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    Clone your drive prior to upgrading, that way you can quickly get back to where you are now, in case of problems.

  • Michael Paine Level 2 (335 points)

    Yes - I am using Time Machine for this purpose (it worked perfectly when I had a hard drive replaced under warranty). I am currently installing 10.8.3 on my Macbook. If that goes OK I will update my iMac in a few more days.


    I should stress that Mail has been working well with my Exchange account since the Use Autodiscover checkbox was introduced (and subsequently unticked in my settings).

  • Michael Paine Level 2 (335 points)

    So far so good. Mail is still working with Exchange on my Macbook Pro running 10..8.3.

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    Michael Paine wrote:


    I should stress that Mail has been working well with my Exchange account since the Use Autodiscover checkbox was introduced (and subsequently unticked in my settings).

    Just as an FYI, if you have an IT Dept please tell them that there AutoDiscover settings (on the server) atre incorrect.

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    Troubleshooting MS Exchange and Mountain Lion

    Many users of Mac computers have reported major problems when trying to use the Mail app with Microsoft Exchange email accounts


    a) Unable to connect to an Exchange account

    b) Unable to connect to some or all Exchange accounts when there are multiple Exchange accounts set up in Mail - see the posts about Exchange servers that are configured with split domains.

    c) Exchange account stops refreshing

    d) Exchange account folders (Inbox/Sent) in Mail disappear

    e) Mail continuously asks for the Exchange account password


    Possible solutions, in recommended order:


    1. If you have Exchange working, make a backup/archive of the email data (eg Mail Steward ) - do this regularly
    2. Update to latest version of Mountain Lion
    3. Mail/Mailbox select Rebuild
    4. Mail/Preferences select the Exchange account and untick "Use autodiscover service" (if this option is not available then you do not have the latest version of Mountain Lion. If unticking the box fixes the problem then you should advise your Exchange server administrator that their autodiscover settings are incorrect)
    5. Start Keychain app (Applications/Utilities), search for "mail", locate your exchange server name, right-click and delete it
    6. Mail/Preferences select the Exchange account and delete it (after noting the settings) then recreate it
    7. Mail/Preferences select the Exchange account, with "Use autodiscover service" unticked, manually enter the server name (eg in the External server field. The internal server can be set to "sites" [?] (if this fixes it then the server Autodiscover settings are incorrect)
    8. Mail/Preferences select the Exchange account. In the Advanced tab make sure the two "Use SSL" filed are ticked. If they are greyed out go back to the "Account Info" tab, untick "Use autodiscover service" go back to the "advanced" tab and tick the two "Use SSL" boxes (if this fixes it then the server Autodiscover settings are incorrect).
    9. (more drastic!) See the tips about editing the /etc/hosts file from Ondray Wells Jr (updated tips 2 Aug 2012). This can make it difficult moving between home and office.
    10. (also drastic!) See the tips about editing the ~/Library/Mail/V2/ file from ajsphila and awdavis55
    11. Refer your Exchange server administrator to on-exchange-server-2010/
    12. (for techies) If you can run Windows Vista 64 or higher, try the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool . There is an online Exchange Connectivity Analyser BUT you take the risk of having to enter your Exchange log-in details on a 3rd party website
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    @Michael Paine: Don't update to 10.8.3! Updating to 10.8.3 just started all the sh** again for us. We shall discuss alternative mail clients that support Exchange.


    Any suggestions?

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    Its 24 hours and my single Exchange account is still working as well as under 10.8.2.


    But I take your point that it has created problems for some users. The main purpose of recommending the OS X upgrade is to ensure people have a version of ML that allows them to deselect Auto Discovery.


    I have no experience with other email clients. But many of the contributors to this discussion have suggestions. Maybe my draft Troubleshooting document could have a new section: Alternatives to Apple Mail

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    it does not make any differents posting here or not!!

    apple doesn't care

    for more than one year still the same problem

    2 exchange accounts on 2 different servers, same config

    one works great, second connect bud need to rebuild every day :(

    even the simple alternative OWA not working good on safari (light mode only)


    my solution is, apple out microsoft in

    we stop selling mac to owr customers

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    Earlier I wrote here too. As Mountain Lion comes. Re: Exchange under Mountain Lion

    I change my exchange hoster four times:

    Most of the problems I have had with my Exchange hosting (Exchange 2007 on Windows 2003 R2 server),

    then I had (Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008 R2 server) and

    then I was at (Exchange 2010 on Windows 2008 R2 server).


    Now I am on and most of problems are not more.



    1. Definitly 10.8x have problems with Exchange, there are no problems with iOS and also no problems with Outlook in Windows.


    2. Apple support said to me that these forum is for users. Normaly they don't search here written bugs.


    3. They also said to me you have to call Apple support. Good if you have Apple Care! And you should get second level support because mostly the first level don't know so much for exchange and they say to call Exhange support of Apple (company or business support or like this) which is very expensive. Don't do that and be sure to get second level.


    4. But since 2009 I have my first Apple with Leopard. Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and some new MacBook Pro. I am since 1983 on IT-Branche with Microsoft till 2009. Mail of 10.8.x ist buggy, buggy, buggy!!!


    CALL Apple support. Only this way may be bring a solution.


    I don't want to change to Windows (only under Prallels I have VM) because all other things are superior on OS X (never be slow like 6 months after windows installation, changing to a new hardware without new installation of all programs, ...)

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    I am going to throw this solution out there because maybe it will help someone.  I had all sorts of connectivity, downloading and content problems after upgrading an Exchange 2007 server to SP3.  Days of research later, I finally stumbled across the following fix, which was not in Apple Communities.  The solution below mentions blackberry's, but I checked the Exchange box for the symptoms of the registry key corruption metioned in the article, and it existed, so I applied the fix and it worked like a charm.  Doesn't hurt to check your Exchange box if you have access to it to see if that key is corrupted.  And the reboot of the Exchange server is mandatory, don't skip it.


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    Hey guys, I just made a very interesting discovery today.  For whatever reason, my Macbook (and all my devices) decided to stop connecting to my office via RDP ... it was working yesterday.  During diagnostic testing, I discovered it was my FiOS Actiontec WiFi router that was blocking it because when WiFi was disabled on my iPhone, my iPhone could connect via RDP and it also worked when I tethered my Macbook to the cellular network.


    The guess what ... I tethered the Macbook to see if my Exchange would work - and sure enough it did.  Turns out, at least my particular issue with OS X Mail, is my WiFi Router and/or FiOS is blocking it.  For whatever reason, the router started blocking OS X Mail many months ago and now all of sudden starting today, is deciding to block my RDP.  I did a router reset, but nothing yet.  Oh well, I'm going to have to investigate this further.


    But for anybody still having this issue, I highly suggest you try disconnecting your Mac from your WiFi and tether it to a cellular network.  That or try bringing it to another location and connecting to a different WiFi.

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    The posts in this thread all involve Mail not working with Exchange, but Mail s working fine for me. (I'm using the current OSX 10.8.3 with Exchange 2007 8.3.83.) It's Calendar that no longer syncs with Exchange, even though Outlook Mac does sync, and so does Calendar on iOS 6.1, as well as my test BlackBerry Z10 (BB10) and Galaxy S III (Android 4) -- it's only my home and work Macs that refuse to sync.


    I get the ! icon in Mac Calendar, but clicking it doesn't open anything such as an error message as it normally does. All my settings in Mac Calendar are correct (OWA via webmail for MacCalendar and Mac Contacts, though Mac Mail uses autodiscover and resets webmail to autodiscover if I change it there).


    I've deleted the accounts and re-added, to no effect. I'm fully stumped. Ideas?

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    Same situation here.

    Mail, Remiders, Contacts are working fine.

    The calendar no longer syncs with Exchange (365office) on my MacBookPro (latest osx).

    Everywhere else (ios6.x=iPhone-iPad) calendar works fine.

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    I just came across this discussion about people having problems with iMessage:


    See the advice from Ralph Johns (10th April)  about the contents of the hidden file


    It might have entries that inadvertently prevent iMessage from connecting.


    Is there a chance that there is a similar issue with Exchange? I am no longer having Exchange problems so am unable to investigate the advice further.

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    Since yesterday i've problems with mail and Exchange (server 2007). I have already deleted an readded the exchange account. The funny thing is that all new message and the structure of the postbox is displayed in mail - that showes that the connection to the exchange server is alive - but old message are not shown. The messages are available because on the iPad and iPhone all messages are retrieved and shown.

    Any Idea what i can try?

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