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  • asengskie Level 1 Level 1

    what was the GPU how would i know that im running GPU? sorry really dont know this =(

  • Beisarius Level 1 Level 1

    you are not supposed to know to have a great macbook experience. And most users are not technicians to know and should not be bothered by such technical considerations. It is the consumption that suggests it could very well be the Graphic Processing Unit, or your built in video card. In macbooks, the GPU is synced with the CPU (Computer Processing Unit). If a code or software demand artificially demands the GPU to kick in (as if you are playing a game), the GPU goes from 10% load to 40%, and consumption doubles or triples. The CPU also fires up in sync and RAM speeds up. End result is power consuption increases, with different values depending on macbook architecture. So a 2009 might go up at -2000 mAh and have the same drain ratio as a newer one that goes up to -1100. But why do some machines power up? We do not know but it is not supposed to happen.

  • Beisarius Level 1 Level 1

    To those that brought up the GPU issue:


    It is more and more interesting that GPU seems to be the culprit. I arrived at this belief after studying a bit the latest architectures. The only wattage consumption that can account for such a drain is the GPU under medium load. Issue possibilities for this forum are:


    - Hardware/logicboard issue- 10.8.2 does not fix it.

    - Software/firmware bug. 10.8.2 fixes it on select units

    - Older macbooks unable to handle ML efficiently

    - Defective batteries

    - MBPs with a strange glitch between their dGPU and main GPU.


    Unless 10.8.2 fixed it, those under warranty should seek a replacement. Another thing is that Apple has not mentioned a battery issue in its description. This may be due to avoid a false perception of battery drain even amongst unafected users. Were we to do a survey, a large swath of people would say Yes even to a placebo.


    Apple evidently targetted newer units in this fix, and possibly more models to follow. But nothing will change for those with defective hardware- like my replaced trackpad, it turned out the logicboard after all.


    however, running a machine at 40% load non stop will shorten battery life in just months. So if I were a user out of warranty, i would change battery first, see if it is solved, if not, get reimbursed AND drop down an OS. Would only keep the new battery if the other one was mauled.


    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Mountain Lion 10.8.2 ... This upgrade was of no help to the battery issue BUT ... has anyone noticed this. When I charge up my MB Pro late 2012 retina, the battery life show about 3.5 hours and it drops fast accordingly.  On the otherhand, when charged up or at any point, if you plug the safemag in, let it turn green, then remove it, here is what happens. The  battery recalculates, the time doubles ( I've hit 8 hours on a full charge) and the battery actually holds it full charge more than doubling it's life. Bizarre. This isn't something I want to live with and it's not acknowledged but something must be rest when doing this. I tried resetting the SMC and the PRAM and the activity monitor shows nada. Going to the Genius Bar today. They'll probably say, they know nothing about it but it's worth a try.

    BTW - Should the MBP go into sleep mode, the battery is back to square one and the magsafe needs to be reset.

    Good luck!!!

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    I believe more on software bug than hardware, as this problem is affecting not just latest model but with almost every model across, and I doubt that changing or replace a new unit will fix the problem unless the unit itself already has problem.


    for that I will like people from Apple to step up and offer some suggestions.


    I do notice my new Retina will have some jumps in iTune songs while playing, its more like a process going behind taking all the resources. how the **** a new laptop can't even play a song well ? funny right?


    for those people who wants to change the logical board, I suggest you have a clean install of 10.7.0 first and see if the battery comes back to normal, if that is, software bug, if not, well you should consider take your notebook to the services centre, and I WILL LOVE ONE TO confirm if the battery life comes back to normal after 10.7.0, thanks.


    another thing to point out, if its hardware bug, the command in terminal "killall Dock " will not save your battery life.


    hope to get some answers back soon or I will take my Retina back to change a new one ... I have all application installed ..


    hope it helps

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    I have MBPR as well since end of July. I've never had that problem with iTunes or other things like the CPU is doing some heavy things behind and make the machine slow. I do have VMware with two Linux running and all working well and fast. So hit the Genus Bar ASAP if it's not working as it should. (Mine is 2.3/16/256)


    About battery, since I got this (it came with Lion) it's been never more than 5:40 (+WiFi on/ no backlight on keyboard/ 50% brightness). Now it's something around that with ML 10.8.2.


    So what is it that you define normal in battery life in MBPR? 7hrs? 6 hrs? Cause if it is more than 6 hours I've never seen that in my machine or other threads with turn-on WiFi  and web surfing (no YouTube btw).



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    Mine is 2.3/8/256 


    I got my MBPR up to 8:03 hr at most of the time when 100%, and after that will start to get drain like water to the net .


    but if I shift back from HD model to "Best for Retina" option, it will keeping around 7:13 at 98% or so. and I do my web surfing, and MS Word and other stuff, so I think there's something cause the battery life behind.


    I do notice that when I am playing song, at 99% it display 6:03 hr, and as soon as the song stops, it comes back at 98% at 7:13 hrs, and when now jump up to 98% at 7:53 hr.


    does that happens to anyone else or just me ?

  • Maziyar Level 1 Level 1



    You can change that calculation by changing things like the brightness, keyboard backlight, or playing song and just stop it. It's going to re-calculate what the batter has left with what you're doing at the moment and just show you a number.


    I believe what it shows under battery icon it's not accurate at all it's around. for me shows 8 hours as well but what I got for real up until 9% was 5:40 with surfing and reading PDF working with MS word and etc.


    What is the actual time for you up until 10%?

  • lovejam2012 Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't try, will try out this time.


    however, in my opinion,  if the number from the battery is irrelevant,  I believe it doesn't matter when it is on 10% or 5%, it will all be irrelevant, that is my opinion.


    if its a major hardware fault, it won't just happen after ML, and the response to this topic would be fewer than now.


    so let's I believe its software fault, in this case, we can't really depends on how it runs, because each time you use the computer, program you use and how long you use it can be vary, the test case will simply failed to justify a result for a simple run.


    when I was no 95% it says 7:53 hr, and now when I am on 94%, it says 8:04 hr


    I don't feel reliable at all myself, so won't be giving any conclusion now.

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    So, I just want to post something, in case someone has the same situation too,  plz confirm if you do


    I run Firefox and login to a Facebook account, send a message to a friend, the battery hr from 7:53 quickly dropped 6:43 in just less than 2 minutes.


    So, I quit the program, and in about 2 minutes time, the battary goes back to 7:53hr at 92%.

    So, I start up Safari, it drops about 10 minutes right away for the first 2 minutes and slowly comes back at 7:53hr and it was on, now at 90% and its still 7:53hr



    anyone using Firefox has found thid problem ? or maybe Facebook ? 


    just to say, I am not accuse or suggest any of those software is the bug, in fact it can be anything, the js script behind, an ad with exception behind the page or the browser or the system itself.


    please confirm if you have the same experiences with using same software and visiting fb .

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    I have the EXACT same problem, and 10.8.2 did "fix" the problem either, now i just want lion back for the 12+ hrs of battery life!

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    I have the 11" MBA 2011 (i7, 4GB, 480GB OWC 6G SSD). Could you tell me how do you calculate the battery drain time. I use the MBA various times per day. Is there an app that shows teh battery usage time since last cahrge?



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    So here I am, another rMBP (August 2012--shipped with ML) user with the crazy battery drain/fry-an-egg-on-it-it's-so-hot computer.  I DID do both updates to 8.2, including the firmware.


    It started yesterday, got hot and stayed hot, fans blazing, took FOREVER to charge back up, even with all applications closed and computer asleep.  On battery power, drained from 100%  to 15% in 2 hours. Finally shut it down completely and made an appointment at the Genius Bar for tomorrow afternoon in a mad panic, certain that that blasted firmware update ruined my brand new baby...


    This morning, I decided to try an SMC reset--and all seems back to normal.  In fact, I've been using Mail, Firefox, Pages, and Preview on battery power since 5:00 this morning, and I am now at 24%, showing 2hrs remaining...seriously great usage, and not a speck of heat to be felt at any time all day.


    Yesterday's activites included stuff I haven't done on this new machine yet...I had Messages open trying to help a friend with her iPhone problem, and I plugged my iPhone 4 into iTunes for a computer backup and into iPhoto to dump a bunch of photos and videos. It was after that that things got "heated"...


    Do you guys think I should keep the appointment so that it's on file if the problem comes back?  Or will that just be a semi-difficult wasted trip?

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    Wow! The 10.8.2 upgrade did something to my 15" MBP i5 mid-2010. I have not seen this kind of numbers since ML upgrade:


    Screen Shot 2012-09-23 at 18.37.17.PNG

    When unpluging at 100% charge, it showed 8 hours! Alas, just for a while, but it was nevertheless good to see such numbers. But, but ... now while writing this the percentage is 81% but the remaining time is only 3:47.

    And battery health has not improved; 42 cycles / 70% max capacity is far away from promised 1000 cycles / 80% !

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    what app s this?