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    I can't resist anymore!  NERD FIGHT! NERD FIGHT! NERD FIGHT!

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    colin with a small "c,"


    Your sentence fragments are infuriating.  Perhaps you've heard the idiom "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."  On second thought, your grasp of the English language seems so rudimentary (probably due to the "geographical location" in which they substitute "spelt" for "spelled"), that I'd venture it's completely lost on you.  These are excellent examples of sentence fragments:


    "As such, this is not so much a mistake."


    "But your point is well made.  If not spelt incorrectly, and poorly punctuated."


    "Also, you spelt sentence incorrectly. As well as semicolon.  And intelligent."


    These, coupled with your many other grammatical errata, negate any credence your criticisms may have had (which was little to begin with considering the topic of the conversation).  I am truly sympathetic to the terrible plight of your family and friends.  I commend them for their restraint thus far, in not beating you violently and in such a way as to prevent the conveyance of your uneducated drivel.  As you can see, I am also torn on the matter. 


    Please allow the people of this forum to continue the conversation on the original post topic.  If our grammar and spelling is so poor, as to distract you from our meaning, might I suggest you politely ask for clarification (rather than nitpicking the informal replies of people, likely more concerned with their ideas than spell-check, likely not trained to type, possibly typing on a smartphone, and definitely disinterested in the twaddle of a non-contributing degenerate).  Thanks in advance.


    Absolutely no regards whatsoever,



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    Thank you for your comments.





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    I have just purchased Apple TV having waiting for the release of OSX Mountain Lion, to find that my Mac Book Pro does not support mirroring. This is contrary to the advice provided from the Mac Store which said it would function. Apple is following in the footsteps of Microsft, with subsequent versions of software releases not being backwards compatible.


    It will not change my long term commitment to the brand, but it is testing of my loyalty.


    Lets see what they do about it?

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    Well it DOES change MY long term commitment.  They ALREADY require you to PAY for every upgrade that comes along where MS does Not.  They ALREADY have inferior word document formats without paying trough the nose for a MS Office Mac-compatible version which I am not willing to pay for.  I just do that type work on my Toshiba laptop. 

    Mind you, I have an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and iMac 27".  I did not know when mine was built either.  I look at system info and build date is NOT there. 

    I'm not a tech geek and did not know the HD Radeon 5750 Chipset is a mid-2010 build.  I had to do a service request online to see my model with mid-2010 build in parentheses.

    I asked if there was a chip/card I could purchase and add to the computer to make it compatible and the short answer was no.  I haven't even had this computer a year and it is obselete with the new OS updates.  Apple could program it to be compatible with earlier versions if they CHOSE to.  You think this is going to make me buy a new computer sooner?  You're WRONG!

    I'm selling my Apple Tv on Amazon and buying something Windows/Android based!  I'm done with your constantly demanding more money/purchases to be able to use your product adequately!

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    @dianafrommarietta you got the point!

    Apple must know this time Mr. Jobs will no more be able to come back and fix things, even they ask louder!

    But, I hope there still having intelligent people

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    Apple needs to fix this, I bought Apple tv because of the Mountain lion release, and I saw no requierments baised on when my iMac was purchesed..

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    I'd like to add my voice to this, no AirPlay is VERYYYYYYYYY disappointing.

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    I'm confused.  does this mean that my ATV2 won't work with my iMac at all?  forget the mirroring.  I just want to be able to use my ATV2 to browse my itunes library and either play music or watch itunes shows on my TV.  Is this not possible if I upgraded my 2010 iMac to ML?

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    No it's only the mirroring that does not work, which was very important for my needs, everything thing else works pefectly that I can tell so far.   I've watched tv shows, listened to my itunes library and used pics..   the screen saver is pretty awsome, as well is the slide show (both same as is mountain lion), they look great so big in HD..

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    Weird. Than I have some setup issues. Sometimes it will work for a second but it always drops out and can't find the library. It's not a wifi issue either cause all devices work gone over wifi and

    Computer is wired. How do I set it up?

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    I don't know the awnser to that one, sorry.

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    Make sure the Mac is updated fully, Make sure the aTV is fully updated,  verify that you've enabled home sharing on both Mac and aTV, if that doesn't work, try restarting both and try again. If that doesn't work verify in iTunes that you've enabled that Mac to play that content, usually if you have iTunes on a central Mac but different accounts download to it, if you do not aurthrize thatnmac to play the content you will get it to play, then it will say it can't play it. If that doesn't work, deaurthrize your Mac in iTunes and then aurthrize it to play the content. I hope that's gives you direction on how to troubleshoot it

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    This may seem obvious, but it didn't occur to me until it happend a couple of times: Make sure the device you're feeding from is not falling asleep.

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    Deautherized everything, restarted everything, considered reinstalling ML.  Considered putting the computer under the car and driving over it.  I can't figure out what is wrong.  I use my computer for some vary basic things.  Streaming my media to my ATV is one of them.  it seemed to work okay for awhile then it just drops out.  If I restart everthing I can get it working again but will eventually lose it.  It seems like the ATV is working for now but it's only one way.  I can use my apple tv to play my itunes library but itunes won't let me play through the apple TV in the multiple speakers section.  In fact you can't even see it. 


    Another thing that ***** is my iphone.  it won't keep comunication with either my mac or my apple tv.  Which ***** cause I like to use it as a remote. 

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