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    Seriously Noonan3, your reply was completely uncalled for. And I agree that you should post a public apology as well as never respond again if you have anything like that to say.  It's rude and unnecessary.

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    Please do not pay attention to Noonan3, completely uncalled for.  I appreciate your advice, since I am the one that posted the question.  I really really dislike this new Apple "UPGRADE". I did what you suggested and it solved the problem  -Thank you! Don't leave the blog because of this.

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    Steve would have never let something like this happen.  Please realize who made this so successful and follow suit.  If you lose sight of your customer's satisfaction Apple will become just like the rest. I hope that doesn't happen. This change is a step back.

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    I don't hate the idea. I think it is a fine idea to have one bar for both.  I find, however, that when I type a (Google) search into the "new" bar, it is extremely slow.  When I type the same search in bar, lightning fast.  That means something.  I didn't have that complaint before the update.

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    Do you feel the separated fields were more convenient because you're just used to separate fields, or are there actual ways the unified search field behaves that's in fact less inconvenient? The fact that you now have one field that's capabale of performing two functions—and only one shortcut (APPLE+L) instead of two (APPLE+L and APPLE+OPTION+F) to remember— seems more convenient, yeah?


    i have a very practical problem with the combined box, and would appreciate if anyone can suggest a click-less/easy workaround..

    i used to just to go addressbar, type in a completely new address for the first time (say 'cbs') without having to spell out the domain, and the default behavior would be to go to that link (after amending with the default domain).  now the default behavior is to do search (i could 'click', or down-arrow, to the 'Go to site ...' choice, but that is really inconveniet.)


    you may think it's easy enough to keep typing '.com' or whatever, but things get more inconvenient when i am using my corporate machine, and i expect to go to the internal sites (say my default domain is '', and i expect to go to the site '' by simply typing 'go', which would happen if the damned thing didn't try to google-search my 'go' and instead tried to open that link.)


    so, is there at least a keyboard shortcut to select 'Go to site' option instead of 'Search for' option?

    i know after i go to that site for the first time, the default choice changes, but even for the first time it's very annoying!

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    I use the popsearch extention. It installs an icon next to the adressbar. With a click on it you can type in your search. When you are in the address field, press tab+space to type in your search without using the mouse. Not ideal but ok.



    And meanwhile I see myself also using the iCab browser more and more, which has a separate search field with 13 search engines including ebay and Wolfram Alpha. I discovered it on the iPad where it is my standard browser.

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    Why can't we have both?  Why isn't adding an additional search bar an option? Why should I have to alter the way I conduct searches in a web browser?


    I've read this entire thread and looked at Apple's material on the Safari update and I still don't understand the benefits of a unified bar. I've tried using it and it sure seems like I'm taking more time and performing extra steps.


    I even enjoy using the Reader button.  Good idea, that.  But again, why can't I have it all? Why does Apple insist that I re-learn how to conduct searches?


    Honestly, Firefox still allows for the level of customization I want. I guess I'll finally switch.


    Now how can I import my Safari bookmarks to Firefox...?

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    Greeniatag wrote:


    Why can't we have both?  Why isn't adding an additional search bar an option? Why should I have to alter the way I conduct searches in a web browser?

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    too bad mac isn't like android, if you don't like an update, you can just go somewhere and uninstall updates.

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    sh9683 wrote:


    too bad mac isn't like android, if you don't like an update, you can just go somewhere and uninstall updates.

    That's what Time Machine is for, did you not use it before you upgraded?

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    Apple chose to change my toolbar when I updated my system.  I do not like your new address and when I purchased my computer I did not have this combined address bar because I would not have purchased it.  I should have a choice on how I want my address bar.  I paid with my money for a product that I liked.  Now Apple took it upon themselves to force me to use something else.  I called your support line and went to your store in my hometown. On the phone they wanted me to pay to try and resolve a problem that Apple created.  At the store they installed OmniWeb, I am not impressed with it.  Needless to say I will not purchase or recommend Apple.  Thanks for nothing.  

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    Then use your backup to get back to where you were before Apple 'took it upon themselves' to force you to use something else (what did they do, steal your Mac, or send a squad of men to drag you to the store)


    Restore your backup.

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    How do I do that?  At the store they told me that they could download the old version, but I would lose eveything I had saved.  Also that anytime I installed upgrades I would be blessed with the "new and improved toolbar" again. Thanks

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    Related to the combined entry field in Safari for search and navigation, while when it changed, I preferred the old way, today I far prefer the combined 'bar.'  While I no longer use Safari, because it consumes 6 Gigbytes of my 8 gigabytes of RAM afer running for a while, and I have seen no fix for this, this feature is available in Chrome and I actually find it cumbresome to not have a combined bar now.  So all in all this was an improvement,  I realize not every one shall come to this conclusion, but wanted to share here that I have adopted this view. 

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    You have to go to view. Which is all the way  at top with history, bookmark, etc then click view and then click exit presentation mode.

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