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    tcphoto1 wrote:


    The insanity continues. I performed a clean install yesterday which resulted in freeing up a little disk space, battery health went from 78% to 81% and I was mildly optimistic. This morning I turn the Late 2008 MBP on and the health dropped to 61% and it has a "Service Battery" warning. Thank you Apple, I'm tired of being your Beta Tester. Perhaps you can actually test your own products before offering them for sale. Otherwise, just give it away until it actually works.

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    I have a MacBook Air 13" 2012 bought just before Mountain Lion. I was getting 7-9 hours on the battery (similar to what I was getting with a MacBook Air 13" 2010 running Lion).


    I upgraded to Mountain Lion and immediately was getting only about 2-3 hours on the battery. I tried the solution suggested here (killall Dock) with no benefit. I've updated the OS and recently applied the EFI update. No change.


    I keep hoping that Apple will address this problem. Love the machine but it's very annoying to have it need a power cord for meetings.

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    Was getting 5 hrs on the MBA I just shipped back, and 5%drain over 10 hours. Apple adressed it. Determined it as defective (not being within specs), and sent me another one. The genius bar offered the logicboard replacement, bu Apple just shipped a new one. Their standard is the same for your 2012 MBA as well. All you have to do is walk in a store, leave it to the genius, and walk away with a new one- or at least new logicboard.


    Let us know how the new one performs. If you do not choose the easy way out, will not think Apple is to blame but rather the option of keeping in your possession a 2-3 hr MBA. 2-3 our is abyssimal on a bad day, not even with full 1080p video runing should you have just that.

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    Actually it is very true. First and foremost, your machine changed. There was an SMC firmware that should have updated in your logicboard. Am afraid it kinda is irreversible.


    So off the bat, the machine you ran ML on did not perform the same as the one you had prior the update. For example, 2009 MBP I got had a different, seemingly more performing SMC. Restoring the same OS on a replaced logicboard (so brand new) but with 2011 SMC on it, performance was not as good.


    What you should do is try a clean install of the previous OS you had, and then compare. If the results are still bad, (give it three days and 3 cycles though), I can easily point out that your hardware no longer performs as prior to the update.


    But my main argument was a different one, and quite simple. On 2008 and 2009 units I tested, SL L and ML had completely different power consumptions. One easy one:


    2008 santa rosa MBP:


    SL surfing: -1400 on average

    L surfing: -2000

    ML: -2500


    2012 MBA (working)


    -750 surfing average



    2012 MBA (defective)





    So unless you install and test these averages, for your own 2010 unit, it might not be obvious that ML does not perform on yours as it does on any recent one. It is not supposed to either.


    nothwistanding, 2-3 hours is abyssimal for any machine with a 6500 mAH battery - as that would mean -2600 mAH. That is GPU itunes VIdeo range. basic math. if you drain in 3 hours that is your consumption.


    Anyhow, try clean installs (no time machine imports)


    OH, I forgot... Once ML fiddles with your battery more than a week, it sorta begins having issues if old. A new battery might help evidentiate that your older os probably runs fine on yur machine.

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    I have the exact same machine like you. I will try a clean install of 10.8.2 tomorrow and if this doesn't work, I think I have to send it in.

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    I'm also having battery issues with 10.8.2. I have an early 2011 15" MBP. It use to get 6-7 hours battery at 100% charge (before upgrading to Mountain Lion), now it get less then 3 hours at 100% charge. Ive tried fresh installs, SMC reset, PRAM reset, repaired disk permissions etc. Nothing has worked. Pretty sick of the crappy battery life.


    I have realised that when I first boot up, my computer uses the HD 3000 as expected, but within seconds, switches to the AMD Radeon HD 6750M, regardless of what I do. And then it doesn't switch back. Obviously this would use allot more battery. I think this might be the problem (for Apple computers with two GPUs) thats causing the bad battery life…


    I used istat menus to tell me which GPU my computers using.

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    OK I did SMC and now this is a detail.


    MBPR 2.3/16/256, ML 10.8.2


    Full charge: 6:55 remains + WiFi + External Hard and iPhone plugged.


    Charge Information:

      Charge Remaining (mAh):          8540

      Fully Charged:          Yes

      Charging:          No

      Full Charge Capacity (mAh):          8595

      Health Information:

      Cycle Count:          12

      Condition:          Normal

      Battery Installed:          Yes

      Amperage (mA):          -1279

      Voltage (mV):          12280


    Don't know is it good or bad:

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    Well, I recind my last statement. After a full discharge and recharge, with an SMC reset, battery life still is bad. I let it charge up fully, then unplugged. I unplugged at 10:55, and it's now 11:32 and i'm down to 88%. I'm not doing much that should or would tax the system at all.  Sorry, I'm still going with something in ML is causing a battery drain, and no, it's not "all the new fancy stuff" it's doing. I'm not doing anything new or fancy. Just sitting here typing. And the sleep drain is just about as bad. I'm goign to put back in the darkwake=0 item in the boot plist to turn that off.


    My system does have two GPU's but it's one that needs to be manually toggled by logging out and back in, so I doubt that's the issue.


    Yeah, I could do a wipe and install, but I dread having to reinstall everything...

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    i just bought my mbp 13" i7 june 26, 2012 and i'm planning to go to apple service center in my place and i want to ask to change my machine into new one do i entitled for that one??? is it possible for me to get the new one??? i'm so tired of watching my battery drain so fast and if full charge it only gives me 3hrs =( i already did everything but still the same... =(

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    Hi Guys


    I found the same problem as everyone else, my new Retina MBP now just getting around 3 hrs max for its battery life after ML, and actual run time can be a lot shorter than that.


    however, I found something a bit interesting, if I switch on HD (2880), the battery will quickly drain to the bottom, and if I switch back to " Best for Retina Display" option, the battery slowly comes back to become much more reasonable level, can anyone try that and to see if that works for you too ?



    interesting .... hummm ...  guess if this is a hardware design fault or not ... 

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    Just a few things:


    - Clean installation of 10.8.2 made the battery life even a bit more worse for me

    - dont know if smc reset works. If I do the required keyboard-combination, the magsafe LED isn't flashing on startup

    - Don't know what to do next. I have a German MBA Mid-2012 but I am on my semester abroad in ireland. should I go to the local premium reseller oder travel to belfast Apple Store? Can't afford to give the machine out of hand because i study computing and i need the macbook daily.

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    Yes asengskie, if you take it at your service center and they can see the drain (they may want to keep it aday though), you will get a new one. they will replce the logicboard which amounts to the same. IF you had a customized configuration, they may have to order you a new logicboard. Until then, use this one until then.


    Don't forget to back up folders manually, and reimport them manually.

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    Apocaly, unless you know Apple Belfast has your logicboard in stock, travelling may turn out a loss of time. What you should do is take it with customer care (phone). Senior adviser. Have them send a logicboard replacement to Belfast (unless there already is one). then you go in for a swap.


    However, if they require you to sent your machine, (it can vary by country), your problem will not be solved until you actually ship it or youre not needing it daily. I am surprised you have not found a loan option anywhere there. School, so on.

  • asengskie Level 1 Level 1

    thank you sir for reply i will do this .. =)

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    Yourself and another of the people whom recently posted about thei GPU are confirming what I suspected for two weeks now. GPU is the culprit. Only the GPU kicking in can account for this consumption.


    Hardware or software? It hs been a long debate. But as this does not happen on many systems (and Apple sotre is a good bet to check) it made me believe it is exclusively a hardware bug. In some cases i have no doubt it can be the battery. In others, GPU controller? who knows. but GPU kicks in and brings consumption at 2000 mAh.