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Hey everyone,


First off: Upgraded to Mountain Lion and I absolutely love it. I'm running on a December 2011 MacBook Pro Unibody 15", 8 Gigs ram, i7, SSD 256 drive (Apple). It had Lion installed when it came, obviously.


Now that I upgraded to Mountain Lion, it's running several degrees celcius hotter than before, after a couple of hours of using it. I figured I'd give it a few hours to do its search database thing etc...you know, let the system stuff in the background settle down, but it's still running very hot.


Is this something which eveyrone else has been experiencing? I've got two methods of checking the tempurature: iStat Nano on the Dashboard (which I don't use for anything else...) and smcFanControl which sits in my menu bar. Both give me the same tempurature and it's running literally about 5 to 7 degrees more (or sometimes even spiking at 15 degrees more for a few seconds) than before.


Just wondering if I'm the only one? Should I be patient and give it a day or so? Any tips?





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), Time Machine, External Drive