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    unfortunatelly the same is happening to me. yesterday I thought everything was fine. I got more than 4.30-5 hrs. Today after a new full charge I get less than 3 hrs.  I will try a SMC reset again.

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    mine i already try smc pram reset again but nothing happens... really upset with this... T_T

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    A few months have passed by. Some updates were out and battery promisses were made... Guy from Palo alto called me and asked me to do send him some reports. Did it. Said he would call me latter giving me a awnser or a solution. Did not. Fell like a girl waiting by the phone that won´t ring after a bad, but hopefuly better in the future, date...


    Still, my MacBook Pro last no more than 2 hours on battery. Same simple user tests made to mesure battery. Same results from months ago.


    Again, Apple give me my money back. My battery is dying by the minute. Really! It's life expectancy is diminishing. Please do something before I (and a lot of angry and discontent users) do it.


    Thanks very Much

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    ApocalyArts wrote:


    After some waiting and using, the battery life only improved a little bit. from about 4h it went back to 5:30h-6h, which is slightly more than I had with Lion after downgrading from 10.8.1.


    Anyone has an idea what I could do to fix this? I mean 8.2 worked for a lot of people, so just wondering...


    Did you try a fresh install?  Worked for me and some others.  Reset SMC if needed afterwards.


    Also, I'm not sure which model/year you have but 5:30hrs - 6hrs may be normal.  You can look up your specs here:



    Find your MacBook, scroll down and look for this line:


    Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 9.08.12 AM.png

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    I have the mid-2012 13inch with core i5, so it should be at least 7 hours and when I bought it out of the box it had about 9 hours with Lion. I am now fully charged and while writing this post, the estimated time is slightly below 6h.


    I have a time machine backup, so I could do a fresh install, but will it "brick" the new installation if I import all my apps and settings after the installation from my time machine?

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    IIRC one person said that "downgrading" to SL helped.  However the upgrade to Mountain Lion 10.8 also changed the System Management Controller (SMC) which is firmware, separate from the the operating system (OS, i.e. 10.6x, 10.7.x, etc.)  So if it is in fact an SMC issue (which has been my WAG all along) "downgrading" may lessen the demad or load on your MacBook (which could gain some battery life), but overall reverting to an earlier OS won't make much difference.  I tried it; ML to Lion, and realized a slight improvement, but not much.


    If it is in fact an SMC issue the only way to change that would be to have Apple flash the firmware with the original SMC version.


    So if you've tried a fresh install, reset the SMC and such "downgrading" may be worth a try but I wouldn't hold out a lot of hope.

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    if you make a fresh install it means that every apps you have install in your machine will be deleted right???

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    If it's a Mid-2012 model it's still under warranty.  I'd simply take it back to Apple or open a ticket.  Agreed, if it's not getting anywhere near 7 hours and the battery health is failing rapidly they need to take care of you.  In fact if you give them your TM backup they could do a fresh install and restore for you.


    If you want to try it yourself you can certainly conduct a fresh install and use TM to import everything again, that's a very common thing to do so, no, no "bricking".  In fact it's one of the options given during any Mac installation.  Looks something like this:




    However for a true "scrape and pave" I've always done a fresh install and manually set everything up again.  That means downloading apps again, moving documents, etc. over from TM or another source.  It's a pain but it basically guarantees that if there was a problem with something previously (settings, preferences or whatever), you're not going to "re-infect" the clean install.


    I use SuperDuper to create a clone of my hard drive, then drag my documents, email and so on back to the new installation.  Again, that's painful if you have a lot you need to get back, so you could try a TM restore first, but if that doesn't work, manually restoring eveything is the next option.


    FWIW I know I was also getting more than the "advertised" battery life from my MacBook Air before I upgraded to ML.  But since updating to 10.8.2 it's now getting about exactly the spec, maybe a little more.  I generally expect a new OS to demand more from my machine so a bit less battery life makes sense, but in your case that's far too much.


    Hope that helps, best of luck and let us know how it goes!

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    asengskie wrote:


    if you make a fresh install it means that every apps you have install in your machine will be deleted right???


    A fresh install means that EVERYTHING will be deleted.  A backup (Time Machine or otherwise) is essential. 


    FWIW I don't mean to imply that a fresh installation of Mountain Lion will cure the battery issue for folks that have already upgraded to 10.8.2.  When this problem first came up and Apple reached out to some of us (including me) they first had us reset the SMC and if that didn't work recommended a fresh installation.  That helped some (but not me at the time). 


    It was only after 10.8.2 was released that a fresh installation fixed my MacBook Air.  So it's just something to consider if all else has failed.

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    Apple forced us to update the firmware (SMC) before installing 10.8.

    I did this. Before this firmware update and update to 10.8 I had more than 6.30 hrs battery.

    After the install to 10.8 I had a dramatic decrease to sth like 3.30 hrs.

    After 2days with 10.8 I downgraded to 10.6. Again 3.30-4 hrs.


    No way to downgrade firmware, Apple service told me it is not possible (or at least told so) and If i could do it it will breach any warranty I had.

    After a CLEAN update to 10.8.2 (and the latest firmware update)  my battery life whent to 5-5.30 hrs.

    Note that with an update from 10.6.8 to 10.8.2 I still had the battery issue.

    An SMC reset and a clean install seems to solve everything.

    BUT ONLY FOR ONE DAY. Today battery went down to 3hrs. I will try again an SMC reset.


    How can I contact apple to install a monitoring utility in my pc to give them some feedback to solve this problem ? or how can I contact them by e-mail?

    In greece, apple service (which *****) can only offer a battery check and replacement at best !

    But they will need 3-5 days for it and I cant work without my pc ?



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    chris_gr wrote:


    How can I contact apple to install a monitoring utility in my pc to give them some feedback to solve this problem ? or how can I contact them by e-mail?

    In greece, apple service (which *****) can only offer a battery check and replacement at best !

    But they will need 3-5 days for it and I cant work without my pc ?




    How frustrating.  "Forced" is a little strong IMHO.  No one is "forced" to update, but I agree, everyone that does opt to update to a new OS has a reasonable expectation that their machine would perform normally afterward.


    It sounds like your MacBook is still under warranty, so you're in a very good position to have it fixed or replaced. 


    I think your only real option is to contact Apple Support directly (Apple Greece) and keep escalating it until your MacBook's battery life is at the minimum spec or you get a new MacBook.  That said, unfortunately you may have to give it up for a bit and I wouldn't expect things to return to what it was "once upon a time", but it should certainly perform normally.


    Hang in there, best of luck and let us know how it goes.

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    Just wondering, have you guys tried installing gfxcardstatus, if you have a discrete graphics card? I have noticed that OSX tends to switch on the discrete graphics card randomly (such as a graphic intense website, or youtube) and it keeps on even if you exit the site. Obviously this will decrease your battery life by at least 60% when its on.

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    Well, since the day i upgraded to ML my MBP Mid 2010 was having issues, like f.e. it would turn of/crash when being moved normally/lifted while it was on etc.


    Now I watched the battery status for a while. And from the day ML was installed until now the battery life has decreased from 85% to 8.3%.

    My battery health tool and also the system info shows that my battery can't be charged to its original max anymore. The max is at 8.*f***ng*3 %. That's 45 mins of working time.


    I tried SMC reset. I tried several times to recalibrate the battery. But it did not help. And now I am at the point where I really am worried.

    I mean the battery will eventually die completely.

    Also the cycles don't count anymore. As I mentioned, I have tried to recalibrate the battery. And this should add a cycle each time. But it doesn't. Since a while the counter sits at 69 (which is really not much).


    What am I to do now? it's awful. My warranty is already expired as well.

    I called apple support, and the dude was nice actually. He said these numbers are not normal at all and that this is not my fault. He said go to a local apple service provider and have them exchange the battery at apple's costs. However they must first ask apple if they'd take over the costs for the new battery.

    So if apple says No, then I will have to pay for that. This I really can't agree to. Is there someone who has tried this in Germany and maybe has some recommendations or experiences?


    Thanks in advance.


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    malzbier wrote:


    Well, since the day i upgraded to ML my MBP Mid 2010 was having issues, like f.e. it would turn of/crash when being moved normally/lifted while it was on etc.




    IMHO it sounds like your MacBook has some serious problems that probably have little or nothing to do with the Mountain Lion upgrade.  It may or may not be coincidence, but if it crashes or turns off simply by physically moving the Apple rep said, that's not normal at all.  I don't think anyone here has reported anything like that.


    If the battery health has dropped from 85% to 8% in less than 45 days or so, that's not normal either.


    My WAG is that this is a logic board issue in your case.


    Take the advice of the Apple rep and get your MacBook to an Apple store and have them diagnose the issues.  If there's something seriously wrong with it, Apple will generally step up and make it right...they have for me and thousands of others.  If they want you to pay for something keep escalating it until you're satisfied...I don't think you'll have to push too hard if what you're saying is true.

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    So after installing 10.8.2 I didn't see an improvement in the battery life immediately.  This was two days ago.  Last night, after reading about users doing PRAM and SMC resets, I thought I would give it a try and sure enough, after doing both resets, my battery time now shows times of over 4 1/2 hours when charged up to around 90%; whereas, previously around 83% it was reading only less than 1:30 minutes of battery life remaining.   Makes me wonder if my previous battery was just fine and ML just fuxored the previous battery to the point of failure which lead me to buying a brand new battery last weekend.


    In any case, happy to have my MBP back to what appears to be normal operating levels.  Gonna keep an eye on it though just to be safe.