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    well according to what i read OSx is  not a Saint either, and looks like i Cant Use my Original DVD to go back to Snow Leopard.


    I only use windows when i need to use software that only works on windows (Like OrCAD and Corel Draw), the battery life was usually less on Windows is true, but after the Mountain Lion Wreck i get more Battery time on windows than On OSX.


    looks me and a lof of us Are Stuck here, at least I know my Battery is fine, i hope it stays like that.



  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,245 points)

    OSX is the simplest Operating System to backup, a clone can be simply made and is an exact copy of the original, so exact you could boot from it and work as you always do.


    Try that with Windows


    Additionally your problems can be solved, but it will require patience as the troubleshooting steps are gone through, if you don't want to that's your choice.


    The fact that the battery life differs between Safe and Normal modes indicates software errors, most likely 3rd party software, firmware and hardware have not changed.


    The serious limitation is that you have a Windows partition, this makes the disk fragile. The almost total absence of Windows backup utilities (and the fact that Windows users appear to be reluctant to backup) makes preservation of data tricky. Programs can be reinstalled, data has to be recreated.

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    you got it Wrong,


    I´m not defending Windows, I own a Mac for a reason and thats pretty easy to notice.


    but I can´t Defend OSX either Since it took the ability from my Machine to be PORTABLE.


    Now I have Basically a very expensive Desktop computer, that gets Hot as **** and its Fans Sounds so loud you might think is going to Hover!, and all the Tests point is the OS failing.


    thats it.

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,245 points)

    I'll take that as no, good luck.

  • mpuk.2000 Level 1 (0 points) h-in/


    Perhaps this explains why it is taking Apple such a long time to address this problem, one I view as a problem of critical importance.



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    Ok, I'm having the same problem. I installed ML a few weeks ago. My original battery life was 85% via Coconut Battery. Now, after I pushed my macbook to still use ML even with the battery issue, my battery is now with 27% health!!!


    I think Apple should be accountable for this. The  new OS is draining more battery power than the hardware is designed to take. How much more? More than games on my Bootcamp like 2k13 uses the battery.Because those games never affected my battery health. Imagine that!


    I found a fix but I'm not sure if this works because I recently went back to Snow Leopard. The original OS (with DVD) on my mac. Maybe you guys could try this out and tell us the result.


  • Bill Jacobs2 Level 1 (20 points)

    I'm re-posting my troubleshooting steps since "safe mode" bore fruit for a good number of posters.


    I'm supplementing my previous post with the startup advice provided by cSound1, additional fixes suggested by ScratchSF, and a few hints I've gathered during research. I'm weaving them into the old post in a way I hope flows logically and with what I mean to be the quickest likely path to results. (ScratchSF and cSound may have better ideas as to the order of steps or their likelihood of working. I take into account how FAST certain steps are to perform. If they're quick and easy I place them sooner in the list, regardless of they're likely efficacy .


    WoolieWoolard asked about troubleshooting startup items so he and new folk finding this thread won't have to hunt down multiple posts.



    Troubleshooting Short Battery Life in Mountain Lion OS 10.8

    Update to OS 10.8.3 if you haven't already.


    Run the Macbook in safe mode (hold down shift key when you hear the bootup chime) to eliminate extraneous software causes. (

    • If this works (you get satisfactory battery life), skip to "Troubleshoot the startup items and optimize the system:" below.

    If Safe Mode doesn't help,

    You may also wish to run off the Recovery partition or the network image at apple by holding down the command+R keys.

    • If this works (you get satisfactory battery life), the install itself may be bad and it might behoove you to reinstall OS 10.8 and immediately update to 10.8.3
    • If the recovery partition gives crummy performance too, the battery may be bad.


    If under warranty,

    Replace the battery.  If the battery was already replaced, replace the motherboard. If the motherboard is no good, replace the battery again. (Yes, twice. Battery quality has been less than stellar when pushed to the edge of its performance envelope by OS 10.8)


    If not under warranty,

    You may wish to demonstrate the problem running the recovery partition at an Apple store and ask whether they would test a new battery in your macbook and sell it to you if it works. (Who wants to pay for a new battery that works no better than the one you had?)


    I have not heard anyone ask an apple store if this will be okay with them, so it's uncharted territory.


    A more open ended suggestion is to bring it to an Apple Store for repair and let THEM worry about it.

    Expensive and disappointing, yes, but at least it becomes their responsibility to get it working before you pay for anything.  Be sure to ask about warranties on repairs they do.


    ScratchSF points out that a downgrade to Snow Leopard or Lion may be the best hope for users whose laptops shipped with these OS's and can be downgraded again.





    Troubleshoot the startup items and optimize the system:

    When safe mode produces acceptable battery life, there is something running is standard, full-featured mode that's causing the battery life to stink on ice that is NOT running in safe mode.  These methods stop some of that software from running.  If battery life improves, you can reactivate the software that is NOT the problem.



    1.  (cSound1)  In System Preferences>Users and Groups>Login Items. No need to delete anything you just want to stop them loading at startup.


    Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 11.21.42 AM.png

    2.  Temporarily lower screen resolution (some video-based kernel extensions have been fingered for problems in times past)

    3.  (ScratchSF) Turn off iCloud and turn off the Notifications

    3.  (ScratchSF) Download Onyx and clean out everything (mostly User and System caches).  Also repair permissions (using Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility).2.  (ScratchSF) Reset SMC and PRAM.

    4.  (ScratchSF) Reinstall 10.8.3 Combo pack (even if you already updated to 10.8.3)

    5.    Reduce applications tracked by Spotlight

    6.    Consider removing Parallels (if installed, and its use preceded the battery life issues.)




    If the startup items and optimization steps don't restore battery life,


    Isolate Kernel Extensions:

    If the optimization and startup item elimination doesn't help, you may have some luck disabling system extensions with the Diablotin extensions manager System Preference Panel.


    It allows you to disable kernel extensions (kexts) that run in normal mode that do NOT run in safe mode.

    Start with the non-system files and if you feel lucky (or you don't mind wiping your drive and starting over), move on to the system kexts.


    Caveat Emptor! (Buyer Beware!) I have not used Diablotin personally and I have every expectation that unstable systems could result.  Backup your disk and data every way you can think of and if wiping your drive would make you cry, just plain don't do it. Wait for someone else to try it and report back.



    If anyone solves their battery issue, please relay the extension(s) to the group here.

  • Redarm Level 4 (2,580 points)

    Isolate Kernel Extensions:

    If the optimization and startup item elimination doesn't help, you may have some luck disabling system extensions with the Diablotin extensions manager System Preference Panel.


    It allows you to disable kernel extensions (kexts) that run in normal mode that do NOT run in safe mode.

    Start with the non-system files and if you feel lucky (or you don't mind wiping your drive and starting over), move on to the system kexts.

    I can see no option to disable kexts with Diablotin.

  • Bill Jacobs2 Level 1 (20 points)

    "their likely efficacy', not "they're likely efficacy"

    Gad, I hate homonym typos.



    For RedArm: from the tutorial page I provided (screen shots are available on the web page if desired):




    "Open the Diablotin pane in System Preferences...; click the disclosure triangle next to a file type to view all currently-installed items of that type.....)

    Items that reside inside your own account (usually in ~/Library) have a “person” icon next to them; you can simply uncheck the item’s box to disable it.

    Those items that reside in the main /Library directory have a “bookshelf” (get it—a library?) icon and require administrative access to disable;

    Click the padlock to provide an admin-level username and password."


    -- End Article Quote --


    The admin-required items are more likely to cause problems if tinkered with, in case that isn't obvious.

    If the above clip from teh tutorial page does not work as advertised, mea culpa.  I didnt need to disable kexts to fix my user's problem, 10.8.3 worked without additional measures, so I didn't play with Diablotin to verify the accuracy of these instructions.  If Diablotin is truly worthless, I encourage others to suggest kext disabling tools that DO work.

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    Hi All,


    I was running a 13" PB Pro (mid 2010 version), under snowleopard. battery was running very well (4.5 hours autonomy watching video). I have been following this thread at early ages but given the problem, decided to delay the upgrade.

    For software compatibility reasons, I did it anayway and am now running mountain lion latest version.


    not sure if this has been addressed yet (could not read the 100 or so unread pages), but I beleive it is worth sharing.

    I first performed an upgrade --> the autonomy was decreased by more than 50%

    I decided to perform a clean install, erasing the old parition first and resintalling everything from scratch. the autonomy jumped back up to 90% of its original value.

    I am thus basically back to normal


    hope it can help


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    I tried the same procedure today on my MBA 2011 11". I had 10.8.3 installed but with poor battery life (cca 3h life)


    - create Time machine backup

    - delete old partition

    - create new partition

    - install 10.8.3 mountain lion

    - migration assistent from Time machine backup


    It shows me now 6h left on 99% life. After few hours of usage (with power cable connected for a while) and estimated times are still the same...


    Maybe is something with partition....perhaps someone else is willing to try this ?

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a Macbook Pro 13 (Early 2011) and had to replace my old battery with approx. 140 cycles after a year and half - battery status was showing "no battery". However, now I have a new battery installed (lets say 1 week) and I am affraid something is wrong with the fresh installed battery or even worse, with the computer.


    I am posting my "Full charge capacity (mah)" statuses:


    - 3rd of May, 5784 mah, 1 cycle

    - 7th of May, 5518 mah, 3 cycles

    - 8th of May, 5498 mah, 4 cycles

    - 9th of May, 5475 mah, 4 cycles

    - 10th of May in the morning, 5448 mah, 5 cycles

    - 10th of May in the afternoon, 5469 mah, still showing 5 cycles - full charged now.


    The battery drops 20 mah/day. This is just wrong! o.O Is it possible that software (ML) affects the full capacity of the battery?


    Do you have any ideas what can be wrong?

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    I am experiencing the exact same on my early 2011 MBP.

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    I installed ML more times, update reupdate, change my computer, but all wrong. 2-3 hours only. Then i installed lion, battery times normal, 7 - 10hrs, but sometimes slowly... i wait 10.9.. but i worry for a new apple programm... apple ***? What for i pay 1500 $??

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    I have a Macbook Air 5,1 (mid-2012 11") that shipped with Mountain Lion 10.8.


    Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade this machine to Snow Leopard 10.6? I used SL on a 2010 Air and it worked flawlessly and I'd like to step back to that level of experience on this current laptop.