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  • Kolobock Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Bill, it sounds nice.

    But i havn`t time to check several time per day how it works. I paid for exchange hosting, paid for computer and paid for mac os x. I´m not an admin or something else......

    I´m a user, who must use his equipment world wide without these unable to use mail app in ML.

    I´ts not easy if you for example open your macbook today in Berlin to make some quotations and send it to Nairobi and you have to do it with exchange and your mailbox is empty because your mail app is loosing the connection to exchange every 2 hours and the next day you have to fly to Moscow and the same "unfortunatly situation" comes again. In some countries i have internet with tethering by mobile, if i lost more than`s a funny and expensiv situation.

    I can`t more explain. I only await: i press a button and the software is making the job.........hopefully.

    So i jumped back completely to 10.7.x.............because: "it simply works".


    All the other discussions here is specially for it-specialist, not for me.

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    I sympathize but if you are going to use Exchange either you know a little or your IT dept fills in for you. Exchange on a Mac works but requires correct setup, at both ends. Do you have an IT dept?

  • gs-nc Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with jumping back to Lion and Mail 5.3. It just works. I have my main Macbook pro still running Lion and Mail 5.3 for this very reason. I have a newer Macbook Air running Mountain Lion and Mail 6.2 and have been working with this problem ever since Mountain Lion was introduced. The problem also seems to be more pronounced when you have multiple mailbox accounts, than it does if you only have one account. I have and continue to issue request to Apple asking that they allow for a downgrade of Apple Mail 6.2 in Mountain Lion to 5.3 or to modify Mail 6.2 in Mountain Lion to have the same configuration settings that are found in Mail 5.3. If you have time please go to and ask Apple to please help us all with this challenge.

  • Kolobock Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Csound1,


    i bought a hostong package 3 years ago for web space, web site and managed hosting. My first apple macbook came with 10.6.x(snow leopard), it simply runn`s. Than i bought the next one and for my 3 collegues in russia too a mac book pro and one imac in december 2012, comes already with 10.8.

    I spent not only hors with sevice team of my hoste, mostly day`s i think. They fixed it several times by editing etc/hosts but it never worked mor than 1 week. I fighted with apple support and i have posted here too...........until i recieved a mail from apple support communities team, they pressed my to stop my discussions. otherwise they will kick my out here......

    I have to use one exchange account and 3 imap accounts.

    I desided: let play the other, i have to work.

    No 10.8.x and 100% no 10.9

    Sorry for my words here, but i was ready during this time to buy a thinkpad with windows 7 and joked about to send the book to cuppertino.

    I was angry, simply angry.

    IT dept. we haven`t because we are renting webspace and managed exchange.

  • Kolobock Level 1 Level 1

    hi gs-nc,



    i did ist several times.

    Apple style without any response/feedback/support or some thing else.

    Call the support and tell these guys: hey, my brand new mac book cant`s send e-mail with exchange...........the case will by closed after 1 second->this is not an apple problem they told me.....


  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Kolobock wrote:


    Hi Csound1,



    IT dept. we haven`t because we are renting webspace and managed exchange.

    You are paying them to host, make them provide the correct information to you. The client is you, the vendor is them, don't be pushed around, there are many providers.


    If you are OK with your hosting service forcing you not to upgrade then OK, but I would be so far up their corporate arses that they would see my face when they brushed their teeth

  • J61 Level 1 Level 1

    please apple support say me, why do

    - iOS works well

    - XP works well

    - Win7 works well

    - OS montain works well


    only montain lion does'nt work with exchange server 2010?


    the server administration from office 365 is by microsoft and the server works with all clients, but not mountain lion. after 6 months apple could not fix the problem. Now i have fixed my problem and stopp use apple hardware - a half year old mac book pro retina.

    i am cio in our company with 4000 windows clients. the first an the last test of mac book ended for all future.


    Thanks apple for iPad, a really good tablet. But take back your mac book pro, i would' nt like it.

  • Christopher Inacio Level 1 Level 1

    I would argue that the problem isn't in the mail client itself. In Mountain Lion apple changed their DNS resolver (check the nslookup man page) and I believe the SSL implementation. I suspect the issue is more likely to be related to those details. I think the auto discover settings are likely correct - ask your provider if they can get any logging about connection failures. I think another possibility is an SSL proxy which might make things better. My office upgraded from 2007 to 2010 in the middle of me building some tools to check it out, so I never finished.

  • Kolobock Level 1 Level 1


    I did it once again today for all mbp`s and imac`s.

  • arpst0rm Level 1 Level 1

    What I find very strange is I have this set to download all mail for offline viewing.  Yet still the mail dissapears.  I have tried rebuilding, and the problem still comes back.  Mail shows on my iphone, I get new mail alerts on the macbook yet inbox is empty!

  • arpst0rm Level 1 Level 1

    Another interesting component.  I have two accounts on the same server.  One works and one doesnt.  Explain that one!!!

  • opb1978 Level 1 Level 1

    Do you have Windows 2003 AND Exchange 2007?


    If you use Windows 2008r2 with Exchange 2007 or 2010 everything also with Several Accounts connected to One Server work fine! With Windows 2003 AND the Old iis One Account mostly works more will fail 100000% if you leave the default settings in iis!

  • mryken Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't read all 49 pages of this lovely question, but I've read my share.  Somewhere in here I read that one of the differences between Lion and ML is in SSL processing.  Has anyone investigated this?  Here's what I'm getting at, in my case the autodiscover ( name is not the common name mail ( is.  Autodiscover is listed as a subject alternative name.  Could this be the origin of the problem?  Has anyone looked at this or compared notes on this?  Csound1 clearly has working configurations, do your certificates used for autodiscover have the name as the common name?  For those of us that aren't working do your certificates have the autodiscover as a common name or subject alternative name?


    Having not read all 49 pages maybe this avenue has proven fruitless, but I figure start with where we know changes have been made between Lion and ML.

  • fracmo2000 Level 1 Level 1

    Im in desperate need for some advice, I cant connect my big bosses new Macbook Air (10.8.2) to our Exchange 2003 server. It works for both iPads + iPhones...but not the new Macbook. Some people say its the Macbook, some say its Exchange 2003.


    When on iOS (ipad etc) I start a new account > 'unable to verify' pop up hit 'OK' and SAVE > go back in to the account, click the arrow and turn of ssl / autodiscover. They work fine, but when trying to do this on the Macbook Air I just get the "Can't connect to the exchange server" error.



    Im not 100% up on versions/compatibility...any experts thoughts would be great thanks.

    EDIT : This is their personal laptop, so its not joining the domain...just using theguest wifi network (again like the ipads/iphones etc)

  • davidpetree Level 1 Level 1

    Wow, exchange 2003?


    You willl most liikley have to set it up using POP or IMAP


    I believe that becuase you do not have an autodiscover record setup (Exchange 2003 didnt use those)


    Your new mac is trying to use the autodiscover service and since your exchange is so old it doesnt use it.


    If you do not have an autodiscover record setup in your DNS you can fake it by setting up one in your hosts file

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