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    Userfeedback wrote:






    re 2: I am nut sure, what has to be used as domain. Is it the web address of my hosted exchange provider?

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Does your provider not provide you with settings for their system? if no change provider at once, and tell them why, that is ridiculous.

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    I have a similar problem and have try all the suggested solutions:


    I'm runing a Mac Book Pro with OSX 10.8.2 and Mail 6.1 and I configurated my office's Exchange mail.

    Calendar works fine, but Mail it only shows emails from August 2012 (there's around 4000 emails missing)

    I can send emails and that works fine, but I don't see any email before and after August this year.


    I uncheck the Use Autodiscovery on the Preference menu.

    The internal and external server what entered automatically by Mail (both the same), but is the same address that it shows on Exchange Web Mail.

    The user name is mail email XXXXXXX@XXXXX.XXX and on advance settings I have EWS/Exchange.asmx as the route for internal and external email with SSL check and 443 as a port


    Can someone please help me ?... why the calendar is working and exchange not ? my iPad and iPhone works fine... only they use a different server...



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    Thanks, now working perfectly.   I have OSX 10.8.2 and Mail 6.2, went through the steps for Mail, Contacts and Calendar, changed the old autodiscover setting to the correct url (given by my IT Dept) and its all happy again. Always worked fine on my iPhone and iPad, but Mail really bugged me.  Happy to see that problem sorted!

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    I have MULTIPLE exchange accounts on the SAME exchange-server.


    I installed 10.8.2 with the additional update - and this fixed several issues.

    If I only use ONE exchange account and get rid of the "autodiscover" everything works fine - also the calendars and contacts from ALL multiple exchange accounts work simultaneously and flawlessly together with a SINGLE exchange mail account.


    However once I add MULTIPLE exchange mail accounts - problems persist (albeit reduced).

    The accounts themselves seem not to vanish anymore from mails display - however the individual mails in the folder tend to disappear again. Restarting the mail program may let them appear again (in a non-deterministic manner) - but other folder content will/might then disappear.


    Also Mail tends to freeze around these "vanishing folder content" events.


    I didn't try the "give same exchange server different DNS-names for different accounts" workaround that was claimed to help - so I can't tell this works.


    Overall there seems to be progress on the exchange side - however the MULTIPLE exchange accounts on ONE server problem is still there in Mountain Lion mail (works flawless however in iOS)


    Hope this helps to keep the fixing pressure on Apple

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    Hey Apple


    This problem just happended to me today. Suddenly, my exchange email was not syncing. I could see how none of my mails was being sent, and they were all just lying there in the outbox. Then suddenly, they were in the draftfolder, but never being sent out.


    I removed my Exchange account, and then added it again, but it still has alot of delays with incoming mails, and it wont load any past mails from my exchange inbox. My iPhone can even handle Exchange mail better then my Macbook Pro.


    This is really frustrating, since I depend on my work mail on my Mac.


    This shouldnt be that hard, I hope a proper fix, or update will be pushed out soon.

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    In view of the vanishing emails reported by many people, can I recommend that you use an email archiving program, like Mail Steward, to safely store emails offline when you do manage to get Mail to work.

    For example, with multiple accounts, activate and archive each account one by one.

    Clearly 10.8.2+ is only a partial fix and Exchange accounts might become inaccessible at any time.

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    Sorry for delay, but I was not alerted to replies.

    Userfeedback wrote:




    I woud like to retry it. Can you please help me with your suggestions, as I am not an expert.

    re 1: How can I clear a keychain


    re 2: I am nut sure, what has to be used as domain. Is it the web address of my hosted exchange provider?

    Thanks for the feedback.

    1: Click on "Spotlight" (looks like a magnifying glass in the top right of your screen). Type "Keychain" and click Enter. Simply type your exchange name, username, etc in the search field and delete the Keychains assoicate with your Mail setup.


    2. No. Your domain is usually a single word which is assigned by your network adminstrator, often it is the company name. You will have to contact them. The format will be domain\username.

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    Hi FortKnUX,


    this solved my problem. My Exchange Sub Folders were not synchronised. After deleting the files/folders synching works again!




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    Mail will frequently just stall and not send.  Drilling down into the sent mail and attempting to change outbound (SMTP) servers does not work as Mail will appear to let you change and simply not do so.


    Mail will frequently show a message and it's preview text in the list but show a pinwheel in the message body area when you click on the message. To aleviate, you must quit mail, disconnect your network (wired or wireless) and then relaunch mail and click on the message. Then the message will display.  Rebooting the Mac will stave off the problem for a few days but it returns


    Mail will not reliably automatically push the calendar events reliablity to Calendar. It would seem that it works for a while then Mail silently corrupts the Calendar's cache which is kept in an easily corruptable format called a "database".


    Calendar, after Mail silently corrupts it cache, will start to malfunction against the Exchange server. This is evidenced by messages indicating that the calendars on Exchange cannot be syncd. The error message in Calendar can be "Your calendar couldn’t be refreshed." and "There was an unexpected error with the request (domain EWSExchangeWebServicesErrorDomain / error 277)."


    Calendar will also malfuction, after Mail corrupts its cache, by not posting your new calendar events to the Exchange server.  You will see errors like: "Calendar can’t accept the event “[event name here]” on the Exchange server." and "The account "Exchange" currently can’t be modified. To discard your changes and continue using the version of your calendars that’s on the server, click Revert to Server."  If you press the "revert to server" button, you get the error immediately documented above this paragraph.


    By Quitting, deleting the calendar cache file, and then relaunching Calendar you can get your calendar back and operational.  No errors and it plays nice with Exchange again... until Mail comes along and trips it up again by corrupting it's cache (database). This is the file to delete when Calendar is not running to recover Calendar operations: ~/Library/Calendars/Calendar\ Cache  (aka in your user Library folder now hidden in Mt Lion)  Oh yes, if you have any significant calendar data, be prepared to sit and wait for the rebuild.


    Mail will frequently malfunction when talking to MS Exchange.  I have found that manually crashing Mail several times will bring up the "do you want to reopen the windows" or such dialog and then saying "no" will bring Mail to a more stable state... but only for a little while.  And, before you say "ah HA!" realize that Mail corrupts the Calendar datamess without Mail crashing in any manner.  If Mail runs for a day or two without having a lockup (rare) the Calendar cache database still gets regularly corrupted.  I have to rebuild the calendar database once or more a day.

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    Just an FYI for all other customers using a KEMP LoadMaster. While the solution provided by BrianNicolaisen will work, it does restrict the functionality of the load balancer. Check out the post on the KEMP forums about this topic for a full explanation and a solution that allows you to continue to use HTTP/HTTPS features.


    I've quoted it here for convenience as well:

    We have seen a few instances of similar issues with Mac clients and from the solution provided, it sounds like it might be the same issue we have observed. Without observing the traffic it would be impossible to know for sure, but I can offer the solution which has worked in the other situations and may work here.


    The issue we were able to identify is as follows: When LoadMaster operates at full Layer 7, requests sent to CAS servers can have two additional headers inserted automatically. These are the X-Forwarded-For and Via headers which inform the server the IP of the client and the IP address of the service respectively. The Via header is used by proxies to indicate to servers that there may be a hop in between. The presence of this header causes the CAS server to set the 'Persistent-Auth' header to 'false' — ordinarily this would be fine, it would simply require each request to be sent with credentials rather than once per connection. I believe there was a problem with the Mac which wouldn't re-send the credentials.

    Side note: the reason the CAS servers behave differently when receiving the Via header is because some proxies perform TCP multiplexing and as a result, a single TCP connection could contain HTTPS requests from multiple clients. This would obviously be a security concern as unauthenticated users could potentially make requests. LoadMaster does not perform TCP multiplexing and as such is not vulnerable to this.

    Removing the Via header using a content rule seems to fix this issue. First create the rule, under Rules & Checking using these parameters:

    Rule Name: Remove_Via
    Rule Type: Delete Header
    Header to be deleted: Via

    Next navigate to your HTTPS virtual service, and select  'Show Header Rules' under 'Advanced Properties' and then add the Remove_Via rule to the Request Rules. This will add the header to all requests for the HTTPS service. Bear in mind that if you have already changed the service to Generic, you will need to change it back first.

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    After battling for the last couple of months with vanishing email and the dreaded SPOD.


    I have concluded that in my case the problem was Virusbarrier not working properly with ML.


    After a major email loss at the end of September I disabled the VirusBarrier Real Time Scanner.  For four weeks everything ran sweetly. 


    Late last week I enabled the Real Time Scaner again. The SPODs came back. Yesterday morning 90% of the email in my inbox was gone.


    So I have uninstalled VirusBarrier completely.


    I know that Intego say that VB is compatible with ML, but my experience is otherwise.  There may be some third component, but I am not removing ML and I have wasted enough time recovering data.  VB is finished for me.



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    I work for GoGrid, a leader in IaaS (infrastructure as a service), aka cloud computing or cloud hosting. Technology is our backbone, and our core. If we fail to deliever, we lose customers and look unprfessional.


    Working remote in Europe from our San Francisco offices, I rely on tech devices to keep in touch with our offices.


    To get an idea, I own the new 15" MBP Retina i7, 27" imac i5, Apple TV3 (for presentations), Ipad 3, 2 iphone 5's, two ipod touches, some other models and a nano. I support you, so get on the ball, and support us customers. Would hate to have to reactivate droid phones, plug back in my WDTVs, and begin using my PCs again.


    Mail...mail...I should merely enter settings, and bam, begin to work. My VPN is solid. All is is ready to rock.


    I should not have intermittent mail. Mail works, then it doesn't. It does, then it feels like taking a break for coffee. Then it lets some messages in, and when I am on the phone communicating with customers, trying to handle business, needing a reliable, FAST, email tool, it decides to take a nap, losing connection.


    It makes GoGrid look unprofessional, me look incompetent, but more importantly, it makes me lose trust in your software and ability to deliver. It is bad enough you do not support airplay on devices just a couple years old, and on compatible airplay devices large screens are tiled or centered, but those are details. Fix those as well! Listen to your customers.


    But, Mail not working. I am literally about to purchase Mac Office from Amazon; it is open in another window, but before making the final few clicks of the mouse and purchasing and downloading off Amazon, I came here to see solutions. All I see is other ****** off Apple loyalists. No answers from support or apple. (palm to forehead).


    D- is your grade on mail delivery.


    You are still ok in my book, but don't let yourselves begin that slide into mediocrity. We choose you for your awesomeness. Live up to it. Or we will spend the butt-loads of money your products cost, elsewhere.

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    The hosts entry worked for about a month and then quit.  I can only assume that Microsoft had a update as well since my IPhone and IPad quit working as well.  I was able to get the IPhone and IPad working again by adding the Domain to the Optional Domain field.  My question is how do you do the same thing in Mail since the field doesn't exist?   I have tried adding the domain before the user name (ZZ/name) with no luck.   I have been without mail for over two months and would really like to get it working again. 


    Are the settings different now for the IPhone and Mac PC? Before ML I used the same settings both devices.

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    I still have glitches with mail on a regular basis (Mail activity hangs with "Traversing Folder Hierarchy") but in my case they are solved by creating a VPN to the domain in which my exchange server sits. With the VPN connected, syncing mail works like a charm but without it, sometimes it works and sometimes not - So frustrating but at least I'm not left in the lurch.


    I conclude therefore that the problem is with using exchange activesync to tunnel through the internet to the exchange server. Its dumb because clearly the iOS team have this sussed - I don't know anyone whose iOS device suffers like Mac Mail does!


    Please Apple (Not that you seem to read these fora) get someone from the iOS team to take a look.

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    Can someone please confirm if it's possible to get PUSH working for Calendar in Mountain Lion. I've only been able to get it in intervals of time (1, 5, 15 min. I think). iCloud seems to have the option for push specifically but not Gmail or Exchange from what I see.


    If push isn't possible then that's really disappointing as I've had push for all my Gmail services (mail, calendar, contacts) on both my iPad and iPhone for a couple years.

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