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    there's usually two sockets in the toilet, you can have it too  

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    I see, "improvement" is not good enought, the next patch should be a "fix" not a improvement.. they both has very different way to be explained in software world

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    Exactly that's what i was thinking and ObServer said “Improved Battery Life” and let's see if Apple fixes this case

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    MiniBatteryLogger does not work on my MBA Lion

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    I'm now at 46% for exactly 3 hrs remaining. It is 1:40 hrs of actual use. So from 71% starting point expected to last altogether for 4:40 hrs. Not too bad, indeed.

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    I have the same problem with the battery before update to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 the battery was perfect but when i updated to 10.8.2 the porcent of the baterry has degress a lot when i the battery has 100% of the charge the time remaining is 5hours before was 7h with 10.8.1.


    I´ve been cheking the battery percent after every charged and one of those charged with the 64% percent the time remaining was 4h 25min and another test that i made with the 68% the time remaining was 1h 24min.


    the percentage of the battery descends and ascends is changing, my laptop is new i had 2 week is a Macbook pro 13´´ mid 2012.


    Now i have 34% with 2hour and 7 min. not normal for me

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    Bleeps.... I decided to try the combo update, just in case it zapped anything naughty in 10.8.1..... just finished and at 97% the remaining is 4h15m..... Wish I'd left it alone.... maybe it's re-indexing or something???

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    For my part, although I want to run through a couple more cycles to say for certain, I believe a reformat/clean install of ML worked for me, and delivered a dramatic increase in battery life. 


    My use case involves principally web browsing and heavy Outlook usage.  Under Lion, I was getting about 5.5 - 6 hours of battery life.  With the upgrade to ML, this dropped to about 2.5 hours.  The first full cycle after reformat and reinstall of Office, and after allowing it to index my (very) large inbox, gave me 5:40.


    The problem that I and the Apple senior advisor/engineering team identified on my machine was that Outlook was running furiously following the upgrade to ML.  This remained the case even after fully uninstalling Office and killing the identity/database.  Only the clean reformat and reinstall seemed to correct this problem.


    BTW, as a side note on behalf of those of us who receive an email every for every post on this topic, could I please beg the favor of posters not delivering real-time/near real-time updates on their battery levels.  I woke this morning to 35 messages since going to bed (and I went to be pretty late).  It's not that we're not interested in your bottom line findings, but not so much as experiements are running.

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    Battery life on 10.8.1 is more worse and on Lion 10.7.5 is greater only on Mountain Lion the battery life is worse.

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    Well, Even throught i have tried the solution that you've said, Before the upgrading to Mountain Lion i have tested the OS on partition and the battery life was so bad and nothing has gotten improved/fixed and i haven't upgraded until i heard the news that says battery life is improved and once i had heard from ObServer that they confirmed Battery life has been fixed and sooner i have upgraded and it seems to be worse again once again after that i have installed the Combo version and the calculation of the battery remaining seems to be misbehaving which will show 6:20 on full charge but in real use it seems to be only 2 hours usage. But on Lion it's different and you can use for 6 hours in real time and there is nothing to do with Microsoft Office and it's all that is OS X Mountain Lion caused the issue.


    I think formating the OS doesn't help and it's because when there is something in the OS that's not fixed properly by Apple and this has caused many people still now Apple didn't mention about the battery life issue and now seems to be disappointment also when i heard that Advisor in AppleCare they asked me to upgrade to 10.8.2 and i have already told them that the battery life is still worse and not yet improved.

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    After 10.8.2 combo update, I think we can get 6:42 hrs from a full charge. I also have done SMC reset too. In my case at least 6-7 hrs of actual use is good enough for general use. We can get smartly into any meeting room and make a good presentation without any worry about the notebook will shutdown in a middle of an important session. This is what the Apple's product make for.

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    Sulaiman.K wrote:


    I think formating the OS doesn't help and it's because when there is something in the OS that's not fixed properly by Apple


    Don't get me wrong, I definitely think that there is a problem with ML (I've been very consistent in that view - just ask Beisarius ).  Personally, I think that there are a number of different issues with ML that manifest themselves (or not) depending upon a particular user's hardware configuration and software usage.  All I can tell you is that reformating and reinstalling ML seems to have fixed my particular problem.


    I spent many hours with AppleCare and a local Genius without any improvement prior to this step.  I resisted reformatting for obvous reasons for a long time.  Fortunately, my laptop is a "tertiary" computer for me, so it wasn't a huge deal to backup/reinstall, but I tried everything else that they had in their armament short of that.  If the reinstall didn't work, the engineers didn't seem to have another suggestion.


    I'm not suggesting that reformatting and reinstalling definitely will fix your problem (I have no idea), but it did fix mine when nothing else worked, and you may run out of options with AppleCare if you don't want to try the reformat.


    Good luck!

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    Well, sad news. The great battery life I had with 10.8.2. is gone. I drained 13% in 20 minutes with only Safari open to read some articles. This is Bull S***! This is getting really old really quick. Apple, fix this or give me my money back as I am fed up with the battery drain problem that you seem not to care or even have the guts to mention to the public. I will mention it in my Blogs.

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    So you're telling that we should format the device for each new OS releases? That would be ridiculous.



    I have lot of important files in the device and some of them wont get in backup even cant be restored this what i'm worried.



    I have also discussed with Apple and they've asked me to wait for new release and i can't wait and because i have to do presentation in School and i can't use the power supply in front of 1,000 people it would be shame if the laptop gets shutdown when goes beyond 5%. I hate when Apple does this, But when Steve Jobs was alive he has made things better for us and now Tim Cook makes it worse and i'm not blaming you for this i'm blaming Apple for this.



    Apple would take care of things.



    Anyways thanks

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