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    Topfencer wrote:


    You have to go to view. Which is all the way  at top with history, bookmark, etc then click view and then click exit presentation mode.

    This is a picture of the view menu,


    Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.49.56 AM.png


    Where is 'Exit Presentation Mode'

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    I agree with all this.  There is no rationale about reducing "screen clutter" that makes sense; instead of a google search window, I have just as much screen space taken up with what are truly useless menu items: Suggested Sites and Web Slice Gallery.  The Suggested Sites produces a list of sites I would not waste time clicking into,  and I have no idea what a "Web Slice Gallery" is, and I don't really care, since it is obviously not important enough to explain its purpose.  This is screen clutter I would like to remove.


    Safari 6 has the same bugs as Safari 5; in Safari 5 on my IOS platform, when I used my finger to change the caret position, the keyboard locked up.  I was told this was a JavaScript bug and I should demand that my ISP fix their WebMail system.  What part of "Our implementation of JavaScript is defective" did I fail to understand?  Why hasn't this bug been fixed?  This is the Microsoft approach: "dazzle them with glitz and glamor, and it doesn't matter that it has all the same old bugs".  How about a little less effort to fix problems that exist only in the fantasies of the designers and a little more effort in actually fixing the very real bugs that the users report?


    This JavaScript bug impacts many Web sites I use, not just WebMail.  In one of them, the caret disappears entirely after the first paragraph, as well as having the keyboard lockup problem.

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