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  • a brody Level 9 (65,736 points)

    There is no such thing as a Powerbook Pro. Apple changed the Mac names from Powerbook (no Pro in the name) to MacBook Pro as the name of the top of the line notebook computers in 2006.   And some early notebooks in 2006 were just called Powerbook.  The label under the screen will tell you what you have.  Regardless, Mountain Lion won't work on a MacBook Pro older than 2007.  That's what Pondini was getting at.  Had nothing to do with the oldest MacBook Pro.  The oldest MacBook Pro can't run Lion, let alone Mountain Lion.  Read this tip on the minimum requirements for Lion:


    and Mountain Lion:

  • a brody Level 9 (65,736 points)

    The oldest Mac Pro as Pondini says, the desktop tower that will run Mountain Lion was made in 2008.   All Mac Pro desktop towers can run Lion.

  • Keith Doherty3 Level 4 (1,795 points)

    There are three differing things going on with the ML support or lack off


    Mac Pro 1.1 and 2.1 models have efi32 and can't boot the kernel in 64bit bit mode.

    ML is fully 64bit and these two machines are stuck even through they can run 64bit processes and programmes.


    Regrettably the onboard rom chip is soldered on and not upgradible, however there "may" be a way to simulate EFI64 out there on the web.

    Its somewhat difficult too follow and I would never recommend it on any system critical system !


    Earlier Itel Core Duo are similarly 32bit and unsupported.

    Sorry no work around for these that i know of.


    Macboook Air and the Macbook Core 2 Duo models with integrated GMA graphics do not meet the required Open CL/GL standards for ML support.

    Again there are work rounds for these machines on the web changing certain kext files and disabling system check files. Once again not recommended on system critical systems !


    As is the way with Apple and there products they are at one of the points in time and in the Hardware/Software system development cycles - That is Total movement over to true 64bit and High Def graphic based computing.


    Unlike the "darkside" they do not baulk at the idea if ending legacy support if necessary.

  • pjonesCET1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Your right It was PowerBook I have the 17" 1.67 GB with 2 GB memory  with the non-glare screen and largest Hard drve a the time

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    I have the G4-500 version the newest OS is OSX.4.x (I believe it's 4.6 or 4.8-4.9 any way it’s the latest version avaiable for that OS). It can not be used for anything later.

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    when I updated to 8.1 one of the first updates was a ROm update for EFI64


    BTW: I updated toMountain Lion.


    Forced Time Machine to Update after I connected another external Drive and used CCCloner  to created a bootable Clone of the Drive. the unmounted both. Took upstairs to my Cable modem and hooked up to Ethernet.


    Took 45 minutes. So far I've only had to play with the fonts and repair permission. The only time I get thermal run away is when using Time machine to restore some fonts.


    Office works Fine Acrobat works fine.


    Even allowing computer to sleep (close lid and reopen) to a few more seconds to wake. But did.


    I wnet into System Preserences and turn off items I was uninterested in I even unchecked the new item when you shut down to remember windows.


    I did get three updates. One of which was a new EFI ROM upgrade.  Even tat went without a hitch.

  • Andrew_to Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple is stupid for this. My 2007 mac pro is having issues and when i search people also with lion say that when they upgraded to mountain lion it fixed the same issue. So now im stuck with a dead computer. Bs.

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    Another thing I have noticed That applies to all applications that uses a Templates setup  If you open a document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages Numbers, keynote and thers that use  a template setup) It opens the document, opens theplatewindow and opens a new Document at the same time.


    Apple guidelines say That unless already created Document is opened the application is to open a new document or templates window. So this new thing is going against Apple's on guideline by opening original Document, Templates, and Blank document. Its mays though application open much slow and cause spinning Beach ball. once evrything is open then lighning fast.

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    Processor  2 x 3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

    Memory  5 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM



    I was going to upgrade more RAM since I have 2 more slots. Now I am not going to bother since mountain lion won't work on my Mac Pro. Argggg.... whining here won't help, but I am doing it anyway.

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    If i wanted to purchase a new computer every other year i would have stuck with the old windows computers. Switched to apple for it's ability to use over years( not just a few). So what i buy a new computer now and in a year or 2 they do the same thing.

         Hey new opperating system 10.10 little bitty kitty time to buy a new computer because all you loyal customers none of the old computers can handle it and we want more money. Sincerly with love Apple.


    No thanx apple going to see what the Microsoft Surface has to offer.

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    Now I'm really glad tht I never upgraded to Lion, now knowing that Apple will not support my Black 2008 13" MacBook (2.4 Ghz Intel Core Duo 2) with future updates.  MacBook4,1.  I can still run programs that I used on my old 12" 2004 PowerBook G4.  Apple used to be about backwards compatibility and now your computer will be obsolete when it's 4 years old.  Insanity!!!  Still rocking Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

  • pjonesCET1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Wish Ihad stayed with Snow Leopard (OSX.6.8). Since switching to Mountain Lion (OSX.8.2) I have problems with the Finder quiting or slow come up.  I had a Crash  I ran down to a component in Login from "Box"  even now while finder doesn't crash its low to come up

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    Well, they're messing around with us now.


    I used to be a die hard MacHead, but now, I'm starting to really hate the latest hardware AND software. So much now is uncompatable and full of glitches (the Mac minis are absoutely HORRIBLE! Every day, I have dozens of issues with them in our classroom!).


    I can't help but believe that profit is out-weighing quality--something that I had once loved and marveled about Apple seems to be no more.


    C'est la vie... Caveat emptor


    Que triste..

  • artrabbit Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep, glad to see I'm not the only one who see's it. Sad to see as well...

  • artrabbit Level 1 (0 points)

    It helps. We once faithful, loyal MacHeads are sending a message that we are not going to be the loyal, trusting life-long customers that we once thought we would be.


    Apple, are you paying attention?


    We're MAD AS **** AND NOT GOING TO BUY ANYTHING (once it was enthusiastically, EVERTHING)  ANY MORE!


    Gee, let's maybe rethink our (long-term?) bussiness ethos.