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mountainman95 Level 1 (0 points)

Has DHCP been removed from OS X Server (Mountain Lion)?  I see a few people complaining that it cannot be configured from the and there are no new ServerAdmin tools for this version.  Some mention that the help file says it should be enabled in the but DHCP doesn't show up in the menu.

  • Alex33 Level 1 (25 points)

    Looks like it's removed in the build of 10.8 Server. I've checked if it's available via CLI, but serveradmin doesn't know this bundle identifier which tells us that indeed, DHCPD doesn't exist. I think it's highly questionable to exclude DHCP from OS X Server, while other outdated services return, such as FTP, which is unsecure and obsolete. Maybe Apple adds DHCPD in 10.8.x simply because the integration into the new server app wasn't ready.



  • chaicka Level 1 (15 points)

    I am holding back the upgrade until it becomes clear if DHCP Server is going to exists or not. It is crazy to remove DHCP especially when the addition options/settings are not available in AirPort Extreme and Express, and also in SMB environment, it may be necessary to have it on OS X Server than on network devices.

  • drewtlove Level 1 (10 points)

    I just upgraded my server and DHCP was one of the first things I checked after the migration. How can this be gone?! Not looking forward to when leases start expiring...ugh.

  • crwoo Level 1 (0 points)

    I need DHCP, its gone after upgading. what can i do? please help someone. might have to do a system restore. airport extreme doesnt work because i need the advanced settings

  • mountainman95 Level 1 (0 points)

    Fortunately I saw somewhere that Apple had removed it before I upgraded my server.  I cannot imagine why they would do something so stupid!

  • ikilby Level 1 (0 points)

    im blooming furious - upgraded my server and there is no DHCP server - whats the blooming point Apple.


    I now have to run DHCP Server on a Windows server !!!


    Idiots total idiots.

  • Joe Husk Level 1 (45 points)

    This does seem like a rather large oversite on Apple's part.




    Doesn't look like Apple will be adding Server Admin anytime soon.  Upsetting, considering if you use the built-in help in it'll direct you to put a check in the DHCP service from within Server Admin...

  • jerrythea Level 1 (0 points)

    There's this doc on


    It says this, rather oblique, statement:




    The DHCP service is no longer managed as a separate service in OS X Server. DHCP is used by the NetInstall service to provide startup information to NetInstall and NetBoot clients. It can also used by Internet Sharing (in the Sharing pane of System Preferences) to provide addresses to clients sharing the server's internet connection. Only one of these two services can be used at one time.


    If you enabled NAT and DHCP in Server Admin in Lion Server, your configuration will not be preserved when you upgrade to OS X Server (Mountain Lion). You can restore the default NAT and DHCP configuration by disabling then enabling Internet Sharing in System Preferences.


    If you enabled DHCP (only) in Lion Server, or you enabled DHCP in Mac OS X Server v10.6, your configuration will be preserved and remain active when you upgrade to OS X Server (Mountain Lion).



    Also notice that the Firewall 'service' is gone. They are also deprecating ipfw. So your firewall rules that you already setup remain in place after the upgrade, but you have to use the command-line to edit them:





    The Firewall service is no longer managed by OS X Server. Existing Firewall rules remain active after upgrade, but any further firewall configuration must be performed on the command line. For more information, see this article.




    I trolled around the internet, and found this useful sounding tool:




    So the question really becomes, with all the manual work now required to 'upgrade' to ML Server, why not just go with a Linux Server and do it all manually? The utility of OS X Server has become marginalized.

  • noben Level 1 (0 points)

    This is from the OS X Server: Advanced Administration -


    If you don’t have a DHCP server, you can set up OS X Server’s DHCP service. For information, see this help topic: DHCP setup overview.




    Start or stop DHCP service


    You start DHCP service to provide IP addresses to users. You must have at least one subnet created and enabled.

    HideStart or stop DHCP service in Server Admin

    1. Open Server Admin and connect to the server.
    2. Click the triangle at the left of the server.The list of services appears.
    3. From the expanded Servers list, select DHCP.
    4. Click the Start DHCP or the Stop Now button (below the Servers list).If you start DHCP and the Firewall service is running, a warning appears asking you to verify that all ports used by DHCP are open. Click OK.

    The service runs until you stop it. It restarts when your server is restarted.


  • Steven Major Level 1 (30 points)

    On wow. Glad I stumbled across this. The inability to easily manage my DNS is a show stopper. Yes, I could "manually" edit bootpd.plist in the terminal - doesn't scare me at all.  But considering the wrench time I've spent in terminal with Lion, and now this "one more thing", I might as well go with a Linux box and be done with it.


    Someone who bought ML Server might want to do a review and note this.  You can't write a review until you actually purchase the app - which I won't be anytime soon.

  • InfraredAD Level 1 (45 points)

    I ran across Icefloor as well. The caveat is that the PF firewall didn't apply in Lion Server, ipfw did. So with ML server, does it use the pf firewall or ipfw? WaterRoof may work here as a GUI to ipfw / NAT in ML Server.


    ML sans uses the PF firewall.

  • KenCaston Level 1 (0 points)

    I just spent an hour on the phone with Apple.  DHCP Service has been removed from Mountain Lion Server.  (As I like to say, they just built the 6 Million Dollar Man and forgot to give him eyes.)  On that subject they suggested we voice our opinions via customer feedback.

  • jgrunewald Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, then my feedback is "very disappointed". I was looking forward to ML Server fixing some of the bugs we experienced in Lion Server and the new Profile Manager. No I've got two schools that are totally Mac-based with no way to upgrade them until we bring in a separate DHCP solution unless Apple gets their act together and fixes this pronto. I can see a small business getting away with running their DHCP through an Airport Extreme, but if Apple is serious about marketing their server to medium businesses as well, they're going to need to do better.

  • ikilby Level 1 (0 points)

    jgrunewald - spot on really.


    Apple have made a big error here, turning a business Server into a toy.


    I now have DHCP server running on a Microsoft Windows server - so they have just lost an important Apple infrasturcture server, and had it replaced with a Microsoft server.


    I am very dissapointed with Apple for this change and the lack of clarity in the documentation.


    Our ony hope is that Apple or a developer creates a DHCP server application.

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