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If any of you have yahoo mail can you please tell me if you're experiencing the same problems that I am. From my inbox I can see that the pulldown menus to move folders or to mark emails as unread now have a "go" button next to them. Almost as if Java isn't working on Safari 6 or something. Before you simply pulled down which folder you wanted to move your message to and it did it automatically. Also when I'm viewing a message and I delete it or move it to a folder it now transfers me back to the inbox whereas before it would go to the next message in that folder. Sometimes when I click on the first message in my inbox it will not have the "previous" or "next" clickable link  where did before, now they're grayed out. All these issues are only happening with Safari 6. On my Snow Leopard machine I do not have these issues or using Firefox I do not have these issues. Please let me know what you find or if you have any info about this thank you.

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