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Well, figure I would report a successful install, at least on my first Mac.

Computer: 2011 13" 2.7 GHz Macbook Pro 8 gig RAM


Install took quite a while.  The original listed time was 33 minutes

but took more like 43 (I know those are just vague estimates).

After reboot, Spotlight indexing took a few minutes.  I then proceeded

to do at least some cursory testing of apps (BTW it took my VMware Fusion

3.1.3 and trashed it.  No loss, left Fusion behind long ago).


So atleast initially the following apps are functioning without issue:


Adobe Photoshop CS6 and associated apps

CHM View (windows help viewer)


Geekbench (Score was 7711, which is the same it was with Lion)

HandBrake 9.5 x86_64

GoodSync 3.1.5

Microchip MPLABX 1.2 (note mostly JAVA)

Open Office 3.4

Parallels 7.0.15104.778994




Some of these came up with the some unidentified developer

box on first launch (Open Office was one).  But all worked

at least wit a quick runthrough.   There may be issues after working

heavy duty with them but that remains to be seen.


Some oddities:

-Takes a really log time for System Preferences to open the

first time after reboot.  Not just the first reboot, after every

reboot.  But opens quicly after that.

-I have two hard drives connected to my AEBS.  When the

MBP is connected to them, they don't stay asleep until needed.

  every 5 or 10 minutes, it is like they get, for lack of a better term,

pinged.  They wake for a few seconds then go back to sleep.

When connection is closed, they stay asleep.  This was also

an oddity with Lion as well.  Did not do it with Snow Leopard,

where they would sleep until actually accessed.

-Using Software Update now opens up the Mac App Store.

  Not sure if this will be true for system updates as well.


So, next I am going to attemp updating my 2011 Mini Server

that I am using as a workstation.  That one however, I am

going to do a clean install on another partition and migrate

all but server stuff from the original partition.  we'll see how

that goes.


BTW, first things I did, save the Mountain Lion installer itself

to my network storage and created a Mountain Lion installer

on a USB stick.