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    I've spent the last two days reading and re-reading this thread....  I've tried every fix, but things just don't seem to be working...   Does anyone have any ideas on how to get things working?  I'm working on a BRAND NEW Mac Book Pro and trying to connect to an exchange 2010 server. 



    Mac Mail will connect to the server, pull a few emails into the inbox and then time out.  I have to restart the program multiple times in order for it to work again...   then it cuts out again altogether. 


    Any help will work.... thanks so much!



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    I'm not sure if this solution will help you... but this is what helped me.


    Initially I was having all the same issues as the people who have listed problems in this forum and I immediately blamed Apple. I would post my concerns here and on the Apple Feedback webpage. Then as I continued to read through this thread... one post struck me... the writer pointed out that the issue is really only isolated to a select group of Exchange Users and that there were many Exchange Users in this world that successfully use Mail every day. With that in mind... I reconsidered the problem and started looking at it differently - maybe it's not an Apple issue.


    I then noticed one post from someone who switched their Hosted Exchange provider and the problem for them was solved... so I decided to test that myself.


    I had 4 Hosted Exchange Accounts at GoDaddy... none worked properly with Mail. Now I like GoDaddy... but they have this stand point that they will provide a service (Hosted Exchange) that is created by a Third Party (Microsoft) but won't provide technical support for that product (they say it's Microsoft’s software so you need to contact them on usage and trouble shooting). Ok, that's their business plan. But as a consumer - we have a choice. So under the guidance of the previous poster who stated their issues were resolved when they moved to a new Hosted Exchange Provider... I decided to switch 2 of my 4 mailboxes to Microsoft's Hosted Exchange service (in this case, Microsoft is both the service provider and the software manufacturer... if I have an issue, they can't point me towards another party for help).


    Miraculously, just from switching over to Microsoft... the 2 exchange accounts now work perfectly in Mail (while the 2 that are still Hosted at GoDaddy continue to have issues).



    This may not be the solution for you... but it was for me. I’m just waiting for my pre-payments to run down at GoDaddy before switching my remaining 2 accounts to Microsoft.


    I hope this helps.

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    Tip 11 from 21 March:


    Refer your Exchange server administrator to on-exchange-server-2010/


    Maybe it would help GoDaddy?

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    Thanks guys. I think that did the trick

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    What sort of worked for me for a while was to delete the Exchange mail account in Mail and set it up again.

    It the worked for some days before it stopped working. Did the same procedure again and now it´s working. At least for some days I hope :-)

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    For months I was having the same issue that many complain about in this forum.  Apple Mail hung and resulted in the SBBOD when launching (and at many other times).  I traced this down to an issue with the Address Book files that many have already alluded to.  Earlier this week, I unchecked "Show online buddy status" from the Mail:Viewing preferences.  The problem is completely gone (and recurs as soon as I re-check that box).  Not sure if this is just some quirk in my configuration, but I wanted to let everyone know. 

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    Interesting, and not somewhere that has received much attention, I'll do some further checks but thanks for finding a new direction. (I do not have that checked, and I have had no problems either)

  • Michael Paine Level 2 Level 2 ibility-improvements-bug-fixes/


    "...Apple today released the final version of OS X 10.8.4. ...includes several notable bug fixes including ... Microsoft Exchange and Calendar compatibility improvements."


    I plan to download the update later today. Exchange is working for me so I will report if the update breaks it!





    "Microsoft Exchange compatibility improvements in Calendar"


    so a Mail seems unlikely

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    Tried it. It doesn't work. Problem persistently exist.

    I using Outlook 2011 as workaround but it looked as fla..y. Sad

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    I can confirm that if you have a properly setup Exchange server with the correct DNS settings to allow auto setup, it works with just putting the e-mail address and password, nothing else needed.


    Contacts, Diary etc. work across all other users in the group allowing public contacts and diary with Notes and meetings.

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    After few external exchange hoster for nine moths I am on microsoft365.


    Since I have no problems with Mac Mail on 10.8.4.


    But since Microsoft has done relaese update from exchange 2010 to exchange 2013 I have more contacs in adressbook (exchange all contacts) then the summary of exchange contacts+suggested contacts.





         All Contacts (1.046)

         Contacts (1.016)

         Suggested Contacts (0)


    Like that on my german 10.8.

    Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-03 um 09.13.04.png

    After searching for a long time I find that Exchange Server has a directory named "Recipient Cache" for internal use and the entries changing allways.


    If the server has entries on recipient cache there are shown on Mountain Lion Contacts on "Exchange All Contacts".

    But this contacs have mostly only name and email. There are sometimes dupes of other contacts which I have create by myself with more information as name and email but they have only two or tree entries of them.


    The same bug is also on Lion (10.7.5) but here you see the directory recipient cache and two other directories with {    }.




                     All Contacts (1.044)

                     Contacts (1.016)

                     Suggested Contacts (0)

    10.7          {0696 ...                                  ...}

    10.7          Recipient Cache (28)

    10.7          {A9E2 ...                                 ...}


    Because in 10.7 the recipient cache can be seen the entries can be deleted. But they would be come after few times because the server need recipient cache internal.


    If booting from external hdd with 10.7 you can see this recipient cache directory


    you see it with freeware "OutlookTools" on windows. See below hardcopy of "OutlookTools"

    Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-03 um 09.13.43.png


    -     Active Sync clients like iOS devices don't have this problem.


    -     EWS clients like Outlook 2007(Windows), 2010(Windows), 2011(Mac) also don't have this problem.


    -     Outlook Web Access don't have this problem.


    -     Only 10.8.4 and below have this problem (EWS client)


    Apple should know the answer "you should take outlook for mac" or "don't use exchange" is not acceptable!

    We use Mac also for business and exchange is business.

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    Greetings, everyone.


    I have been experiencing the issue described in this thread and believe that I might have made an interesting discovery.


    How many of you are using Indev's "MailTags"?


    I do (along with Mail-ActOn).


    During one of my hair-pulling stopping working with the corporate Exchange setup (2010), I stopped Mail, removed all Bundles (just moved them out of the the "Bundles" dir), and started Mail back up.


    Boom. Mail connected and worked like it should.


    I then quit Mail and put each Bundle back in one at a time.


    Eventually Mail stopped working with Exchange again and I tried pulling out one Bundle at a time.


    As soon as MailTags was pulled Mail started working again.


    As of this writing, I'm running the latest Indev Bundles and OS X 10.8.


    Hopefully this helps the lot of us out there experiencing this problem.


    It's worked for me a handful of times since I made this discovery.


    Lastly, I'm putting in a support ticket with Indev as, at least for me, their product is where the problem is coming from.


    Have a wonderful day, everyone



    - mr. tim

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    After having encountered almost all of above issues last Nov-Dec, I applied the hosts file change solution, as described by Ondray. This immediately worked until last week when i stopped receiving mail. Connection assistant indicated the conection was working properly and it seemed some folders were syncing but not my Inbox. Apple support (i have indeed wasted money on Apple Care) did not have an answer again. Second line support confirmed issues with Exchange and blamed MS and recmmended me to change mail server, which is obviously not possible with corporate systems. But refused to help any further (MS should make sure Exchange works with Mail App was the literate response....)

    I re-tried all of the suggested solutions again, incl. setting the hosts files to original settings and back again but nothing worked. Reconfiguring the entire mailbox worked for a few hours only, after which i stopped receiving mails yet again.

    Going through the discussion thread again I realised Mail stopped receiving mail intially after a specific large attachment was mailed to me.

    I cleaned up my mailbox, archiving old mails to PST files on a Windows computer and guess what? without changing any further settings in Mail i started receiving mails again and my folders are in sync again.

    I use multiple mailboxes (1x hosted exchange, 3x IMAP) of which the exchange one is quite large (5GB). I presume Mail cannot handle this, despite the fact that my provider allows a 10GB mailbox.

    Pity Apple support cannot figure this out and come up with a solution.

    Btw some issues still remain such as mails staying in cocnept folder despite the fact they have been sent but in any case I can send and receive again.

  • benveen Level 1 Level 1

    after yet another mail crash apple support confirmed it is not supporting Exchange and recommended me to use Mozilla Firebird...