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    Update - I started to get the same issues as before despite the hostfile edit so in a fit of madness I wiped my macbook and reinstalled Mountain Lion from scratch. Amazingly it feels as if I have a new machine again. The macbook is a 2010 dual core machine and was feeling a bit old but I couldn't put my finger on why. It came with snow leopard so had been through in place upgrades to Lion and then Mountain lion and I suspect that something had gone wrong during the Lion upgrade which was causing my intermittent mail problems with Exchange. Since reinstalling ML to a clean disk everything works perfectly.


    For anyone with long term issues connecting to exchange with OSX Mail, I'd seriously consider the pain of a clean install, especially if you have upgraded the OS in place.


    Best of luck.

  • BonesDT Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmm...  Nothing is working for me.


    Benveen, you say you cannot uncheck autodiscover, but I can.  I made the external server the same as the internal server.  I checked SSL for the external server too, which changed the port to 443.  Restarted & still nothing.


    emsi2000, you say "Include domain name".  The one thing in my iOS settings, "domain", is not an option in ML.  My domain is the actual word "domain".  Is there someplace in ML I'm supposed to put this?


    Slartibartfest, I guess I will have to resort to your option next.  I have been through a few upgrades. 

  • Cerniuk Level 1 (10 points)

    Sometimes when I reinstall it gets snappy for a while. I am on my 3rd Mountain Lion install. I have an external disk now dedicated to being used with super duper or time machine for reinstalls.


    What I have noticed is that if I reboot and don't run Mail, the system is snappy. Mail takes the performance of my MacBook Pro into toilet. Also notice that my Spotlight indexes seem to go through a partial rebuild by themselves randomly as well which tanks performance of the machine. Mac OS Vista 10.8?

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    I have been having some trouble with Mail as well. It will connect to my work server the first time I set it up. But if I quit and restart Mail, it will lose the connection and I get the stupid triangle with an exclamation point. I don't think it is ML because it only happens to my Mac mini (newest). MyMacBookPro (also running ML) is fine.


    I clicked around and ended up in "System Preferences". Under "Internet & Wireless", I clicked "Mail, Contacts & Calendar". Choose the exchange account and click "Detail..." on the right. Type in the passward. I logout in there two or three times consecutively; and my problem was gone. Not sure what that does. But it worked.

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    My first post here.  I think I found a solution about autodiscovery in Mail app.


    Today I have again created exchange account in Mail app. Before I've always set under server tab our OWA address and Mail always returned that autodiscovery didn't find my user info on server but anyway created account. Then mail was working till computer went to sleep and then emails are gone. Rebuild helped. But I didn't want that. So today I've typed under server tab our company's autodiscover dns name and mail works like a charm and no error occured during autodiscovery.


    I hope this will work for you guys.



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    Did this - didn't help one iota.

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    My problem is that it works when I first boot my iMac and start Mail for the first time each day.  I'll get all the hosted Exchange emails from the previous day (from about 8 a.m. forward) to the current time and day.  For the rest of the day, I have to get my mails in the Win 7 (Parallels) VM.  (Don't get me started about that awful Outlook 2011 for Mac; it's the slowest, most beachball laden catastrophy ever developed.)  My Yahoo! IMAP and two hosted POP accounts work just fine in Mail, but one morning a month or two ago, I opened it to find that the past year's Exchange emails were gone and it took deleting the account a few times to get it to very slowly resync with the host.  Exchange through Mail is still working fine on my home iMac but, ironically, THAT iMac has the hard drive recall I have to go through before it dies and/or the free drive replacement period is over.


    And nothing ever goes wrong with Apples, eh?  That Dell XPS 27" all-in-one with touchscreen running Windows 8 is looking pretty sweet right now.  At least Dell normally comes with 3-year on-site support.  Apple, without overpriced AppleCare, leaves you hanging after 90 days/1 year.

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    Sorry guys but how do we get these notification emails about this thread to stop, I've gotten about 20 of them over the past few weeks. I tried going into the email preferences and I turned off 2 of the check marks (there's about 10 different options, a little much).

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    Have to largely concur. I heard all sorts of complaining about Mac OS 7.1 and I did not see it as much of an issue. Mac OS X 10.8 has been far worse and between Mail and Safari, a beach ball spinning nightmare

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    On the top right of this page.. uncheck the "Stop Email Notifications" and you will not be notified anymore

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    Thank you! Can't believe I didn't see that. Although I've been checking up on this thread on an iPhone so a bit hard to see much on that small screen.

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    Hi everyone,


    Exchange and Apple Mail - the endless story.

    We've did some investigation in our company to know what is going on with this crazy problems - most where ontime problems and we never where able reproduce the things.

    what we know now are two main things on the way to the solution:


    1. configure EWS on the Exchange server. There are limits for timeouts and filesizes defined in the Exchange web.config file. Change the to something reasonable. Howto:


    2. "Apple Support say's ask Microsoft" has to be changed in "ask your firewall administrator" and then "Teach the Apple Mail Developer to learn how to develop software"

    Why? as Apple Mail is still not able to use thing like "RPC-over-HTTPS" they use the EWS to contact the Exchange server. This services are normally published thru firewalls to make them secure.

    What you can see if you do some research is that there are lots of requests to theese firewalls from Apple Mail Clients while contacting the Exchange system. In normal configurations theere request will drop the connections at one point. if your part of a corporate network whith multiple Apple Mail Clients all theese request are initiated from your corporate network address (NAT) of your gateway. So with even some hands of Apple Mail Clients every normal firewall configuration will start dropping the connections and this will cause some special effects to the Apple Mail endusers :-(



    If you are not part of a corporate network (homeoffice, ie.) the EWS web.config change and some firewall changes will make your Apple Mail work.

    For cooporate networks the solution we prefer is building an VPN and waiting until Apple is doing their job.


    good luck to all,

  • Lucas Nap Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi All,


    If you want Apple to do something about this you should (all) send in a request on


    This forum is for us, between users. If you want to ask something to Apple, you should talk to them though there official channels (aka


    If there are more and more complains/feature requests there is a bigger change Apple will do something about it. But they need the statistics! So, everyone: go to!


    good luck!

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    Hi there,


      Just got my machine the other day and as it happens today I experienced the dissapearing e-mail in the exchange folder.

       What worked for me was unchecking the Use Autodiscover Service and then having the original address i put in as the default one in the boxes below. If you are unseure about it you can find out by checking the setting on your iPhone. All you have to do is go in Settings -> Mail, cal...->your specific exchange server->Account and then you have the Server line. Copy that address in the Internal Server and External server fields. After that quit and start again Mail app.


       It works for me.




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    Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 2.15.42 π.μ..png

    Hi everyone!

    Same problem (email and calendar do not synchronize), but what this error message means?


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