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  • WarriorAnt Level 4 (2,750 points)


    The problem is not that they removed it, but that they are now thinking that we are all 16 year old high school students that are only interested in twitter and facebook.  For that demographic the changes probably make sense.


    Well if Apple is targeting the 16 year old demographic then they truely do not understand who is buying  the gear 16 year olds are using.   Because I'm the one shelling out 2 grand for an iMac, I'm the one shelling out the bucks for my teenagers iPad, and I'm the one shelling out the bucks fro her Touch iPod.  I'm the one shelling out the bucks for all the aps used on the iMac, the iPad, and the Touch. 


    I imagine this is the case for everyone who has a child in that demographic.  In addition perhaps my 17 year old is an exception to the rule but she doesn't care to use Twiiter or Facebook.  I'm actually the 56 year old in the house who uses Facebook extensively to keep in contact with the large volume of dinosaur friends I've made over the years. 


    Perhaps Apple thinks I'm becoming too senile to be trusted with these features or that my age group has somehow reverted back into some state of luddite incompetence.   Regardless of the reasons the RSS feature is effectively gone

  • Glen M Level 2 (270 points)

    Safari’s RSS was the very best & easiest way to flip through the hundreds of news items quickly and accurately. Without it, you need a third-party app to find it, then bounce back to Safari to read the article. This quadruples the number of clicks/taps and the time it takes, inducing Microsoft flashbacks of my youth. To add insult to injury, having the RSS in Mail makes it appear that I have new email when all I have are 50 lame articles creating 50 false alarms, but again I still have to use 2 apps. RSS is BROWSER related, and has nothing to do with Mail.


    I won’t even go into Safari’s countless slow page updates, vanishing progress bar, and often being forced to reload a page several times, especially if it’s not cached, just to make it show up.


    Thinking the worst was over, what brought true terror was when I caught one of the Mac ads last night. An Apple “Genius” that looks more like a 12 year old in a commercial about as lame as any Microsoft ad. This is not the quality or intelligence of Apple from the past. This was just a regurgitated version of “Obe-Wan, you’re my only hope!”, but Obe-wan is a kid with extremely bad acting. (Sorry, kid, you’re no Justin Long.) It felt very desperate as if saying…

    “We have apps, too!”

    “We have kids at the core of our customer service department”

    “We have cool apps, too, but you will need one of our ‘Geniuses’ to help understand it.”


    These commercials HAD to pass through dozens of hands for approval and not ONE person stood up and said, “This seriously suxs!” After the long silence and void of any new iMacs or Mac Pros, and now this terrible commercial from a “D” student’s “Advertising 101” class project, the only thing that came to my mind was the ad being proof-positive reinforcement of Apple circling the drain.


    I’ve been around way before Brodie helped Johann, and I have never seen Apple make so many sequential blundering moves before. Only due to being forced into a Hobson’s Choice, I’ll stay with a Mac computer, but I don’t see a reason to stay with Safari anymore.


    Even if Apple adds RSS back to Safari, they may have already lost too many people, and worse, their trust across the whole Apple platform for innovation or customer loyalty for the foreseeable future. All they had to do was make RSS a Safari Preference option or, heaven forbid, a more powerful RSS extension (hint: a 3-D snowflake-style chart showing related articles and threads. And I’m the unemployed Design Engineer rationing my weekly grilled cheese and generic Cheerios (seriously) while some 19 year old twink at Apple is destroying useful apps at $80k/yr – go figure!


    And I thought only Microsoft had the dexterity to push their customers to the competition with such elegant swift efficiency.

  • nybe Level 1 (0 points)

    First it was the new "prosumer" verison of Final Cut (X) then the rediculous idea that sharing buttons and watching Hulu warrant a new OS... and now this. Apple is really going to odd lengths to get more comsumer oriented and seems to be shuning the ability to actually be productive with their products without their stamp on it.

    so far, not a single one of the new features in MOUNTAIN LYING makes me want to upgrade... and now they've droped RSS from Safari?!

    A few of these features actually repel me;

    1. I do not need constant notification of events in various Apps (and I assume they are all on). I find it annoying on the iPhone and can’t imagine having to deal with it on my computer now.

    2. The ability to share anything from anywhere in the interface?? Are we really that stupid that we can't do it ourselves as we have been? It sounds like a sneaky way to keep tabs on what's being shared by whom for more data mining purposes by Apple.

    3. no RSS in Safari... that was the only reason I have really ever used Safari and now that it's gone, it really does prove to me that Apple is focusing on the wrong things.

    Used to be that creativity came before money at Apple... Create good products and the money will follow. for the past few years though, Apple seems to have become a greedy money grubbing corporation like any of the worst of them.

    I've been a dedicated Apple user since the early 90's without flintching... now I'm losing my appetite and am revolted by the thought of what these new directions mean for "The Most Valuable Company on the Planet."

    The Bozos are in change again... but this time there will be no Jobs to the rescue.

  • kevin10451 Level 1 (0 points)

    Almost did it yesterday, but I didn't. Bought an iTunes card planning on using it to upgrade(?) to ML. Then I kept thinking of the things missing from Safari that I use all the time; RSS, activity window & the separate Google search. I think I'll pass for now and wait till the first update to see if Apple comes to their senses!

  • darudy Level 1 (0 points)

    I just want to add my voice to the chorus of frustration: RSS feeds in the bookmark bars was an awesome

    feature.  Apple really should add that back, it was a great piece of functionality!


    Also, I wanted to note that Automatic Proxy Configuration is also now broken in Safari, but works in Firefox.  It's

    looking more and more like I'll have to switch my default browser...

  • Ben Lawson1 Level 1 (5 points)

    YEs, I've realized that Safari's RSS feed was 95% of my usage. Safari 6 is effectively useless to me!

  • Jason Botts Level 1 (65 points)

    Just remember two links...


    Tell Apple you want the RSS feature back in Safari...


    Tell others about this thread...

  • AppleSean Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple really needs to hire someone who goes around the company to each department, and assesses changes, constantly asking "does this make sense?" or "don't people really need this feature?"... I sort of wonder if this was the sort of thing that Steve Jobs used to do. I suspect there is no longer leadership pushing Apple to make things better. Clearly, that hasn't happened here. The user experience is clearly worse.


    That said, I had a heck of a time reverting to Safari 5.1.7 on Lion once I had installed 6. After several techniques, the only solution I could find that was reliable was to reinstall 10.7, do a combined update, ignore the Safari 6 update, and manually download 5.1.7 from another Mac updates site because I couldn't immediately find the manual update on the Apple support site.


    All told, the process took 13 hours, and as I work from one machine primarily, I'm out $650 (I charge a minimum of $50/hour for Mac consulting) of billable time. Very costly mistake to upgrade to Safari 6, and I'm more than annoyed that the updater didn't notify me that RSS was removed. Apple seems to only discuss additions in those descriptions, rather than removal of features. Com'mon Tim Cook, time to LEAD!

  • 0ctane Level 1 (0 points)

    Unhappy at the loss of RSS in Safari 6.  Wish I had known about the feature downgrade before updating app.

  • Bidge Level 1 (5 points)

    Call me naive, but I normally blindly update my Mac, whenever I get a software update from Apple. Why? Because of years of garnered trust. A windows machine and I would take a diferent view, but Apple they deserve my trust. At least I thought they did. How can removing functionality be an improvement in any way?


    I use the RSS feature a lot in Safari. I don't want to have to go to another application to read my news.The system I had worked perfectly for my needs.


    I have registered my disgust here:


    Tell Apple you want the RSS feature back in Safari...


    On a side note the large tab bars are just stupid looking.


    Overall Safari 6 feels like a HUGE step backwards.


    I am seriously considering getting a PC next time round. Since my upgrade to Lion my Mac has been buggy, as ****, but this may be the straw the breaks the camels back.

  • Mat Pridham1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So apparently writing that I am also upset with the removal of RSS in Safari 6, indicating that I've sent emails to various Apple employees and executives in charge of the Safari code-base, posting said email addresses and then asking all of you to calmly and responsibly follow suit is against the forum rules.


    So instead, I will just say that Bidge certainly hit the nail on the head when he says the current version feels like a huge step backward.


    The removal of RSS and many other heavy-used features feels like a clear message from Apple that we, developers and power-users, are no longer being concidered when major decisions are being made by those in-charge.


    As for what I'd like to see happen...  Frankly just a way to revert back to Safari v5.1.x would suffice for now, while they get everything back to working order.

  • Larry Goldman Level 1 (5 points)

    Mat Pridham1 wrote:


    The removal of RSS and many other heavy-used features feels like a clear message from Apple that we, developers and power-users, are no longer being concidered when major decisions are being made by those in-charge.



    Is this the "post-PC world" that Apple is moving to? How fast can you type using only your thumbs?

  • LeoHans Level 2 (235 points)

    Not even an advice? Seriously?

    I hated to have all my RSS bookmark lost!

  • LeoHans Level 2 (235 points)

    Interesting that Apple still promotes RSS Feeds in it's site:


  • RaceManRocks Level 1 (0 points)

    I Use RSS in IOS Safari EVERY SINGLE DAY. Multiple times a day. If they remove RSS from Safari IOS, I'll be So F#Cking ANGRY!!

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