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    You can't reduce battery cycles - you can only minimize them, but that usually means not using your battery too often. I'm at 182 cycles with my late 2011 15" that I bought in March - no big deal. I haven't suffered the battery life loss after the ML upgrade like others have here. I just pop into this thread from time to time to see if anyone has come up with a solution yet.



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    Hi richsadams and all posters,


    I am back for my last detailed report.


    After the SMC 1.7 firmware update (going from 1.66f54 to 1.66f60), I was getting just a bit over 5hrs usage - surfing mainly safari with 3-6 tabs open running the odd system utility). As mentioned my impression is this is about an hour less battery life than under 10.6.8 (although to be honest I hadn't as accurately timed a comparable usage under SL). Also in fairness it is a 2 year old MBA and coconut battery is showing 93%health with 169 loadcycles.


    Yesterday I deleted my partition and clean installed ML 10.8.2 after creating a USB with Lion Disk Maker. I must say my Late 2010 MBA does run a bit faster/smoother with a few less seconds to shut down. So I was worth the effort.


    Here half way through my first cycle on the new install I have been up for 2hrs,25mins and the battery meter estimates 2hrs40mins remaining.  So spot on the 5hrs actual web surfing usage and on exact par. At least my machine has been consistent with this.


    In summary:

    (comparable usage load web lite web surfing and a few downloads - In each case listed below I allowed 1 cycle where I let the system settle with spotlite reindexing while I cleaned caches and tuned a few things):


    Upgrade using App Store 10.6.8 to 10.8.2 - 5hrs battery life under SMC 1.66f54 (prior to 1.7 update)

    Update to SMC 1.7 (SMC 1.66f60) and SMC Reset Done - 5hrs battery life

    Clean Install ML 10.8.2 and SMC reset done - 5 hrs battery life


    I will keep an eye on things for a few more days (as mentioned by a poster early in the thread sometimes it can take a few days for things to settle with a new install with indexing, etc).


    I must say I love ML and the Astronomy themed galaxy wallpaper pulls my heartstrings (being an amateur astronomer). The UI seems more responsive. Safari 6 is defeinitely quicker.


    And thanks Apple for the substantial upgrade for 20 bucks!! Not wanting to look a gift-horse in the mouth, could you please help us (slightly older model portable users) with some improved battery life and then all our Christmases have come at once


    Thanks for your replies and for listening richsadams and peeps of the forum.





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    Hi clintonfrombirmingham,


    You are correct about only being able to minimize battery use cycles (full charge to running-out).


    One word of caution for mac portable users who may be unaware: You need to do a full cycle at least once every 30 days or you risk shortening your battery life.  I guess bottom line is inevitably a battery will need replacing but after 2yrs mine is still at 93% with 169 cycles so not too bad - apple has great technology).


    For those of you unsure how to maintain your battery life in your mac portable, please refer to:






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    I see, I wanted to know how do i minimize the battery cycles? I have tried to google but there is no such information relating to minimizing the battery cycle. If you could get me the information please do i would appreciate it.

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    Hi Sulaiman.K,


    The information your request is in the link I provided above.


    I realise that as many mac portables have non-user replaceable batteries most of us want to get the most life out of our battery and prefer not to take our darling macbooks in for surgery and expense of battery replacement.


    Once reassuring bit of info contained in that Apple page I linked is:



    The built-in battery of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is designed to deliver up to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles before it reaches 80 percent of its original capacity. In addition, Adaptive Charging reduces the wear and tear on the battery giving it a lifespan of up to 5 years.





  • weeasle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi again clintonfrombirmingham,




    I just pop into this thread from time to time to see if anyone has come up with a solution yet.



    My bet is with richsadams educated guess that it is likely something related to the SMC firmware and how the new OS interacts with the SMC and battery...  Hopefully Apple can swat the bug for (slightly) older macbook portable user soon and issue a sofware fix.





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    Hi weeasle,


    Thanks for sharing such a interesting information! I take look at that page.


    But my MacBook pro isn't new now it's old i bought it 1 year ago, I think it's possible minimize the cycle for MBP 13" 2011.


    Thanks again for your reply!

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    Absolutely agree with adi190. As an Apple fan who has dutily bought every new device that comes out, the drip-feed of disappointments in the post-Jobs era is very disconcerting. What is the point of a laptop if the battery life literally drains away? Cosmetic improvements were more than offset by the detrimental effect on battery life. To even pretend not to notice is unacceptable. There is a problem. This problem needs fixing.

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    Me Again,


    Back with the last post for a while...


    Just to amend my last post on my report of


    "Clean Install ML 10.8.2 and SMC reset done - 5 hrs battery life"


    I was 2/3 the way through the cycle when I gave that assessment.... It turned out to be more like 5hrs 45 mins...  So a slight improvement with clean install happy to say...


    So it offers some hope that it can help to clean install (even on less affected systems like my late 2010 mba).


    That said, I still hunger for an update or two from Apple real soon that could extend my battery life a little (and rectify the big losses in runtime and life some macbook pro/air users here have reported).





    signing-off... Best of luck to everyone.. Fingers-crossed..

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    Hi guys,


    I was having battery problems with MBA 2011. Went to the store right after upgrading to ML (1.5 months ago) and got the battery replaced, but the problem still persisted. I was getting ~3.5 hours of battery life. Did a ML clean install over the weekend and it made a huge difference. Now on the same workload I am getting immensely improved battery time (right now @ 96% it is showing 7:30 hrs). Got down to 70% yesterday (in about 2 hours) and it still had 4:30 hrs of estimated battery.


    Clean install is a pain in the butt, but it might be worth a shot.

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    All my updates are up to date, I don't recall seeing that one but my battery life still is 3 hours on a full charge. . . . Not good.

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    Hi, I have a MBP Late 2010 (macbookpro7,1), SMC 1.62f6, Boot ROM version MBP71.0039.B0E. I did the upgrade to ML just when it was released, and did not noticed any issues. Some weeks ago, I did a recommend  Update (Apple Store Upgrades) and after that I am facing the baterry, fan, heating, problems. I probably need to repalce the baterry because it has already passed 91% of the cycles. Nevertheless, the performance is strange. Yesterday, after readin throughout the forum, I found the 10.8.2 Combo procedure. I did the download and installed. Also did a SMC reset, but nothing has changed. It is still consuming the  baterry, with high fan speed and getting quite hot at the bottom.

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    Same issue.


    Noticed the rapid battery drain since upgrading to Mountain Lion. Cannot say whether it was after initial ML installation or post 10.8.2 system update.


    My Macbook battery indicator on the taskbar shows - "Service Battery". Since, almost everyone is facing the issue, I hope Apple will answer.


    I request someone at Apple to take note and respond with an update...




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    rannu wrote:



    My Macbook battery indicator on the taskbar shows - "Service Battery". Since, almost everyone is facing the issue, I hope Apple will answer.


    If you have a Service Battery charge, it means that your battery is no longer capable of holding a sufficient charge.  So, you'll need a new battery.  I would recommend you contact Apple.

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    My battery life got better with 10.8.2 I'm able to do 4 to 5 hours, depending on whether it needs the integrated or dedicated gpu. However it still loses 10% overnight while asleep.

    Yesterday, I shut down the computer completely (it had 13% left). This morning, i boot the machine and it says 9%. So that's 4%, while being completely shut down!!

    I'm not sure, but that does not look normal?.


    plus: I started plugging and unplugging the magsafe a lot more, but it still counts a lot of cycles, I had 5 cycles the last week (a total of 334 now, 16 months old), and it did only once go above 90% or under 9%, mostly even unplugging at 50% until it is 15%, then plugging again and so on...

    The result: I lost 6% of health in the last couple of days.

    Health history: when I noticed the battery drain after installing mountain lion the week after it came out, I had a health of 90%, it was more or less stable at that point. I reinstalled lion after a few weeks and my health increased to 91-92%. With 10.8.2, I upgraded again and my battery life was better, while using the battery more and in shorter intervals, my health further increased to 94% and remained stable there, until now it has gone quickly down to 90, and now 88%.


    I'm getting worried...