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  • phillyry Level 1 Level 1

    Franc_Iphone wrote:


    G8 Production, thanks again for all the hard work and detailed analysis. This thread is certainly mirroring the thread from the Snow Leopard to Lion. There are some very smart people between these threads. Here is my conclusion from a different angle;


    1. Some people NEVER have had the problem

    2. Some people, the problem rarely goes away for long (if ever) despite what they try

    3. Things you do, often make it appear the battery life gets better, only for it to have been a false alarm


    And Apple needs to;


    1. Tell us what's running in background - they needed me to send them logs to tell ME what's running!

    2. Give us a utility showing what is consuming battery (over a day) as per my Samsung Droid S3

    3. Acknowledge the problem (in 3 days, they ackknowledged Iphone battery drain), now it's been a year!

    4. Since things do "fix" battery for a while, tell us why. Why were those "hogs" there in the first place!

    5. They hired the GFXCARDSTATUS developer - put him on it, there are GPU issues as well


    And last but not least, don't you at least get this APPLE?- we are wasting HOURS here doing YOUR job. Out of respect to all of us here - why don't you participate and HELP us. I spent $4,500 on my machine 1 year ago almost to the day - and in all that time, me and YOU have never found the problem NOR ever admitted a problem (or 3 hours is the norm). Now we are seeing tons more and it's even effecting AIR now.


    Give us a break - show some respect - PLEASE!



    Did you tryguptaadhip's solution?

  • phillyry Level 1 Level 1

    g8production wrote:


    I upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion and the battery life is equals. Always 2 hours!

    This bug is born when i upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion and it persist today!

    I have bought a new battery but without success.


    Please Apple fix it, i love you but i'm really angry for this.


    You did reset the SMC?

  • phillyry Level 1 Level 1



    After 1hr 15mins, I'm only down to 90%.


    If this persists than I'd be at over 10hrs battery life in ML with this solution.


    Might work for some others too.


    Also, might want to try redoing some of the steps.


    Note: I didn't need to do the cmd-R stuff at restart, as I was able to resolve the permissions errors from Disk Utility within the OS. SMC also seemed to make a BIG difference.

  • skiphunt Level 1 Level 1

    3-days & I'm still not having any battery issues since turning off SugarSync, Dropbox & Mobile Mouse Server on launch. Still getting 7-8.5hrs.


    Curious though... I'm using a MBP 13in (Summer 2012) I went to download the GFX app but it's only for 15in & 17in. Is that because the 13in doesn't do the same sort of graphics switching? If so, I wonder if this is more related to the switching?

  • Kriswin Level 1 Level 1

    Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 11.13.14 AM.png


    Just took this picture this morning: half brightness, with Safari and iTunes running. Sorry guys, I can't seem to reproduce the battery problem

  • Courcoul Level 6 Level 6

    skiphunt wrote:


    Curious though... I'm using a MBP 13in (Summer 2012) I went to download the GFX app but it's only for 15in & 17in. Is that because the 13in doesn't do the same sort of graphics switching? If so, I wonder if this is more related to the switching?

    That's precisely why we tell newcomers asking which Mac to buy to stay away from the 13" if you need graphics heavy haulin': it only has the one single Intel integrated graphics GPU, and memory for the framebuffers is taken from the main RAM pool. The bigger models have the second, higher power GPU (AMD Radeon in last year's models, NVidia nowadays) with its own private RAM.


    Hence, no switching in 13" as there is nothing to switch to.

  • guptaadhip Level 1 Level 1

    G8 Production,


    Did you get any errors on the disk utility? Plus is spotlight done indexing?

  • g8production Level 1 Level 1

    @phillyry yes i have.... not changes!


    @guptaadhip not error in disk utility, all permissions are ok. Spotlight has done... has done one week ago.

  • skiphunt Level 1 Level 1

    Newcomer?! ***?!! I've been using Mac's since 1990. I bought the 13in because my 2006 MBP was ready to be replaced. I realized I don't really use a laptop as my main machine, but needed something that I could use for work remotely in a pinch. And, I wanted something smaller that could still be upgraded on my own later. I have an iPad2 that almost replaces my mobile needs completely, but I can't do some important things in IOS at the moment, so this MBP 13 is just to get me by until the next couple of iterations of the iPad what I expect will indeed completely replace any need for a  MBP in my work flow.


    I only posted again because I posted ealir that shutting down a few apps that were launching on startup... that I don't use often enough to warrant having them running all the time, ie. SugarSync, DropBox, Mobile Mouse Server... completely got rid of my perceived "ML battery problem". Someone asked if I would repost in 2-3 days to report if the "problem" came back. It has not. But I was curious if the switching might be the cuprit since I dont' have switching OR the "problem".


    I don't want to bother with insults though... so good luck everyone. I'm turning off notifications for this thread. Hope you all get it figured out.

  • phillyry Level 1 Level 1

    The 13" doesn't have the option for a dedicated graphics card, it only has the integrated Intel 4000 HD on the CPU chipset.

  • riazali Level 1 Level 1

    hey guys iwas the same problem and done a clean installation ,make a bootable cd of lion and format harddrive and install the it ,and ur battery will work perfectly .try this and i did its perfect now

  • tohotforice Level 1 Level 1

    There was an error with Tuxera NTFS, which I had installed.

    Uninstalling it, fixed the overheating problem for me. Activity monitor showed at least 30% less CPU usage.

  • Barry Byrne Level 1 Level 1

    Had similar problem here, but think I've solved it this evening.


    Mid 2010 MBP 15" - Prior to upgrade to ML, I would see about 6+ hours life. Since upgrading to ML, That dropped  to about 3 hours with the machine running quite hot. Hard to tell from Activity Monitor what was going on, but Coconut Battery showed a power draw of 18-20w most of the time.


    Tried fixing disk permissions and that seemd to do the trick but only briefly. As soon as I opened, the old behaviour started again.


    Took a look in the console and had loads of deny file-read entries from sandboxd.


         Mail(2507) deny file-read-data /Library/Preferences/


    Closed mail, and renamed this file:


         sudo mv /Library/Preferences/ /Library/Preferences/


    Started mail and power draw has been around 8-11w for the last two hours running on battery, and still showing 79% (4h 52min) remaining. Machine nice and cool.


    Suggest people run and see if anything similar is getting logged.


    - barry

  • aponamaryov Level 1 Level 1

    Today I've started to work without opening Safari. I had an email app opened, word, and powerpoint (MS Office 2011). I worked for about a half an our and checked the battery. It showed 7.5 hours. Which is nice after having 4 hours max all the time after I've upgrated to Lion, and, ML afterwards. I decided to play around and turnder the Safari down. About 10 minutes later checked. Battery shows 4:30h to go...


    I don't know if it is only my MBP 13' mid 2010, it seems working. It might actually all the smoth graphics of Safari that kills the battery.

  • g8production Level 1 Level 1

    Today i received a call directly from CA (California). This was a call from Apple.


    After the my post above, about the battery drain bug on my MacBook (with Lion or Mountain Lion), i received a call by a good guy, from Apple.


    He asked to me how i use my MacBook, how much time i use it, its serial number, etc…

    So, about the battery drain problem, he has sent to me a software that has logged some informations from my MacBook and that, later, i sent to Apple.


    Well, now i’m waiting, i’m waiting the answer.

    Apple is helping me, i’m really happy.

    Apple loves her users, and we love Apple.

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