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    If you have a suitable Time Machine backup, you should be able to follow this procedure: . Of course you may need to make special arrangements for data files you have changed since that backup.

  • Maik Rauschke Level 1 Level 1

    hav to get my name in here ;(

    36% and 1h50 now, really toooooo short for a mobile device with an apple on!!!!!


    mbp mid12, 8gb and know 10.8.1

    came with lion and the free upgrade, know its not possible to downgrade, i always get the stopsign


    Comeon Apple solve these f***ing Batteryproblem

  35% in 2min writing....

  • starrc Level 1 Level 1

    Guys,...i think we should all gather together, and go to all the forums make this into a next Big thing which bigger than the Iphone 5 release on the forum, and also that,


    we should some how get the big Media news to get this on the news that APPLE is lieing and we should have


    all our money back...if not they should not market it as 7 hours of usage.


    its really bullllllshiiiitt

  • tlytove Level 1 Level 1

    Have been patiently waiting for this to be resolved for almost a month now.  My mid 2011 MacBook Pro is practically useless for travel.  And even constantly plugged in the battery slowly drains (at 97% now and it hasn't been unplugged for a week).  My confidence in Apple shrinks day by day. 

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    I agree there are issues with batteries going bad, and loss of time when using the systems, but there's still an issue of battery drain when asleep. There's something going on when the lid is closed and the system is "asleep" that is causing battery drain. I just had 10% loss with the system asleep for about 15 hours. The only application that was open when it was put to sleep was Safari. No Dropbox, no other additions. (and down a percent just typing this)

  • Beisarius Level 1 Level 1



    2 ways to get Lion:


    1- Go at an Apple Store, genius bar and they will do it for free.

    2 Get Lion from a torrent site (Vuze) and create a boot disk then clean install.


    Hope it helps. yes Lion is better.

  • Beisarius Level 1 Level 1

    So here is an update on the 2008 Macbook Pro I was experimenting with:


    - After 1 week of Snow Leopard, EXCEPTIONAL life, fast performance, which convinces me that Lion itself had some problems, but Mountain Lion was just awful.

    - No sleep drainage, no off drainage.

    - Lion still drained a bit (-2000mA). Snow Leopard? -1100 average with same usage. ML was -3000 to -4000... So easy math.


    Another interesting thing, both in Lion and ML machines heated up rapidly when using any flash (ie GPU). Nothing like that in Snow Leopard... So hardware, on some machines, began having issues even with Lion. (see Lion batery posts, nearly 200 pages).


    Now, MBA 2012 update: still on 1st cycle, it dropped to 97% health. 1 cycle, 1 %. Called Apple and they are interested in monitoring it. So we are going to use it as a testbed. No dropbox, no Notification center, no Apps, just simple wifi regular usage and cycling. Will use Firefox and Watts. Although I got 8 hours on this first cycle, if it drops health then so will the batery capacity will drop. I got 10 more days to return it, or 1-3 years with warranty to fix it.. Drainage seems stable at -1100. However, amperage are one thing, voltages another.


    Screen Shot 2012-08-25 at 10.53.44 AM.png





  • Beisarius Level 1 Level 1

    Ok so humor time guys. Apple won vs Samsung- which is fair as I heard in documentaries Samsung directors boasting having followed Apple's iphone with their own Galaxy in a year, and the Ipad within months. IE copying. Ouups. They LOST!


    However, if this problem persists, can Microsoft sue Apple for copying Windows Vista with poor performance and shady battery life? The 'user experience' reminiscent of Windows?





  • gmc74 Level 1 Level 1

    I hav an appointment in 2.5 hours at a local Apple store, I don't hold out much hope for a solution.  I use this as my primary work computer, so I think I am going to go to go back to lion.


    A friend has a (April) 2011 17" MBP, he did a clean lion install 3 weeks before mountain lion, then did an upgrade and doesn't seem to have the same issues I am having.  My 15" MBP a few weeks before Lion came out, so I upgraded from SL to Lion, and now to ML.


    He has 143 cycles and 94%, compared to my 73 cycles and 69%.



    I need to get a good backup going... ugh

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    I went back to Snow Leopard - took me 5 hrs to reinstall everything. My late 2010 MBA came with a 10.6.5 restore usb and I had to go all the way to 10.6.8.

    The bad thing is that before updating to 10.8 I had 6+ hours, in ML i had almost 4 and now that I did a clean install with 10.6.8 I am still with 4 hrs.

    I hope this problem will fix after some battery charges. If not, I guess ML has damaged my battery!


    Apple just does not care about us, and I feel so alone being in Greece where support is not good (to be polite) !

    I do know if I want to ask Apple for the 16 euros I spend on ML- it is nothing compared to the 3 days I spent trying find  a solution and then restoring my system !  16 euros are not much to compensate for the time I lost dealing with this !

    I am really dissapointed; I have switched to MacOs 6 months ago after 18 years with MS and I expected more.
    I will miss fullscreen mode in applications and iMessage !

  • gmc74 Level 1 Level 1

    That is my concern, I am fairly certain that Mountain Lion has permanently damaged my battery, even going back to Lion won't fix it, it will just stop the bleeding.


    I haven't had many issues in the past with my assortment of Apple products, but the one I did have thet stepped up and took care of pretty quickly.  I am going to hope the same occurs today.

  • Beisarius Level 1 Level 1



    - Give Snow Leopard time to index.

    - Already posted above that ML damaged batteries will cary those stats with them (ie health)

    - You should notice an increasing battery life However, the damage or health drop caused by ML WILLNOT be undone (it is programmed in  the battery). But you will see a Snow Leopard rate of cycling and less drop in health. in my case, i also got new batteries to go with SL and noticed right away they were operating in spec and better than in Lion.

  • ura172002 Level 1 Level 1

    sorry for my bad English.

    I have the same problem, I have a MBP 2009, I moved to the ML with Snow Leopard.

    I installed Lion, but did not see significant benefits back to SL.

    My battery health 78% on SL.

    After installing the ML battery life decreased from 5 hour to 4 hour.

    ML is very "active", compared to the SL, the number of processes and threads has increased by 2 times, it is not surprising that the time has decreased.

    On older hardware, I will put up with four hours of operation.

    I think it is a serious health problem battery.

    After installing the ML I noticed the battery's health is rapidly declining.

    I did not wait for the message to replace the battery, I went back to SL.

    I think the problem is the incompatibility of ML, with old SMS.

    2011 is considered old (smile)

    No need to wait for 10.8.2 and wait for the new EFI for old laptops.

    If it will be released.

    I think so.

  • acv84 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problems, my battery life is 50% less than yesterday doing the same.
    And my mountains lion is 10.8.1


  • Richard-DC Level 1 Level 1

    10.8.1, MBP Retina, even worst battery life after the update...


    It's a shame.

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