoo Classic will now work as before.

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    However, you need to Open "Develop" each time you  go to your mail and want to Attach Contacts, etc...or do any of the things you used to do